Just a week back, I had told you about Zookz where you could download unlimited movies and music for a measly price of $5. But the service was taken down soon after (for obvious reasons). Meantime, a new entrant is here which allows anyone from anywhere in the world to stream, watch and download pretty much any movie for FREE! I don’t need to mention that the service looks Illegal to the core.

Quoting from the website directly –

We’re one of the most prominent and the coolest websites on the internet to watch recent and complete movies online free. In addition, you can also download these movies from this website in a very easy manner. This website is the biggest online movie library, which constantly keeps on adding the latest releases to its collection for you to watch, rate and review.

The website allows to browse the available movies based on the category and popularity ratings. Even though, by looking at the available movies, one gets a feeling that the service is illegal, the website FAQ section answers the legality aspect like this

Yes, the downloading is completely safe and legal. The website is known for its genuine and quality services.

Not all the movies are of high quality as some of them looks like being filmed by some users themselves by using a handy-cam. But some of the older movies are of good quality. You can watch ANY movie online for Free but if you need to download a movie, you would need to register for an account which again doesn’t cost a penny would cost you $2.49 per month.

Watch and Download Movies Online for Free on MovieWatchList

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