The Final full version of Opera 10 web browser will be officially made available for download anytime soon. But the good news is that the final version of Opera 10 is already available on the Opera ftp site from where it can be downloaded by users! The official announcement is expected to come later in the day.

It was already revealed by the Opera development team that the official release date for Opera 10 Final will be September 1st. Opera is the first major browser to hit the double digit version! It boasts of a series of exciting new features which we had discussed before. The browser is available for download worldwide, and has been localized in no less than 43 different languages

Opera 10 final is apparently the same build (except for a few minor changes to standard files and a few new folders) as the Opera 10 Release Candidate 2 that was released last week. It is still recommended to upgrade to the final version of Opera 10.

Opera 10 is significantly faster on resource-intensive pages such as Gmail and Facebook, and adds features like full thumbnails of all open tabs. Opera battles for the spot of third-largest browser maker with Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari, but is far behind Microsoft and Mozilla Firefox.

Download Opera 10 Final

Download Opera 10 final for Windows

Download Opera 10 Final for Linux

Download Opera 10 Final for Mac

As mentioned before, the links point to the official FTP servers of Opera.

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