Back in April 2009, Google announced Analytics integration for all Adsense publishers. I was one of those selected few people who got a chance to test drive this integration at the beginning of 2009 and no wonder I was so very excited. But then, the excitement was short lived. The stats on adsense never related to the stats shown on Analytics, and I thought it’s just because the integration was in closed private beta at that stage.


But nothing much has changed 8 months down the line. Have a look at the below graph.


It shows the Adsense earnings in the past 7 days as recorded by Google Adsense and Google Analytics. As we are not allowed to disclose or publish the earnings, the numbers are just indicative and represents the earnings as units. So, 1 can mean anything from $1 to $1000.

The graph clearly shows that as per Adsense, the earnings are close to 11.8 units, while, as per Analytics, it drops to 6.7 units. Now, whom should we trust? There are 3 possibilities –

1. Google AdSense stats are not accurate
2. Google Analytics stats are not accurate
3. None of the Google’s stats are accurate

My guess is that Google Adsense stats are accurate (though I cannot be 100% sure). But I can say this since Google has spent enough money and time on Google Adsense/Adwords and the possibility of these stats being wrong is very less.

So, it comes to the stats as tracked by Analytics being incorrect, which is most probably the case. But I do not understand why? The stats of Adsense and Analytics just don’t match and this is after more than 10 months since the integration was announced.

Will this imply that all the stats (not just Adsense) as tracked by Google Analytics are not accurate? What is the use of providing a tool, which is ideally meant to help publishers analyze and earn more, but effectively being inaccurate and useless. Ok, it might still be useful, but trust me, when it comes to numbers, no data is better than inaccurate data. I wonder when Google will look at correcting this.

So, what is your experience with Google Adsense and Analytics integration? Has it been useful? Do share your thoughts.

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