Remember the Google Wave Desktop ClientWaver? Now, we have a smilar app exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch – WaveBoard. The Waveboard app will cost you 99 cents, but it’s a much faster way to check your Waves than loading them up in the built-in Safari browser of iPhones.

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As you can expect, WaveBoard app for iPhone displays ‘waves’ and lets you search historical ones, start new ones and manage your contacts. It also opens external links in a custom browser without the need to leave the app. Waveboard also supports push notifications through a workaround (you need both the Prowl iPhone app and the Mac version of Waveboard), although they have promised proper push notifications in the future releases.

You can shake your device to logout and reload your Waves. It sounds like right now is the time to jump on Waveboard (iTunes link), in case future features come with a higher price.


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2 thoughts on “Google Wave App for iPhone – WaveBoard

  1. Isn’t this just a Safari browser frame that defaults to the Google Wave mobile page, and therefore not worth paying $0.99 for? Especially since Google Wave automatically goes fullscreen if you add a link to the page to your home screen.

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