Update: Sadly, Snapstar has stopped working. The developer isn’t sure when it will be back up.

Twitter lets you to showcase your character and creativity within just 140 characters. But you must know a picture is worth a thousand words! And twitter lets you upload your photo (popularly referred as ‘Twitter AVATAR‘) into your twitter profile. Having a twitter avatar or a profile picture is a way to express your personality. But many Tweeps (including me) are quite lazy in changing the profile picture. But what if you could have your avatar be as current as your tweets. Showing you exactly the way you look today, doing what you’re doing right now? That’s where Snapatar comes in.


Snapatar lets you update your Twitter profile picture using your webcam. Simply snap a picture, fill out your Twitter details and send the new image to Twitter. You can do this as often as you like. Your creativity is the limit. The simplicity with which we can upload our latest pic “snapped” via webcam directly too the twitter profile impressed me the most. All you have to do is, visit the Snapatar homepage and the Flash plugin will ask you whether it can access the camera. Click ‘Allow‘ and start smiling. Click the ‘Snap!’ button until you are happy with the result.

Then provide your twitter username and password and click on ‘Send to Twitter‘ button. Voila!! your profile will be updated with the latest ‘snap’ you just took! If you don’t want to send a tweet about the update, deselect the ‘Send notification tweet’ checkbox before you do. Can it get simpler than this?!

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