Note: This event/offer is exclusively for people in US.

This is a quick heads up on a chance to win a Free copy of Windows 7 for just attending a Free Microsoft event! The event is known as “the new efficiency“. It is exclusively for IT professionals which introduces Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2010. The event will introduce Windows 7 and the Windows Optimized Desktop to all the attendees and will have sessions on the following –

  • Make People Productive Anywhere with Windows 7 and the Windows Optimized Desktop
  • Manage Risks through Enhanced Security and Control with Windows 7 and the Windows Optimized Desktop
  • Streamlining Deployment of Windows 7


I see these as a nice way to try to get the people out there to adopt Windows 7 for their business, and they get to take one copy home for consideration by their company. Not a bad thing giving them something to actually use to make sure it will work for them.

The good thing is that the event will be held at different locations across USA. Below are the details


So, go ahead and make use of this opportunity! Do let us know if you did attend and got the free Windows 7 copy!

Register for the event here and win Free Windows 7

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