Megavideo is undoubtedly one of the most popular video sharing websites on the web currently. You find that most of the episodes of popular TV shows, documentaries and movies are uploaded on Megavideo. Sometime back we had seen different Megavideo Hacks which allowed users to bypass the 72 minutes restriction (which is 51 minutes now) set by Megavideo.


Though Megavideo has Download option, it isn’t Free. Only premium users who pay for the service are entitled to download the video files from Megavideo. Luckily, I came across a slick utility which lets me download video files for episodes of my favorite TV shows and loads of films on Megavideo right onto my PC for free!

How to Download video files from Megavideo?

1. Check out the list of websites which allows you to Watch TV on PC for Free. You can also browse through these Free episodes of TV shows and select the TV series you like.

2. Most of the websites will contain links to the episodes shared on Megavideo. It can be any other video sharing site as well, but don’t worry, the same method works there as well.

3. When you’ve found a good link to the video you want, click on it.

4. When the video has started to stream look for “//” on the bottom of the media player and click on it. That will provide you with the URL of the video.

5. Copy the URL. Then go to ClipNabber. Now, paste the URL into the box as shown and click ‘Nab It’.

6. For Megavideo, there is an additional step. You would need to paste the video page’s source code onto the box as shown in the screenshot below. To find the source code, simply go to the video’s page. Right-click outside of the video player and select the option to view the page’s code.


7. Select all of the code and paste it into ClipNabber. Then click ‘Nab It’ again. This will bring up a download link. Click on that to download the video.

8. Once downloaded, you will have a .FLV file which can be played on media players like VLC and Real player.

That’s it!! Enjoy!


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  • yloet

    the problem when you’re trying to download movies from megavideo via clipnabber is the movie’s running time is more than 50-75 minutes, the downloading stops at approximately that time as well. so you’re left with a nabbed video that’s only 3/4 complete. any ideas on how to bypass this?

  • SaurabhStar

    Do you call this easy? Huh! The easiest way is through internet download manager or in short idm latest version. Just install the software and the next time video plays on megavideo or any other video sharing website, u’ll see download with idm button embedded near the streaming video..

  • Screech

    I must agree with you on this Raju: Megavideo is indeed a great website worth keeping in mind when you need to download the latest episodes of your favorite series and new movies, not to mention the fact that you can also find them in pretty good quality. Was curious about that Clipnabber website and I gave it a try a couple of months ago.Have tried it on a couple of episodes from some tv series but these are shorter than the time limit you have on Megavideo these days, so this is not useful if you really need to download longer movies since it was not able to bypass it.Thankfully came across an app that can download Megavideo videos in no time, Tunebite’s the name. Its Megavideo Downloader is able to both record and convert Megavideo videos to avi or whatever format you need, so you don’t have to worry that you record flash videos from Megavideo and cannot use them on other devices, like for example your phone.
    If you need any info on how to record video clips from Megavideo with Tunebite, this tutorial will help you get things started:

  • Gourav sharma

    This much big article just for video fetching service of a website 😀
    You could have wrote that use this site for getting download links of online videos.

    • Raju

      Now, that is what differentiates us from other tech blogs. We are here to help n00bs, not geeks.

  • anonymus

    hey wer is the source code on megavideo

  • bang

    right click is not avalible thank you

    wht’s next?