Update: Unlock iPhone 3.1.2 With BlackSn0w

Just a couple of days after the release of blackra1n RC2 which can jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2, GeoHot is back with yet another major announcement. Geohot has declared on his blog that he will soon be releasing Blacksn0w to unlock iPhone 3.1.2 baseband 05.11.07 on iPhone 3G/3GS running iPhone 3.1.x firmware.

It is a great news for those of you who accidentally upgraded to iPhone 3.1.x firmware from iTunes! He hasn’t given the expected date of release of blacksn0w, but one can expect the release to be coming in another couple of weeks max.

below is a screenshot confirming the progress he has made on 05.11.07 baseband


hello there, this is geohot
this is the most complicated injection i have ever done, and it uses a public command
… prepare for blacksn0w, although i gotta still figure out this zamboni

We will of course keep you up to date with further developments but things certainly look promising. Keep up the good work Geohot!

Update [31st Oct 2009]: GeoHot has succeeded in unlocking iPhone OS 3.1.2 with 05.11.07 baseband. Check out the video he has uploaded. It is coming on 4th Nov

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25 thoughts on “Blacksn0w to Unlock 05.11.07 Baseband on iPhone 3.1.2 Firmware [Updated]

  1. hello. i need to unlock mi iphone, i have 3.1.2 twith bootloader 05.09 and firmware 5.11.07. when you have done the new BlackSnow for these please inform me, because I really need this. Thanks

  2. Hi,

    does it work also for not upgraded 3GS 3.1.2 with baseband 5.11.07?
    My Phone was supplied from the carrier with 3.1.2 and 5.11.07?
    Does your new unlock help me?
    Thank you, mate.

  3. can any one help me to where i can find the black snOW to unlock my iphone please.It was locked again after i’ve update it

  4. People that have 3G or 3GS with 3.1.2 firmware, Baseband 05.11.07 can JB it fisrt use pwnage tool on mac. Then used Cydia to download fuzzyband to find out if your Bootloader is 5.8 or below you can down load and install ultrasn0w to unclock it. if your bootloader higher than 5.8 you have to wait.

  5. Experts, HELP
    I did unlock my iphone, but it doesnt work quite wel for me.
    the phone registers de carrier and gives signal, i can make and recieve calls, but after a few minutes doesnt have signal.

  6. Ive iphone 3gs with original OS 3.0, then I jailbroke and unlocked it. When I saw this post first I applied on another 3g, it was successful so I uptaded the firmware using iTunes and then ran the whole process, but at the end I didnt see blackra1n app on any page, so I applied it again downloading custom ipsw, then blackra1ned. I ran the blackra1n from springboard, installed cydia, pushed sn0w, got cellular signals but wifi had gone. I turned it off and on but unfortunately it shows apple logo for a while and gets dark nothing at all. Tried many times sometimes connect to computer sometimes in power but same problem. Now I cant access it in iTunes to restore or update.
    Please tell me what should I do.

  7. Anyone tht wants to unlock their ifone then just jailbreak ur iPhone with blackrain.com after tht go on ur ifone and click on the black drop icon for blackrain……..wen tht opens click on the snow and install tht I installed it on my 3gs and u don’t have to turn it off but if it doesn’t work then turn it ofF

  8. why do we go in circles when we want to download blackra1n or blacksn0w and nver get to it ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    why are you guys doing this to simple poeple?????????????????

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