About a couple of months back, Opera 10 final for desktop was released and today the Norwegian software developer is following up on that release with that of the latest beta build of Opera Mobile, a custom browser specifically built to give Symbian and Windows Mobile equipped handset users a more pleasant Web browsing experience.

Sporting the same user interface as the recently updated Opera Mini, Opera Mobile provides an alternative browser to that built into the majority of handsets, and first impressions on the beta are good. Highlights include an easy to navigate tabbed browsing experience, a number of thumbnails cropping up to aid navigation, and a lot of performance tweaks.

Even on a slow GPRS connection, this browser works like a charm. It is surely faster than Opera mini 5 beta. With performance getting the priority, I would pip Opera Mobile 10 beta as a “must download” for all Symbian/S60 users. A full review will come out soon on TechPP.


Download Opera Mobile 10 Beta


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