Off late Twitter has turned into a marketing tool as well. There have been talks over Twitter replacing RSS feeds since many people look at Twitter to share the latest news in real time. But I believe Twitter is all about making conversations happen. More the number of people you follow, higher will be the chance to converse and get to know the latest happenings around the world. But hey! More people you follow will also mean more noise in your Twitter timeline in case you do not follow the right set of people. So, how to find the right people to follow on twitter?


Twitter enables you to find new people and also has ‘suggested users’ section. Here are some more easy ways to search for people on Twitter and follow.

Top 10 Places to Find people to follow on Twitter

1. WeFollow


WeFollow lets you find Twitter celebrities, actors, TV personalities, or new Twitter friends in your area. It’s a directory of Twitter users organized by interests. It was founded by Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg! It’s an easy and effective way to find like-minded people. WeFollow is community powered and even you can add yourself by tweeting @wefollow with three #hashtags that describe you. It has gained a lot of traction in a short timespan. Several big names have voluntarily joined the directory including companies such as Google and celebrities like Ashton Kutcher.

2. TweepSearch


TweepSearch allows people on Twitter to search their followers bio and location information. This can come in handy once you have a lot of followers and want help on a particular topic. Simply do a TweepSearch and find out the followers suited for your query based on their bio.

3. Twellow


Twellow has indexed more than 300,000 users and sorted them into categories like programming, marketing, graphic design, and dozens of others to help you find users who list those characteristics in their Twitter biographies. There are also sub-categories, so within “Programming” you can browse users who list PHP, Ruby on Rails, or another programming skill in their bio.

4. Twubble


Twubble helps you expand your Twitter bubble – it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow. Twubble looks at your follow list and tries to match you up with other people you might be interested in following.

5. Twitterel


Twitterel allows you to define certain keywords and then find people with similar interests on Twitter. To use it, first of all you log in into the service with your Twitter account and then add your keywords into your Twitterel account.

6. TwitDir


TwitDir is a directory which helps you find your friends and more on Twitter. TwitDir works like a search engine. To find someone, simply type in their name/location in the search bar; alternately, you can easily check out the top 100 followed, the top 100 updaters and the top 100 followers.

7. Twibes Twitter Groups


Twibes lets you easily create groups about as many topics that interests you and then allots other Twitter users to join your group.

8. Tweepz


Tweepz lets you search people by geography, biography or name. Options in Tweepz’ search at present include looking in a Twitter users biography, pinpointing their stated location, by the name used (as opposed to username) and as free text, with results immediately sortable by relevancy, number of followers, or number being followed.

9. Twinester


Twinester allows Twitter users to create and join groups and communities (called Nests) and interact with one another of similar interest.

10. TweetFind


Tweetfind negotiates the thick information jungles of Twitter, helping users find new, relevant Twitter users to follow. The web site allows users to easily browse directories of users classified by criteria like hobbies, professions or other fields.

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