GeeMail is a Gmail desktop client that runs on Adobe AIR. The look and feel of GeeMail is very similar to Google’s GMail and it lets you view and reply to Gmail messages while offline. Messages are then sent the next time the application detects you have a connection.


GeeMail does not require you to configure POP3 or IMAP to access GMail. Just install the program and use your user name and password like you use to login to GMail from your browser and you are done. You can use the same keyboard shortcuts like you do on the web.

If you are wondering why you should use GeeMail when Google has an official offline solution for GMailGoogle Gears, then you must know that GeeMail is much faster than Google Gears.


Features of GeeMail – Desktop Client for GMail

  • Offline access – lets you compose and send e-mail even if the PC is not connected to Internet. Once it finds an active Internet connection it will automatically send the mail.
  • Zero Configuration – does not require you to configure any POP3 or IMAP parameters. Just install it and use.
  • Cross Platform – available for the 3 most popular Operating systems viz Windows, MAC and Linux.
  • User Interface – Geemail user interface is same as the interface you see once you log in to the web based email.

Last time when I used GeeMail, I could not find the Search option, which I believe is the most important feature for an eMail client. I am hoping the newer versions of GeeMail will contain this feature.

Update: The latest version contains Search as well as Advanced Search options. Awesome!

Download GeeMail

Download GeeMail for Windows, Mac and Linux

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6 thoughts on “Offline GMail on Your Desktop with GeeMail

  1. This is a life saver for me, My friedns keep asking me to set up emails in their outlook and other places. Now, I’ll just ask them to download it.
    Raju you Rock! m/.
    you make me feel like quitting my tech blog. and stick to internet marketing 😛

  2. Hmmm, ok so I downloaded it. Thing I don’t currently like is that it does not remember your username / password. Now call me lazy but when Chrome opens up with my Gmail account at the moment it has my username and password already there and with LastPass extension it even auto logs in for me.

    It would be great if GeeMail even remembered the username and password, but it’s still lacking this feature amongst others.

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