If you are sad that Apple iTunes is the only option to manage files and media on your iPhone, then here is an iTunes alternativeiPhone Explorer.

iPhone Explorer is an iPhone browser which allows you to easily browse the files and folders on your iPhone as if it were a normal USB flash drive or pen drive. This small software has simple and nice UI with drag and drop facilities on iPhone.

Update: iPhone Explorer is now rebranded as iExplorer.

Features of iPhone Explorer

  • 100% Free iPhone browser for Mac and Windows
  • 100% Drag-and-drop interface for easily copying files to and from your iPhone
  • Create, delete and rename files and folders on your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Works with all iPhones and iPod Touches including the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G
  • Allows you to use your iPhone as a flash drive / pen drive or put your iPhone into disk mode
  • Tiny download size
  • (Optional) If you jailbreak your iPhone you can access the real root of your iPhone and recover your address book, SMS, e-mails and more.

Manage Files on iPhone with iPhone explorer



iPhone Explorer is available for Mac as well as Windows and works with all generations of iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch!

Updated links for iExplorer are given below:

Download iPhone Explorer for Windows

Download iPhone Explorer for Mac


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  • http://www.niharsworld.com/ Nihar

    Thanks for sharing this…

  • http://jashsayani.com Jash Sayani

    Does this work on Firmware 3.0 ?

  • Giannis

    @Sayani: yes, for me it does.

  • Notworking

    I ran this and immediately get an error and it crashes. Windows vista business fresh install of the app.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Oops.. I wonder why, you are the first one to complain. Is that a legal version of Vista you are running?

    • Pete Taylor

      I get the same, running windows 7, crashes as soon as Itry to open it

  • Bruno

    Any alternatives for Linux?

  • Brad

    Hey guys anybody else have trouble selecting the true root directory option? Mine is greyed out and I cannot select it? And yes the iPhone is jailbroken.

    • Nunes

      just go Cydia>sections>afc2add this will free the root directory of iphone

  • irina

    Yes, i have the same problem, my iPhone is jailbroken and the app is running fine except for accessing the true root directory that seems like not an available option.

  • bijijjnnn

    Your on 3.1 and its greyed out, you have to install that cydia app regarding blacksnow and 3.1

    cant remember name, google it, but basically blacksnow jailbreaker doesnt install the ability to transfer files via usb…

  • bsetZfire

    the answer is right above…afc2add, just search it in Cydia

  • midas

    thank u so much

  • user

    perfect crack

  • Felipe

    I just can’t drag and drop iphone’s files to my pc, it seems to be ?copying the files but does’t transfer to my pc folder. can you help me

  • Juan

    I have the same problem. I have Windows Vista.

  • Sean

    I have jailbroken my phone, but it continues to say my phone is jailed. What is wrong?

  • Texastone2000

    This works great. However, I have a question. Can I download apps on my computer then sync them to my Iphone 3gs 3.1.2?

  • ikram

    how to download this explorer

  • LynND

    I have Vista Business (legal copy) and this app crashes immediately upon opening. I have yet to see it work. :( Any suggestions?

  • lauris

    Crashes for me too on vista while trying to copy something into

  • imatepda2k

    i have windows 7, mine crashes too, when im transfering files to it, pleasee helppp!!!! :(

  • fastbind

    Hey Guys you should try DiskAid http://www.digidna.net/products/diskaid it works really better and is more efficient. You can drag & drop one or multiple files to your iPhone or iPad and access any application folder without jailbreak… works on PC & Mac as well.

  • Tugamix

    almost $10 for an App?!? clearly overpriced => NO THANKS!

  • Megs

    Hey, I didn’t see a solution for this, so I thought I’d repost. The files on my iPhone show up fine, but I can’t drag and drop between files. Any ideas?

  • morik

    hey guys

    its working on iphone 4 ios 4,1 jailbreaked BUT cant access to real root directory and just show me the media directory

    • Angelo

      the same for me, it worked properly well with iPhone4 4.0.1 jb

  • Alvin

    I use windows vista starter (legal copy), and the iphone explorer was perfectly working.. thanks for posting this. :)

  • iwasbonthisway

    How come it can’t detect my iphone and that it says a DLL error about itunes?

  • Alan

    Same old same old… you need iTunes to “sync” with your iPhone (sigh).

  • Chrisuando

    ugh…I hate iTunes…I always wanted to get rid of it, since it’s laggin’ a lot on my HP.
    I found a work around though!

    Just a few month ago istick by softorino was released, and really love it!
    No iTunes Sync!!!

  • Chrisuando

    iTunes…i’m having dreams about it now…I found a work around though!

    Just a few month ago istick by softorino was released, and i really love it!
    No iTunes Sync!!!

    check it out!