Sorry for that odd looking title. But then, how many times we ask this question to ourselves or to people around us?

  • Difference between Analogy and Metaphor
  • Difference between Yacht and a Boat
  • Difference between Antivirus and Internet security
  • Difference between a Laptop and a Notebook

Gosh! I can already think of 50 such doubts. I found out a cool website to answer all my stupid doubts.

DifferenceBetween is a knowledge hub on the Internet. Here, people from all over the world can find the difference between two related things, and a lot of ground is covered. The website is neatly designed and the topics are finely categorized under Technology, Science, Business, Language, Objects and Miscellaneous.


Additionally, you can see the top differences that have been submitted so far by glancing at the corresponding section, and realize what people have been thinking about the most as of late. And if you happen to really like the site, it is always possible to sign up for the provided newsletter and receive the latest differences in your inbox.

I really liked the concept behind this website. Currently, the users can just browse through the available differences. I would prefer to make this community based where in people can register and submit their own differences. Actually, I do not find a way to even reach out to the people behind this project. (Update: There is a small FAQ section which mentions a way to write your own articles)

Also, I would like to see a few more categories which would make it even easier for people to read articles of their interests.

Check out! Let us know if you found this useful.

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