Hurricane Bill was getting stronger on Monday, but it did not seem like a threat to Florida and the rest of the United States, churning on a curving, northerly path that could carry it out to sea and a quiet death. Forming early Monday, Hurricane Bill sustained winds of 90 mph which are expected to climb to 110 mph — putting it in the running to become a major hurricane in the next couple of days.


Many hurricanes over the years have made the kind of turn north that Bill seems to be making and have continued to swivel eastward to the open sea. Residents of Bermuda should monitor its progress closely, and East Coast residents might be in for some choppy surf as a result as well.

Luckily, the folks over at Mashable have come up with umpteen number of ways to track Hurricane Bill on web, twitter and mobile.

Track Hurricane Bill on Web

1. MyFoxHurricane – Also check their facebook page, Facebook app or follow them on Twitter

2. Hurricane Central at

3. StormAdvisory – uses Google Maps as the interface.

4. Ibiseye – Another Google Maps based service with relevant statistics including distance from the nearest cities for each path point.

5. Intellicast – also check their iGoogle gadget

6. Weather Underground’s Tropical Center

7. AccuWeather – Videos and weather analysis are offered

8. Stormpulse – you can use their API to embed maps on your site.

Track Hurricane Bill on Twitter

9. @hurricanes

10. @hurricanealerts

11. @breakingweather

12. @wunderground

13. @stormpulse

14. @hurricanetrack

Track Hurricane Bill on Mobile


15. mobile site

16. AccuWeather mobile site – they also offer a free iPhone app

17. Hurricane (iPhone app)

18. MyFoxHurricane (iPhone app)

19. Tracking the Eye (iPhone app)

20. Hurricane Central iPhone/iPod touch web app

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