Blackberries may have been overshadowed by the enormous success of Apple iPhones, but they are still popular, especially since the OS is based on JAVA and hence there are loads of free apps available for download online and directly to your Blackberry device. Choosing the best amongst thousands of free Blackberry apps will be a daunting task and hence, here at TechPP, we have listed out some of the cool, highly useful and what we consider ‘MUST HAVE’ Free Blackberry applications. Read on.


15 Must Have Free Blackberry Apps

1. Google Mobile


Google Mobile is an all-in-one package combining Google’s excellent mobile apps (Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Sync) with links to Google’s mobile-optimized web services (search, Picasa, Reader, Docs, Google Notebook, etc.). No need to install these Google applications individually!

2. Opera Mini for Web Browsing


Web browsing through any mobile device wouldn’t be complete without the Opera Mini! The Opera Mini browser increases the speed at which pages are rendered on Blackberry devices by passing page requests through Opera servers. It also caches Web pages allowing you to load web pages on your Blackberry device quickly.

3. Viigo


Viigo is arguably the best RSS feed reader for Blackberry. It is a feature-rich application which lets you view news & RSS feeds, audio clips & podcasts, stocks & money data, weather and more. It allows you to add as many as 2,500 subscriptions.

4. Pandora Mobile


Pandora mobile allows you to create new stations, listen to already created ones, rate songs and more. Its almost similar to the desktop version. A must have app if you are a music lover.

5. iSkoot


iSkoot puts Skype right on your Blackberry smart phone and allows you to send and receive voice calls to and from Skype users. The voice quality is also very good. The app imports all your Skype contacts, and offers an instant messaging function.

6. Poynt


Poynt is a slick local search app that allows you to run Yellow Page searches to find businesses, movie listings and theater screenings. It lets you browse by genre and even review the current top 10 movies. The app also supports GPS location search and integrates with BlackBerry Maps.

7. Vlingo


Vlingo turns your BlackBerry devices into a voice-enabled mobile phone that allows you to do voice-dialing, voice-texting and voice emailing. Not only can users dial a number by simply saying a name, but they can also perform web searches, such as saying “Find Movies In Chicago Toronto”.

8. Twitterberry


This excellent Blackberry Twitter app makes it easy to micro-blog with your Twitter account via your device. You can read twitters from your friends list, send your own tweets via your @ replies, and even write direct messages directly from your Blackberry device. My only complaint is that messages are previewed, with only the first 40 characters or so visible in each timeline screen, so you have to click them individually to read them in their entirety. In that case you can opt for UberTwitter.

9. Facebook


This is self explanatory. Facebook app displays your home screen notifications, like status updates, and even allows you to poke, write a message or leave a comment on the walls of your Facebook friends.

10. Neosistec CarFinder


If you can’t remember where you have parked the car, then this app is a must have for you. When you leave your car, open CarFinder’s simple menu and mark your location through your Blackberry’s GPS. When you need to find your car (or another specific point) again, pull up CarFinder and it will guide you back via a compass or the Blackberry Maps application!

11. BBNotePad


BBNotePad is a free text file editor/creator application for BlackBerry. It simply lets you save, edit, & create text files on your BlackBerry SD card or memory. BBNotePad also allows documents to be saved directly to your Blackberry device or via a memory card for easy file transferring.

12. Palringo


iSkoot can be used to IM your Skype friends. But if your contacts aren’t mainly on Skype, then Palringo is a must for you. It allows you to chat on just about any major IM network: AOL, Google, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype, and Yahoo. You can also chat with other users of Palringo (on a desktop, Android, iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile or Symbian phone) via text chat, voice or pictures.

13. BuzzMe

Buzz me is a small Blackberry app which adds the ability for your Blackberry to vibrate and ring simultaneously, which should have been a default feature anyway.

14. GridMagic Community Edition


Whether you need to run complex calculations or simply need to organize some information into a table, GridMagic Community Edition from the Simprit Free Software Community lets you create spreadsheets on the move.

15. Blackberry Appworld

Any other free Blackberry App I might have missed can be easily downloaded from Blackberry Appworld directly to your device.

Hope you found this useful. Which is your favorite Blackberry application? Is it missed out in the list above? Let us know in the comments, or share your experience with any of the ones posted here!

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