The Gaming console war has surely heated up. First it was Sony who announced the slim version of PlayStation 3 Gaming console and then Microsoft dropped the prices of X-box 360 Elite a couple of days. Now, the latest buzz is that Microsoft is ready with X-box 360 “Super Elite” gaming console with a staggering 250GB Hard disk.


South African Xbox 360 distributor Comztek has told local gaming news site that the a 250GB “Super Elite” model is due there in October. Not just that, Amazon Germany has put up an ad for Xbox 360 with 250gb HDD, two wireless controllers and Forza Motorsport 3. Price is listed at 279 euros ($397), a good 30 euros over the current Elite price. No release date, but Forza 3 isn’t due out until at least October 23rd.


As for the price of Super Elite, Comzatek says it will be R4,999 (US $646), or around the same price as the Elite in South Africa. Watch this space for more news flowing in.


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