WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular publishing platforms. But unfortunately it is prone to attacks from hackers or web intruders who get in and cause havoc with your blog. Securing your WordPress weblog is the most important thing that you must do after you have set it up on your server. Today, I will share some tips, tricks and resources which will surely help you to secure and lock down your WordPress site and to fortify it from unwarranted attacks.


Checklist to Improve WordPress Security

1. Prevent directory listing
2. Update WordPress to the latest stable version.
3. Drop the WordPress version string in your Meta Tags.
4. Encrypt your login
5. Use a strong password
6. Change the default admin username
7. Take extra measures to secure your wp-admin folder
8. Encrypt your WordPress-related cookies
9. Change your WordPress database table prefix from default settings
10. Use correct file permissions on your WordPress files
11. Limit what search engine spiders can index
12. Use SFTP instead of FTP
13. Take regular backups of your site and Database

All these points are explained in great detail in the articles below. Check them out

WordPress Security plugins

There are many WordPress Plugins which help you in securing your Blog. The below list of articles talk about these plugins in detail.

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