Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social networking website currently. It has become a first preference to keep in touch with friends and family. In case you have a huge list of friends on Facebook, then you are bound to get bombarded with chat messages every time you login. I personally find it annoying especially when I am busy or in no mood to chit chat. Facebook by default lets you to go invisible by going to Options and clicking ‘Go Offline

But then, if you like to know who is online on Facebook without logging to Facebook Chat, then here is a small tip go into hiding and get invisible on Facebook chat and still see who all are online currently.

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Here is a simple Facebook app – Online Now – to see which of your friends are online without turning on Facebook Chat. Online Now does not affect your Facebook Chat online status. If you want to appear “invisible,” turn off Facebook Chat and use Online Now to see who’s online. But then, you can chat with your friends only if you turn on Facebook Chat and appear online.

Note: Go Offline app has similar functionality.


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