Happy Birthday Google Chrome!

Exactly an year ago, Google announced the launch of its web-browser, Chrome! And since then we have discussed about the browser wars and the impact of Google Chrome on the browser industry on a consistent basis.


When we tried making sense out of the numbers and stats last year, many believed its way too early to judge the browser-kid. And then, we had a look again during April 2009 on where each browser stand. I believe its the right time to have a re-look at the numbers now, when Google Chrome is 1 year old.

Google Chrome Stats – Straight from Google

Google Chrome’s commemorative blog post on the eve of its first birthday reveals some interesting facts and stats about the browser

Since September 2, 2008, there have been:

– 51 developer releases, 21 beta releases or updates, and 15 stable releases or updates
– Over 20,600 bugs filed (4367 of them were duplicates, 3505 have been fixed, which leaves a whole lot left to go!)
– 11 external committers and bug editors, 46 external code contributors
– 50 Chrome Experiments
– 26 posts on the Google Chrome (Google Chrome) blog
– 12 Chrome Shorts, a collection of short films about Google Chrome
– A sequel to the comic in Japanese

More importantly, we’ve improved by over 150% on Javascript performance since our initial beta.

Nice stats, aren’t they? Damn, who cares about the developmental stats? what matters is the industry/market share. So in 12 months, how much ground has Google made? Well, not much! According to stats from Market Share/Net Applications, Chrome only has 2.84% of the market, far behind Internet Explorer’s 66.87% or Firefox’s 22.98%.


Some might argue that Chrome is still an year old and a baby in front of Uncle Microsoft IE and Aunt Firefox. But hey! We are talking about Google, who is looked upon as the “Dad of the Internet”, someone who can capture any market on the web with ease! In that sense, isn’t the numbers way too dull?

As a practice, let us have a look at 3 million+ visitors to TechPP during August 2009 and how the stats compare to April 2009

Firefox – 40.61% [was 43.66% in April 09] Internet Explorer – 38.56% [was 42.16% in April 2009] Safari – 12.23% [was 6.54% in April 2009] Chrome – 5.79% [was 4.37% in April 2009] Opera – 1.66% [was 2.37% in April 2009]

Though it’s not right to give too much importance of the stats of one site, it is surely indicative of the trend and the browser war going on at present. More time is needed before we know whether Chrome was a smart project or a failed endeavor. With some big developments, like the the Google/Sony deal to pre-load Chrome on Sony PCs might boost its market share. Let’s wait and watch.


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9 thoughts on “Google Chrome – Where it Stands on its First Birthday?

  1. Happy Birthday Google Chrome, In last one year I can see the difference in traffic coming thru Google Chrome on my blog. In last one month it changed from 6.07% to 20.12%. Google Chrome really rocks!

  2. Well i still prefer FF or IE over Chrome browser. Let us see what google has to offer this year. I am shocked to see that OPERA is at rock bottom. I guess, google should try to go for mobile web browser, what do you say?

    • @Ricky,
      Let Google get a foot-hold on Web browser market first. If they don’t get up to 10% market share in another 6 months, I would consider them to be a failure

  3. Chrome is an excellent browser but I though Firefox is steadily encroaching into IE’s share mainly because of the wide range of addons and plugins it supports. This is the exact differentiator between Chrome and FF in terms of popularity. The other part is the conflict Google might have while they keep funding FF project and yet building another browser on similiar platform.

  4. First of all —> I wish you a Happy b’day Chrome …. I have used it for a month ( lesser I think ) and I am disappointed with the work and uninstalled and moved back to FF. But I am frequently visiting the chrome expecting the changes and I am watching. I know after some time I may move to chrome again.

    But FF always ROCKS …..

  5. Chrome is ok but i like to use ff very much.. it rocks and one more thing.. is some piece of cake left ? i really like the color and shape of color of that yummy cake

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