Woopra, the impressive live tracking and analytics service has officially come out of beta. The good news is, Woopra is now open for all new signups. Until today, new users had to be approved if they didn’t have an invite code. And the bad news is, you would need to pay an obnoxiously huge price for this service.

To be honest, I admire Woopra. Its truly real-time and has much more features than Google Analytics. I always felt Woopra deserves to get paid for the service they offer (though kinky at times). Ability to monitor the traffic real time on your desktop, with all the jazzy graphs and ability to chat with the visitors makes it really cool.


Having said that, it seems to me that Woopra have over-estimated the value of their service. It is true that webmasters and bloggers love to view the real time traffic stats, but then when it comes to paying for the service, everyone tries to look for an alternative. Now let’s look at the alternatives for Woopra –

Google Analytics – FREE
MINT Analytics – $30 (one time fee)
Clicky – $10 / month (or $60 / year)
StatCounter – $9 / month
Piwik – Free
Whos amung us – $5 / month

Woopra – $30 / month ($300 / year)

Note: The plans suitable for a website with 5 million Page views per month have been considered.

The above data shows why I am terming the Woopra packages as crazy. The prices are not remotely closer to any of the competitors. They do have a basic plan which is free but will track just 30k page visits per month!

For my requirements, I would need to pay Woopra much more than what I pay my web host! I foresee Woopra revisiting their pricing in near future, else they might have to be happy with just a few stat crazy and rich webmasters.

I would love to hear from you guys? Are you ‘ok’ with the pricing and packages offered by Woopra? Would you still go for it?

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