Zakta is a personal and social Web search engine where you can find, personalize, share and discover information from the Internet. In general, social search engines try to improve the relevancy of search results by utilizing a collaborative approach that includes editing and voting on results. Zakta, unlike other social search engines, can be considered as a “Personal Research Assistant” with its ability to dig deeper to get the required information and ability to manually edit and save the results.


The search process itself is a flexible and logical one, as results are split into categories, and related topics and subtopics are provided all the time to enrich the experience of the user. Zakta allows you to edit and use the search results and share it with others as Guides. You can even collaborate on a search with your friends or colleagues just like working on a shared document.

Let us get this right. Zakta is not competing with search engines like Google and Bing. I would still use Google for quick information, but when it comes to searching in detail, Zakta comes in handy. Say, you are looking for the Best Engineering schools in a particular city or planning for a vacation in some country or even researching for a health ailment, you better use Zakta.


The How Zakta can Help page is a great resource to understand what Zakta has to offer for bloggers, entrepreneurs, travelers, teachers etc. In order to access all the available features, you would need to Register first.

Zakta is no ordinary search engine. Zakta gets smarter with each search and each user interaction, and as a Zakta user, you benefit from a system that improves its results continuously. There are hundreds of user guides already made available by some users. You can check them all in the Guides page.

Zakta also has a Firefox Plugin that allows you to clip anything from any web page directly to your Zakta ClipPad or Guide.

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