With Apple iTunes as the sole Apps distribution and review center, iPhone and iPod Touch users don’t have to worry about virus or malware attacks. Even if there happened to be one, it can be disabled remotely via a central system in Apple’s HQ. With apps out of the picture, the only way for virus writer to infect an iPhone is via the internet – web surfing.

Trend Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod Touch devices provides a smarter, safer experience when surfing the Web. It is the first secure browser to protect you from Web pages with malicious intent. If you attempt to access a bad or malicious URL, Smart Surfing is designed to block access to the URL and a notification will appear in the browser.



* Secured by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network
* Blocks access to Web pages with malicious content
* Helps protect against phishing attacks
* Provides color-coded search results to easily identify harmful Web pages
* Easy-to-modify protection strength level and notifications
* Supports browsing multiple Web pages at the same time

When you use Trend Smart Surfing to browse the Internet, before the URL is accessed it is quickly and invisibly checked in the background against our constantly updated Web Reputation database. If the url is known to be a phishing site or contains malicious content such as spyware, malware or other potentially harmful content the Web page is blocked with a notification.

If you are an Internet starter, I would suggest to use Trend Micro Surfing for greater security and peaceful browsing.

Download Trend Micro Smart Surfing for iPhone and iPod Touch

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30 thoughts on “Free Antivirus for Your iPhone & iPod Touch from TrendMicro

  1. I have email send out without me knowing it from my iphone (phone was ideal, middle of the night) How could this be possible? how to remedy the situation if worm or spyware was introducted to my iphone already??

  2. Don’t trust any antivirus offers from the net. It’s better to but an anti virus to the trusted distrubutors. Thanks,.

  3. I just Trendmicro Smart Surfing to my iPhone 4 and was wondering if anyone knew how to add a file to the book marks, so that you could put multiple web links into that particular file name?
    For example I would like to have a file Hardware which had web links to multiple hardware stores web sites.
    Then have another file named Dinning which had multiple restaurants web sites

  4. some ass got into a wifi area and took over my i pod touch he has deleted a great amount of my web history and caused my i pod touch to turn on and off at will and he has placed stuff on my history that i did not access t o show that he has power over me.the jerk.

  5. recently, there is kind of a massive virus attack among my friends and the community. i got the virus via email which was sent by my friend without her knowing. There is no title and it just say “NO Subject”. what happened is i got the viruses on my ipod touch and my other friends got my viruses through my contacts. now.. i can’t open my email via ipod and i can’t install any application and etc. 🙁

  6. I got mcafee off the app store, then i saw a list of threats on my phone…. can anyone tell me what is going on? the threats are……………. google chrome window prototype remote code execution, google chrome use-after-free text line box denial of services, intel trusted execution technology SINIT buffer overflow priviledge escalation, blue coat proxySG information disclosure, microsoft office real time data array record remote code execution, skype input validation flaw in moble phone profile entry cross site scripting, digium asterisk SIP channel driver handle_request_info null pointer dereference, there are tons of this stuff. lots of things about buffer overflow, code execution, cross site scripting, oracle java code, parsing,plug in remote code BLA, BLA BLA… please help

  7. The article is pretty clear, but I suggest you inform, that in order to watch the Trend Micro your iPhone must have Adobe 9 and this can’t be installed, I already installed it

  8. hey u guys my iPod touch 3g has gone down when downloading an app. when i start it it goes off continously. what can i do to reuse my lovely iPod touch guys?

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