After all the cussing and pleading, I finally got a Google wave invite just 2 days back. Even though I had gone through all those sexy video tutorials explaining what Google Wave is, I couldn’t figure out what I am supposed to do next. In case, you are in a similar situation check out the cool list of Google wave gadgets and tools I managed to collect over the last 2 days.

Before that, do not expect something mind-blowing when playing with Google Wave. There are still hell lot of things which aren’t perfect and by default Google hasn’t come out with that many gadgets as such. Most of these are built by hobby developers who must have been trying out the Wave APIs and some of them are really useless!


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Ultimate List of Google Wave Gadgets and Tools

1. Twitter


This ought to be featured out here and of-course on top. Just add to your contact list and follow the instructions you get inside the wavelet. It uses Twitter’s oAuth mechanism to log you in. The wave with the Tweety is updated in a real time.

2. Wikify for Wikipedia


Wikify gives you a full definition of any topic you want from within a Wave. All you need to do is to add Wikify mail address to your Wave contact list:
and each time you need to know the definition of a topic or a term, use the Wikify command to get the info from Wikipedia

3. TwilioBot


TwilioBot ( automatically transforms the phone numbers in the wave into click-to-call links. If user clicks a link, a call is placed to his cell phone or landline and to the phone number in the link and the two are connected. The phone call can be transcribed and automatically inserted into the wave as text with a link to the audio of the conversation.

4. Map Gadget


Lets users edit a map together, adding markers and polys with titles and descriptions. Users can also search for addresses and businesses and add those.


Add to your contact list and then add this user whenever you want to shorten URLs inside Waves. It will do that automatically. You can also use the same Wave just to shorten the URL whenever needed.

6. iWave

Allows you to create a profile on Wave by using Facebook connect. To use iWave, open a new Wave, click on the green button, and add this widget URL:

7. Grauniady

Grauniady is a Guardian Google Wave Prototype Robot and I really like this experimental gadget. Add to your contact list and input the phrase you want to search on The Guardian. This robot is a great example how mainstream media could use Google Wave.

8. Eliza

Remember Eliza, the auto-chat bot? She makes her way into Google wave as well. Add to your contact list and talk to her if you are feeling alone in your Google Wave client.

9. Starify

Starify allows you to bookmark Waves. Add Starify’s email address to your contact list: and then you are able to keep track of all your starred waves. Add Starify user to any wave you want to bookmark, then type the following commands:

1. /star’ Star a wave
2. /list’ See all your starred waves
3. /delete’ Remove starred waves

10. Nokar

Nokar is pretty similar to Starify and works on the same command concept. It allows you to do all sort of things such as: Convert your text to pirate-speak, show recent tweets by user, and more. Add to your contact list.

11. Bloggy

Bloggy publishes the content of waves to a blog site. Add to your contact list and test it out yourself.

12. Stocky


Stocky ( automatically detects stock symbols from a wave and updates it with the live stock price.

13. Emoticony

Emoticony is a must have for all MSN fans. It’s a robot that converts text representations of emoticons to actual images once the Wave is submitted. The robot sits on this email address: and can be used in every conversation.

14. Cartoony

Cartoony replaces the text of every submitted blip with a cartoon balloon that contains the text instead. Add to your contact list and then to all waves to see it in action

15. Amazon

Add this email address to your contact list:, then follow the commands instruction to use the amazon bot.

16. Calcbot

Calcbot helps you with simple math calculations during your conversation. Add this bot to your user list: and follow the simple command to start.

17. Flippy

Not sure why you want to do this, in case you get bored inside a conversation, you can flip your text with Flippy

18. Lasty

As the name suggest it’s a bot related to and music. Add Lasty ( if you want to tell people what you listened to recently on during a conversation. After adding Lasty-bot to your contact list, type ‘YourLastFMUser-is-listening‘ inside a Wave and Lasty will tell what song are you listening.

19. Complety

Completey ( replaces “???” in a blip with a suggested word.

20. Short Emoticon Service (SES)

Similar to Emoticony but the other user gets notified along with a sound. Pretty simple and effective. Let the other users know how you feeling currently.

21. Row of Four

Add to your contact list and play against a robot, with the goal to get four cells in a row of your color before the robot does.

22. All for Good

All for Good is a Google Wave extension that helps you find and share ways to do good in real time. It helps you take up volunteer opportunities, thus play a role in improving our communities and country. Here is the installer XML

23. Tagdef

This wave looks for #hashtags in your wave/blips, and uses the API at to look up definitions for these tags. It then adds a reply to the wave with the definitions. Add to your contact list and follow the instructions.

Let me know which Google wave robot / Gadget/ tool you liked the most? Is there any new gadget released and not present here? Do let me know.

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69 thoughts on “Ultimate List of Google Wave Gadgets and Tools

  1. Wow looks like you’ve been busy these past 2 days but I’m glad because I just got my invite today and now I know what’s available. Thanks for the great list.

  2. I am still finding hard to get an invite for Google Wave.

    Meanwhile, you did a very detailed post here. I am very much interested in testing Wave without it.

  3. I’m actually not yet on Wave, but would love to be invited to the party if you’d like a new friend. Sorry in advance for my shameless spam in requesting an invite. This looks like an absolutely wonderful new way to communicate with others!

    Anyone who has a spare invite….please invite me..

    abhisfortitude (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. @author: Handy list. BTW in place of Lasty try a new release – Dr. Music ( This one also has a feature to tell you about music compatibilty, common artists (with pics) alongside current track (with pics again).

  5. Hey raju

    Is there a plugin for this REPLY thingi in ur blog??

    coz i dont get this in my blog.

    i really liked this reply thing

  6. I love it… thank you for all you work! Eliza is not a smart bot, but I like her. blogger didn’t work, twitter worked but the interface was ascii and sort of mucked up. the guardian one didn’t work…. but this may just be me.

    This is INCREDIBLE… this makes it a lot more interesting thinking about what we can do… it’s limitless.

  7. Hi – nice collection!

    You might also find our ClackPoint wave gadget interesting – adding it to a wave allows the waves participants to hold an audio-conference within the wave, calling in either through their browser or by phone. Wed welcome any feedback!

    The gadget can be installed from

    More info at


    Richard Mortier
    Cofounder, Vipadia Limited


    This is the best RPG dice Gadget we came up with after not being happy with the other wave dice. Notice that you can “scroll” through the older die rolls with the Wave history. This tool recognizes 3 operators: + (addition), – (subtraction) and d (die roll). You can leave out the number of dice when rolling one die (d10 = 1d10 (9)) and you can leave out the type of dice when rolling d6 (5d = 5d6 (16))


    Hi there,
    just was playing with some gadgets and thought i could write one by my self. Now I made a FAQ Gadget where you can put Question and Answers, delete them, set up that only you can manage the FAQ Gadget and users have the possibility to vote if the answer helped them or not

    The direct wave installer is here:!w%252B-KE8la6aT.12

    if it shouldnt work, you can use this xml:

  10. Thanks for this list.

    #20 is missing the link or contact to that gadget

    I’ll google this, but, if you have quick example on how to install that xml gadget then it’ll make things easier for others.

  11. I added the tweety gadget to my Wave account, and to be honest I don’t really see the point in it! Am I missing something? Assumably you could set up a similar account yourself and add users to that to enable multiple users to tweet to the same account, or set up a twitter account so that people can view your wave conversations – but this can also easily be done using any of the many Twitter apps already out there such as Seesmic.

    • @dan,
      as I have mentioned at the start of the article, most of these apps are in beta and are nothing more than experiments to explore the possibilities of Wave. Google has yet again thrown open its product to be taken forward by developers for FREE.

    • with your invite you should have received extra invite to pass out to your friends. make sure you are not missing that wave!

  12. I got an invite from someone I hardly know, not from google, so I cant pass any out. If someone invites you no extra passes come like that.

    Hoping to wave at someone.

  13. A new bot is in the house!

    Wavorizer encodes text into a 2D barcode. This barcode is displayed in a wave and can be scanned by mobile phone camera enabling wave’s participants to store the encoded data in their mobile devices for future use.

    Add it to your contacts and enjoy!

  14. Hello….. thanks alot for this amazing tools 🙂
    I have got the WAVE 🙂
    I’m figuring it out … 🙂
    this helps too much . thanks

  15. i’m wondering, how can you prevent certain robots/extensions from overriding others.

    for example, this wave can produce bad results pretty often if include the and wikify bots:

    this has a cool research paper on that Bill’s group might be into eff’s up the wikified link that gets returned. there’s no change in the order which you add them either. one might think bots could have precedence but it’s not the case.

  16. Great list can’t wait to get some of these installed, really want a better solution for google doc spreadsheets implementation than the current iframe option. If anyone know of one would love to hear about it. 😉

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