Update: Sadly, the service has shutdown and not available anymore.

Search engine technologies continue to evolve and are getting innovative by the day. Google’s innovative marketing, along with technical brilliance and scalability have enabled them to get the major pie of the huge search engine market. The simplicity Google brings in with its user interface has added to its success.

Those challenging Google had first tried to beat it in terms of “Real time search” capabilities, which Google comprehensively managed to address. Then came the Ajax Search capabilities, which again seems like being addressed by Google via its Google Ajax search API. So, what next? Is there anything which Google doesn’t provide? Well, yes! Google doesn’t provide visual preview of the site in its search results. Visual preview is important since the user will be able to preview a site before actually clicking to enter and will be helpful to stay away from “Made for search engines” web pages.

Many a time, when searching for something, I quite often have loads of time-consuming tabs open with the potential and hope of finding a good resource and life would be so much easier if I could have had a preview beforehand. There are quite a handful of Firefox extensions which provide a thumbnail preview of each site, but almost all of them have static images (and many times – low quality ones) and the page content would be completely different to the actual preview image.


Enter Mugurdy Search>, an innovative and cool Search engine. Mugurdy provides not only the thumbnail preview, but REAL-TIME thumbnail preview! This means, when you search for a particular keyword, the images it delivers are real-time snapshots of the actual site you plan to visit!

Mugurdy Search engine is really fast considering the kind of work it does. The site lets visitors browse arrays of Web pages or the images of those Web pages before clicking through to a selected site. With Mugurdy you can ‘visit’ 12 actual pages or more of the Web in the time it takes to read one page of Google’s results.


As you can see, the results or the Preview images are not “cached” but are generated in “Real-Time”. The alternative use of Mugurdy search is that it can be used to view the high quality “real time” thumbnails of those web pages which are blocked by your network admin at school, college or at office. Yet another innovative way to access blocked websites!

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