Windows 7 launch party kit just arrived a few hours back and I must say I am really happy to get hold of a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate edition! Below are some of the pics of the launch party kit and its contents –

Personally, as a party host with Windows 7 Ultimate DVD, there is every reason to celebrate, but about my poor friends who have accepted my invite for the party? All that they will get is a lousy tote bag. Pity them!

“The package contains a limited Signature Edition of Windows® 7 Ultimate, plus one poster, one puzzle, one deck of playing cards, and 10 tote bags all featuring one-of-a-kind Windows® 7 Desktop Designs.”

On a serious note, the package contents look very lame. I can’t imagine solving that jig-saw puzzle with my friends, neither can use the poster even in my garage. I didn’t get the deck of playing cards. So, it will be really tough to keep my guests interested in the party. But anything for a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate!

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6 thoughts on “Windows 7 Launch Party Kit Arrives! Now Who Wants this Lousy Bag?

  1. Congrats Raju, on receiving your Windows 7 Party Pack. I am also a host and I am waiting for mine to arrive, it should come i a day or two as the tracking shows! 🙂

    P.S. Lets connect together virtually at, what do you say? 😉

  2. You are really lucky Raju. I assure you that you already got many freebies apart from Win 7. Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Internet Security, Panda Internet Security and much more. I think you know more about them than me (Coz you already read the whole brochure where youll have a list of freebies included and links to them.) Congratz from my side Raju….

  3. Hey, Kaspersky requires the email address of the host will you supply yours here or how will that work? Feel free to send me an email at my address I really could use kaspersky

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