How much ever we might hate a firewall, a Windows computer without it means easy prey for hackers, worms, trojans and other unwanted intruders. Webroot Desktop Firewall secures your computer from Internet threats and reduces the risks of being a victim of online crimes. Webroot Desktop Firewall is easy to use for the home and home office systems. It is probably the best Firewall software currently.

Webroot Desktop Firewall vs Default Windows Firewall

Some people might wonder – “I already have the default firewall running on Windows XP and Windows Vista. How different is Webroot Desktop Firewall from that?”

Unlike the Windows XP and Vista Firewall, Webroot Desktop Firewall combines intelligent firewall technology with intrusion prevention for inbound and outbound protection that is both powerful and easy to use. It takes a different approach from some other firewalls in that it works by applying rules to the applications you run rather than forcing you to identify the port the application is running on. This makes for an easier configuration, and much more intuitive management panel.


Webroot Desktop Firewall Features

* Stealth Mode Feature
* Email Protection
* Advanced Packet Filtering
* Malicious Process Blocking
* System Anomaly Intelligence
* Port Monitoring and Blocking
* Custom Protection Profiles
* Lock down your PC
* File and Printer Sharing
* Comprehensive Internet Activity Log
* Monitors Internet traffic in and out of your PC for better protection
* Makes your PC invisible to online scammers looking for easy targets
* Prevents remote access Trojans from hijacking your PC

The latest version (5.8) boasts of some amazing features like automatic network detection, recognizing trusted programs and enhanced protection from hackers.

Webroot Desktop Firewall Software – Free Download

Webroot is offering Desktop Firewall software which normally costs $19.95 for FREE! [As far as I remember, Webroot Desktop Firewall has always been free, but who cares if it is a special offer or not, till the software fulfills what it promises] In order to grab a free license of this popular firewall software,

1. Visit the offer page.

2. Click on the “Download Now” button on the top right column of the page.

3. Enter the basic details and click Register. Make sure you provide a valid E-mail address.


4. Check your email inbox for download details and valid license key.


That’s it! Enjoy yet another freebie !!

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