We have previously seen the list of Google wave gadgets and tools and I am sure all those who were lucky enough to get an invite for Google wave agree with me that Google wave is surely exciting or at-least the possibilities are enormous.


It’s obvious that Google is trying to get the work done on Google wave for free (just like what twitter did) with hardly any gadgets developed by Google devs. There are still some issues with the web version of Wave and in case you prefer to have a desktop version, then check out WAVER. It is an Adobe AIR application that hooks into your Google Wave account. From there, you can create new waves, or update existing ones.

Just like Tweetdeck is for Twitter, Waver is for Google Wave. The desktop version is equally quick as the web version. You will still see some minor chunks in it like the shortcuts don’t work fine as yet and some UI are missing as well. Officially it is still in beta, so expect a better version in coming days.

Download Waver

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