There are many valid and legal reasons one might have to feel the need to download Windows 7. For instance, you might be needed to reinstall or recover Windows 7 but not find the original Windows 7 setup DVD, or your netbook doesn’t come with a DVD drive. In such cases, downloading Windows 7 should help you out, assuming you have bought a legal and valid key from Microsoft.

Few days back we had told you about an option to get the Windows 7 DVD from retail stores or download Windows 7 ISO directly from its servers online. Customers can digitally download the Windows 7 installation files from online store from which they purchased Windows 7 to clean install on blank PC or upgrade existing installed OS.

The previous Windows 7 download links were in “.box” format, which comprised of a starter executable, and which cannot be burned to DVD disc directly or mount to a virtual DVD-ROM drive. The process to create a bootable Windows 7 DVD ISO image was pretty complex and most of you found it tough to get started.

Luckily, Lifehacker has got hold of complete listing of Windows 7 ISO direct download links. Note that the Windows 7 ISO image is of SP1 build 7601.17514.101119-1850.

Download Windows 7 ISO with SP1

Note: The below links are from Softpedia. You need to buy Windows 7 key from Microsoft

Download Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit x86 ISO

Download Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit x64 ISO

Download Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit x86 ISO

Download Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit x64 ISO

Download Windows 7 Professional 32-bit x86 ISO

Download Windows 7 Professional 64-bit x64 ISO

Update: You can now download the Windows 7 integrated SP1 ISO images

Note: The below links are from Digital River, who is the official e-Commerce partner of Microsoft. Thеѕе аrе јuѕt the download links fοr Windows 7 SP1 ISO which іѕ a retail wrap that offers a 30-day trial period. I repeat, you must buy a Windows 7 key from Microsoft directly to activate this set.

Download Windows 7 SP1 Integrated ISO

32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 (bootable)

64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 (bootable)

32-bit Windows 7 Professional x86 SP1 (bootable)

64-bit Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 (bootable)

32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium x86 SP1 (bootable)

64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium X64 SP1 (bootable)

Tip: Please use a download manager to download the files since they are bigger than 2GB in size.


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    “The file “autofun.dll” could not be loaded or is corrupt. Setup cannot continue. Error code is [0x7E]”


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    Hi, just wanted to say that the first 2 links are not working. The other 4 are doing great! Thanks =)

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    whats the activation key for the win 7 professional 32-bit?

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    activation key for the win 7 professional 32-bit?

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    What is the Product Key for the Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit?

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    What is the product key for windows 7 professional 32-Bit? Please send it to Thanks.

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    The amazon links down… is there any other direct link to download Windows 7 Ultimate x86/x64?

  • cmn_sat

    @yoper hi

    all my friends download any windows link, like Windows 7 Home Premium

    some editing in iso file open poweriso end delete ei.cfg in sourse…

    so delete this file u all so install all ver… like ultimate, Home Premium, Professional,

    ok my friends enjoy…

  • Brian

    Guys, THE LINKS DO NOT COME WITH PRODUCT KEYS, and this website is not the place to find them if you really want to find one illegally. These are for you to download, and to use a key YOU PURCHASED to activate with.

  • Vincent

    Hi there
    Thanks for information and links, but the links :

    32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x86 ISO
    64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x64 ISO

    aren’t working…

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  • Jo

    Thanks so much for these, I purchased the online version of the 64bit version for my dell craptop and found it to run too slow (only 2gig ram). This is great as I can revert to the 32 bit version. Thank you again for these links.

  • Jack Carter

    Thanks much Raju. You are a pal.

  • Danny

    I ave a key…but are all these RTM? If so, they are enterprise. Regular keys wouldn’t work.

  • David

    Thanks. My (preloaded) Windows 7 laptop came with a corrupted h/d. I have a valid & legal Windows 7 professional product key but no install media. The iso files were just what I needed. (HP wanted to charge me $50 to get a set.)

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  • Daniel

    Do you have to put a activation key in when you install windows 7 pro

  • Daniel

    are they any problems with the pro version of windows 7

  • Josh

    I installed Windows 7 Pro version but it says my key is invalid. I got a laptop with win7 pro installed so the key is for pro. Any suggestions? I called the toll-free number but it says ‘this version of windows has been activated too many times’ or something like that.

  • SKL_H

    I downloaded it but the broblem is that the size of the downloaded image is 875MB is this correct by the way I downloaded windows Pro 64bit

    • Raju

      No, the size must be in GBs, not in MBs

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    plz update windows 7 ultimate links
    32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x86 ISO
    64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x64 ISO

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    Thanks a lot for this links. It´s a shame that the links for ultimate versions aren´t working but with the other had no problem. Thanks again. L8R

  • Clive

    Are these the official Windows 7 images? Any bugs/spyware found so far?

  • jamin

    do we have to activate win 7

  • Patrick

    ANyone know if these will work with OEM keys? Specifically OA versions? Got a new Laptop and it didnt come with a disc of course. Thx!

  • Patrick

    btw my Win7 is the same build and version number as the download

  • Gabe

    Thank you now i don’t have to go out and pay for a 30 dollar reinstall disk at least some things in the world are free…

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  • nels

    after downloading…… what should I do? kindly answer please

    • Helper

      You should press CD and capture on the file ! CD > Capture ISO File > (Choosethefile) And then reset! And there you go! After installing do not press anything even if it stand ” Press any key to choose to boot from”

  • axm

    When it asked for the key I just clicked on continue and carried on installing. I have been waiting to be asked again to input the key, but nothing so far. What’s the deal, mate?

    • God of tech

      It asked you for a key
      You did not put a key (just pressed ok)
      –26 days after–
      Windows keeps asking you for the activation code
      –30 days after–
      Windows goes to non-legal ((mode)) and you can’t log in
      So you either have to reinstall or (before the 30 days) use a program like remove WAT to remove the activation


    I DOWNLOAD THE X15-65804. and works very fast on a junkie acer 9300 thanks a lot

  • axm

    Be careful, don’t run the Windows Update that says “Activation exploits” ,,,, KB970133 … in case you have activated using a keygen program …

  • Arrow

    Can I put it on a flash drive and load it in a different P.C.

  • spacelion

    Thanks for the links. The Windows 7 I purchased online gave me an executable downloader that didnt allow for download managers.

  • leaa

    Hi, I have a licence for W7 64 Pro
    Is this image here clean? is it stable final version or some RC2 ?
    Is the system updates going to work?

  • Nathan

    Is there any new Operating Systems that supports 32-bit processors besides crappy alternative OS like Linux or Ubuntu?

    • mike

      Really? Ubuntu crappy. You should try it again.
      been using Linux for almost 5 years now. No major problems… I just reinstalled Win7 on a budy’s laptop took three times as long and had no real options to customize…

  • nobody

    Just wondering…

    is “” really Digital River?

    wouldn’t it be

    why is the link .net (is it just for their downloads?)

    Google it

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  • Mifail

    Please Mr.Can you give me the keys[code] for windows 7 profesional 64-bit and 32bit.I need the keys for two versions Plz.
    If you can send me in my email-add.ok
    Have a nice time and thx a lot for your help.

    • Raju

      No sorry. We do not provide cracks/keys on this website.

      • matteo

        is this legal???… because i have a product key but no iso. So will this work?

        • Raju

          Yes, it will

  • Borg

    Thanks for the ISO image Home Premium 32 bit. I bought a notebook Acer eMachines E725 with 64-bit Win 7. It was horrible. FF crashed 3 times a day. The machine was worked terribly slow. I had some problems with older games that should work (“Warcraft 2”, “Starcraft”, “Codename: Panzers” etc.). Not to mention other programs. I hope that 32 bits is better.
    If not – I go back to Win XP (legal OEM) and Linux Mint 8 Helena (free GPL). On the other hand, even if you succeed and will work well with the license key from our stickers you will still be “pirates” or illegal users, according to EULA. Shame.

  • shane

    I messed up my installation (too much experimenting) so I wiped it out expecting the recovery partition to do it’s job.
    Only to find that unlike my previous computers, recovery isn’t already setup, I was expected to do it myself :(
    So hoping this works ok, all I know it is 64-bit Windows 7 Premium.
    I don’t actually know what particular version it is or how to find out.
    Can I assume my key will work with it anyway?

    Finally, if it does work, do I enter the OEM key as shown in the control panel or the product code on the sticker on the laptop?

  • gabe morrow

    thiese files are good to test your internet speed on 60 meg connection

  • calvin

    I now to crack windows 7 cd key product. windows 7 cd double click the source
    3.find product.ini
    4.double click product.ini many keys crack in the file


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    can i use the key i bought using windows anytime upgrade. the anytime upgrade never lets me upgrade. i said upgrade to many times lol

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    The Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit link appears to be broken.

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  • Clranne

    Is there any way you can add new 7 Ultimate links. These are error sites as of now.

    • Raju

    • Graham

      You don’t need to download a seperate image for each (as long as you get the bit rate, 32 or 64, right). Just open the ISO, go to the sources folder, and delete ei.cfg. You will be asked upon setup which edition to install. So, download w7 pro which is working and delete ei.cfg in the sources folder

  • Core2211

    Have a W7 Ultimate 32 bit (legal)… Would like to install W7-64 bit Ultimate. The Ultimate 64 bit link is dead… any other links available?

  • Clranne

    both are dead this is why im asking but still no reply

    • Raju

      There is no reply because there are no alternative links available yet


    is it free?

  • Warroccc

    is it free

  • sometimesconfused

    I might have sent a post as a mistake, if sorry. I’m a virgin so i’ll learn. Okay. I downloaded the iso 32 bit home preimum from digital river. it worked so I copyied it to DVD every thing was stil good at this point. I wanted to upgrade from vista so i ran the compatability test and finally got the file to install but here’s my problem. three different trys ending at 74% with the disk full message. i dont know why. they said they would give the info to microsoft. can anybody possibly tell me what’s my problem? again this is my first post and if this is wrong i’m sorry. thanks

  • t

    Many thanks for the links you’ve collected :-)

  • mbelle

    After I downloaded the ISO and put it on a DVD. It will not autorun upon restarting my computer. I have tried just manually trying to start the install by opening setup which is not working. Its telling me the version (bit) is not right. Currently running windows vista business trying to upgrade to 7 home premium 64 bit. Any suggestions? Thanks for any and all help!!!

    • Keys4YourPC

      It’s depends if you use, like full copy of iso file, or just moved all objects to DVD. If you write it right, save all your needed information. After restart your PC, and when it’s start downloading, before Windows Vista sign, you need to press F10 (this is at my Vaio entrance to recovery OS)
      Click at Format your Hard Drive, because it’s better to install your new OS to clean Hard drive.
      Restart you PC again, and system should ask you (If your DVD burned right) to press at any button.
      Installation is easy in Win 7. I just start it and go to the restaurant. When I came back, it was complete installed. I just putted key, and now I have Win 7 Ultimate.

    • Key4YourPC

      You running Vista 64 bit????
      If not. You need to format disk first.

    • rick

      there is no way to upgrade version of windows from 32-bit to 64bit or vice versa. you need to install fresh copy.

    • John

      When you restart your PC, go to boot options, and make sure the first option is to boot from CD/DVD.

    • steve

      when you restart your pc, go into the bios & change the first boot device to dvd drive, then you can install the os.

  • Neeraj

    Sir i download windows 7 but on installing it is asking for code. What should i do

    • Itss meee

      It’s called a product key, you have to pay for it!!!

  • Me

    Works perfect thabk god now im able to restore

  • Shrikrishna Meena

    I started downloading professional edition, Download link of ultimate is dead.
    Hope, It will install successfully..
    Thanks Raju.

  • Isaac

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  • Myrren

    i can’t burn the file using ISO burner… can someone help ?

    • naga

      u install iso buerner

    • Swagat

      ISO image can be burn by daemon toolss

  • Daju

    Yo it didn’t work it said unexpected I/O error and plus when i tried to burn the disc, it said disc not large enough and its 700 mb

    • jeff

      It is a DVD not a CD.

  • Ronielle Buduhan

    Can I use the product key printed on my computer case with the iso file I dowloaded here? I need to reinstall win 7 home premium 64bit on my hp pavillion, and wondering if the product key it came with is still good, as long as the versions are the same.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Brian

    bloody awesome, i used it to burn it on my dvd and use the code i bought from MS to install win7

  • eddie

    hey all i have the product key for windows 7 home 32 bit

    • BUZZARD14




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      I need a product key for 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium x86 ISO

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      Hello, can i have the product key for windows 7 home edition 32 bit please?



      i need product key for windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

    • tn615gal

      Would you mind terribly if its not too much trouble, I’m looking for the windows 7 key to install it as well. Thank you Eddie, have a blessed day!

  • Martin

    Are these downloads with all Language packages, I need a windows home premium x86 32 bit NL version. I hope someone can answer this question

  • Eric

    Guys…downloaded and installed the 32bit Professional version. All went well, i decided to buy some keys but upon manual activation, the confirmation ID is not accepted by the PC…..any ideas?

  • dharam

    Hi unable to burn win 7 home premium iso.
    How to burn that iso, or make a bootale dvd..????

  • sudhakar

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  • search the win7 black

    hello sir ,
    can u provide any link for download of windows 7 ultimate .iso file untouched fresh copy…………

  • Jesse

    I am amazed by the amount of comments such as it is asking for a product key and the 700mb disc size. These are just the iso retail installations people. For those who have a product key, yes a legitimate legal license, then just add that key while install. For those who are looking for a cracked copy, that is illegal. This is mainly for those who need the installation disc that never came with their laptops / machines to do a fresh reinstall. Also, It’s a 3gb+ iso, do you really think it will fit on a 700mb disc?!

  • Fred

    I’ve been reading some of the comments here about the downloads. So will this work if I have Vista Home Premium 32 bit and have an Anytime Upgrade disk? Or like some have said, is this only for those who have a copy of Win 7 but for some reason need an activation key?

  • steve

    can someone please help me i have tried about 10 times to download the homepremium edition but everytime i get to 1.8 gigs downloaded the KBs start decreasing and it doesn’t move from 1.8 downloaded. i have a product key that is legit and i am in need of this iso.

  • akash

    i had genuine home premium 64 bit..but it crashed so i have to instal the newer os .if i instal newer home prem 64 bit.whould it be genuine using my older product key which is in my laptop backside.need help urgently..

  • P. Leonard

    I am so glad you uploaded this iso. I bought a ‘broken’ laptop less than a year old, installed a 7200rpm 250gb hard drive for £40, burned windows 7 to dvd with img burn, and using the product key on the bottom of the laptop, had it all up and running in less than an hour. Thanks a lot.

  • jurr

    hi, does windows 7 home premium 64x also include the dutch language pack?

    thnx in advance..

  • will

    I am trying to install windows on my mac via bootcamp. I have a product key. Following the instructions of the bootcamp assistant I insert the disc but after a short while it tells me there is no boot device and asks me to insert one? can any one help?

  • Spencer

    This is probably pretty old so i doubt you will see this but if you do. I love you so much. I almost went out and bought a windows 7 cd for 100+ dollars and then i noticed the product key on the side of my computer case and now i am using windows 7 again. Dont get me wrong here i hate windows but i need it for some things so this will do. Again thank you so much so so so so much. you sir deserve a cookie.

  • Anthony

    All of you asking for keys and such are ruining it for those of us who need these downloads for restoration/repairs!

  • ruchir

    Folks, i get follwoing error when downloading from DigitalRiver website
    /home/ruchir/Downloads/X15-65805(2).iso.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

    Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

    Any thoughts on how to work around same…

    • Jason

      yeah, it usually means that your internet connection during the download was interrupted….meaning your computer lost connection with their server, either use a download manager like magamanager or be sure you have a stable connection. if it keeps stopping at the same spot then delete all of your cookies and try again.

    • noone

      or use a browser that already has a download manager, like opera.

  • contabilita

    il link della ultimate 32 bit non funziona

  • John

    Link Windows 7 Ultimate x86/x64 bits OF, please could update

  • Jack

    does this delete old files?

  • Alex

    I have Windows Vista Home premium upgrade DVD to Windows 7 home premium received from Sony. Now my hard disc crashed and I am looking for a clean install. Will my key which came with the DVD be working? Also it’s for 32bit? Would it work if I install x64? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

    • Raju PP

      To be on the safer side, you can install the 32 bit version itself. the same key should work

  • Linda

    Hi all , I would like to upgrade my eMachines laptop. from windows 7 home basic to windows 7 ultimate , which softwares will I need, so that i can instal this new operating system, I’ve got Deamon tools , what else will I need? will my data stored on the computer be lost after upgrading?
    Thank you

  • Nathan

    I read somewhere that OEM product keys require an OEM installation disc. My laptop did not come with an installation disc, and they formatted the hard drive into several partitions, which is very frustrating, so I was aiming to just do a fresh install and all that junk.

    Anyway, my question is, will my OEM key work with this installation? I’ve read several places around the web and have gotten different answers.

    • Alex

      Windows XP needed an OEM edition. My experience with Windows 7 is that you have to have the correct edition, and don’t enter the product key at the beginning, wait until its installed and type in the product key when you activate it. This has worked 100% of the time for me.

    • jeremy

      unless they changed things with 7, I just used an iso on my old vista laptop. It had no problem taking the old key (HP likes doing the whole rescue partition thing… I wiped it clean and eliminated the partition)

    • JDawg

      you would need your windows 7 product id and product key to register windows 7

      after you completly install 7 go into the registry under hkey_localmachine\software\microsoft\windowsnt\currentversion\
      and scroll down to where is says product ID and put in your product ID of your computer

      after that restart windows 7 and then right click my computer and select properties and go down and activate windows with your product KEY

      Do not mix up your ID and Key.

    • mike

      You should be able to expand main partition using the windows disk manager. no need to format and reinstall.

      Also many computer/laptop makers will include a recovery partition so that you can create a recovery disk.

  • question

    are these given links for downloading windows 7 iso free?

    • Mohan

      it’s the original ISO. But you still need to have bought a license key from Microsoft.

      • ali magofea

        do you mean product key

  • Allan

    Don’t forget the SP1 updates:

    Need a link to short explanation of the differences between Ultimate, Home Experience and Professional.

  • Jinxs

    windows vista links anyone? home premium 64bit oem retail

  • daviddutton

    thanks will buy the windows 7 next week

  • howard j

    the home premium and pro disk are the same……
    does the activation key determine the version?

    • Charles

      Yes the activation key is specific to the version you purchased. If you put the key code in at startup then it will select the correct version. IF you skip this you must choose the correct version to intall or your key will not work.

  • thanx man

    thanx man.

  • AWhite

    If you have a OEM disk for the operating system that is on your computer (Tower or Laptop). You can re-install your operating system and get rid of all partitons in the process. However you will more than likely have to call the free number when you activate the o?S.

  • Rick

    I’ve got a Dell Inspiron laptop that I got to repair for someone that dropped it. Put in a new screen and upgraded (slightly) the Hard Drive from 5400 to 7200rpm. Same 500GB. The old HD had some sector errors in the recovery partition. Hope to put the exact same OS on the new drive using the supplied OEM key. Will burn the ISO from this image and see how it goes.Otherwise it warrants a call to Microsoft and/or Dell. (Sigh..)

  • jon snow

    does itgive you the option to insert the key after installation ?

  • Edward S

    Sorry, my mistake. It is correct.

  • chris

    I have an OEM windows 7 disc that is 32 bit. I would like to get the 64 bit version. Can I use the key from the 32 bit version I have on one of these 64 bit versions?

    • bindi

      You can try. The retail copies use the same key for 32 bit and 64 bit.

  • alamxxy

    great work raju….its greatest job raju…..thns

  • Abbidaz

    How Do I Burn This Onto A Cd, Do I Burn All Of It Onto The CD?

  • MarkB

    What is the difference between the ISO and the SP1 Integrated ISO?

    I downloaded both and planing on using the ISO, doing a install on new hard drives in Raid 0

  • Barbara


    It worked!!!

  • kevin

    u need to download this program
    for burn;)

  • oldguy man..i have upgrade my XP to W7 now..

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    This is a great work. Here I found so easy download. Full windows as one ISO file and no waiting, and download speed also so good.

  • Anon

    You just saved my ass!

    Thank you!

  • Gerry Calderhead

    download Magic Jellybean Keyfinder.. it will locate and decrypt the key for you..its freeware and worked for me

  • Hamzirahji

    Now time to discover what’s inside of this 7 ultimate OS.maybe almost same as win 7 pro? : ) anyway,thanks again brother…you’re the man!!!

  • George


    I have been on Windows XP for a long time. And I heard that windows 7 is awesome. so i was thinking about upgrading. SO I am downloading the 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium x86 ISO.

    So it this like the upgrade disc I can buy from best buy? Is it just like the files on the upgrade discs?

    So if my questions above are answered yes, then will I still need a product key?

    • Raju PP

      Yes, you still need to BUY the product key.

  • Lulz

    i got the bootable iso, i want to boot it up via usb stick,,, do i use a program like unetbootin to make it work? when i just put the iso in the usb stick it does nothing when booting from it

  • Ikrananka

    So if I want to do a clean install of Windows 7 with SP1 then do I just need one of the above SP1 iso’s or has this been superseded by the RTM release – ?

    • Raju PP

      You can either use the links provided in this article to install windows 7, provide the product key you have bought and then update to SP1. Else download Windows 7 SP1 directly (from the link you provided above)

  • Yohan

    Muchas Gracias

  • Biju Achary

    can anybody give me the link for OEM windows 7 home basic oa india iso

  • Byron Harris

    Are these downloads upgrade or full versions?

    • Raju PP

      full versions

  • mbw3

    I need to repair/recover windows 7 home prem…will one of the work?

    • JonathanTorillaValencia

      recovering system’s OS can be resolve by using installer of your OS…

      then after lauch… press f2 for bios and set as primary boot your dvd and priority boot your dvd then f10 to save changes then enter…. upon load of DVD select repair….

      >now what you can do is upon 1st successful boot up, you can do “RESTORE” (if using w7)

      press start>type in search>RESTORE> then select the restore point where the last time your system save a restore point(clean and no deffect) is recorded… from there your OS (including boot sector) will be back to normal. (this process will not work if you have deleted the OS partition ONLY GOOD FOR CORRUPT O.S)

  • Muji

    Hi.Is it advisable to download & install the Windows 7 iso with built in SP1 updates or to download the Standard Windows 7 iso & then do a manual update?

  • Tr0j4n

    Is it free or not?

    • Kamal

      as author has clearly mentioned, it is free to download, but need to buy the key from microsoft to activate



  • Victor Gray

    Thank you very much. I have a valid key but no dvd, I just hope it hasn’t been altered in any way. I do appreciate it very much and thank you for putting this up for people to download :)

    • Raju PP

      these are official links from microsoft and not altered in any way

    • JonathanTorillaValencia

      if it happens valid key as it is genuine (only if) hehehee goto to start menu>then type in seach program, UPGRADE ANYTIME.. from there you can do the update by simply entering the key… then the system will be updated automatically, download necessary additional update from microsoft…

  • guy

    I downloaded the file but now I cannot locate it to copy it to a USB

  • butchart.eric

    thank you so much.. i really needed these..

  • girl_honey

    so after i download the iso file do i need to burn it to a dvd before I can begin the upgrade? and where do i go to purchase the activation key

    • butchart.eric

      @girl_honey .. exactly you burn it to a DVD and than have 30 days to activate. you can go to and buy the key. Remember though the premium is the cheapest of the three.

  • freund.marc

    I’m trying to “upgrade” my OS from Windows 7 professional 32-bit to Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. The original key I recieved was via email and was an upgrade key code. If I do a clean install of 64-bit will the key code work to activate the 64-bit even though my original order was for “Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade – 32 bit”?


    • butchart.eric

      @freund.marc You want to be careful.. just remeber that thier are limited applications that work on the x64.I would personally stay with the x86, but your prefrence is yours. what your going to have to do is the clean install but do not put your key in till after it is installed. than after its done their will be a little shield notification in the taskbar tray. thats where you should activate it. it may deny you but it will give you the option to call microsoft and they will activate it.

    • JonathanTorillaValencia

      i supposed you will have a problem with your upgrade key… the keys are specified (that shall be verified online) once trigger the licensing of your O.S… the keys are specified to what edition you will be using.

      >2nd do consider the difference between 32bit and 64 bit of OS… more often 64bit is faster, as it is recommended for DUAL-CORE and UP since it has 64bits. though machines that are 64bit , you can alter 32 bit OS but 32bit CANNOT used the 64bit, though in some isolated cases they have successfully installed bit 64 for bit 32 machine the performance is noticeable WORST…. (refer for the guidelines first before installing/reinstalling different OS)

      Though it can be advantage to keep a back up (shadow copy) before doing any update or installing any software, in this way you can revert any malfunctions or error that may occur upon installation….

      • butchart.eric

        @freund.marc but the main thing about the x64 is that the drivers have to be logo compliant with MS. otherwise your stuck with a generiac MS driver.. so unless everything your going to add to the computer has a microsoft logo you will have to settle with the generiac drivers

  • dejanzdr

    Hello Raju PP,

    First at all thank you for the links.

    Do you know where I can find the Windows 7 Home Premium The Nederlands version?

    Thank you in advince.

  • AnnickIT

    Anyone have links for Vista downloads? I don’t want to use it for installation, just repair.

  • MostafaRofik

    What happens after i download it?

  • jagerbomber2468

    I had to recently buy a new hard drive for my inspiron 1545 cause my old one broke now the new one says no boot sector will any of these help me i have windows 7 home premium 64

  • Win7homepremium64















    • Bo


      I have my own genuine product key but cannot find a place where I can download Windows 7 home premium from. I need to format my hard drive and acer doesn’t come with any discs – they want to charge me £55 for something I’ve already paid for. Are you able to help please????

      • er1c

        Download ultimate, use the key, it installs home premium.

  • LeeJewitt

    are these the final releases?

  • Vaqar

    thank u soo much:)

  • Recovery

    Thanks for sharing… Is there Enterprise version available for download?

    • joeblow

      There is no Enterprise version of 7. Ultimate is as high as it goes.

      • idetorr

        Not true. There is an Enterprise version, but it’s only available for large companies, usually on the IT bussiness. The difference it’s that its highly customizable & easy for the IT department to deploy/install.

        • Wingeek1024x600

          The Windows 7 OS order is: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise. Computers Never Come With Windows 7 Ultimate or enterprise straight from the factory and I don’t think Windows 7 Enterprise isn’t available through Retail stores

        • midget

          The only difference between ultimate and enterprise is licensing

  • Swedo Cain

    Where Can You Download This?

  • wind

    good,thank for share

  • feed

    thank bro

  • bin


  • foxx13

    Are the links no longer available for download? I cant seem to click them.

    • DennisDallas

      As of late-2013 (now) they still work fine.

      I don’t know of any region-specific IP-restrictions that might be in place, though.



    • RyanE512

      Why do you need that?????????????????????????????????????????

      • anon1


      • DennisDallas

        @Ryan E.: The Home Basic edition was only released in certain “developing countries” (similar to an Academic Edition license) as a cost-saving measure to end-users.

    • er1c

      You can still use a better version if you have a license for it, and there are several advantages to ultimate for example.

  • Miguel

    What are the differences between:
    1. Download Windows 7 ISO with SP1 (from Softpedia)
    2. Download Windows 7 SP1 Integrated ISO (from Digital river)

    Please reply ASAP….thanks

    • me :)

      the top one is the installer or the installation disk the bottom one is the bootable one

  • Katy

    I’m not sure whether I need 32 or 64 Windows 7 Home Premium version. Please can you help?

    • RyanE512

      If your installing in a Virtual Machine, go with 32-Bit. If not, reply with the specs of the machine your installing on and I can give you the correct one.

  • Jeff

    Downloaded 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 (bootable) to a DVD and tryed to boot it up and it will not boot! Any help?

  • passenger

    i need win7 pro oa x16-96076

    any help please ?

  • rishtongirl

    I have a Windows 7 netbook, running on the Home Premium edition, with the correct activation key, etc. My problem is that I deleted a linux partition, which seems to have taken the MBR with it, leaving me with no bootable options. I have a Windows 7 disc already, but I can’t get the computer to read the external DVD writer to to start running a disc repair. I altered the boot order in the BIOS to allow the writer to be first priority, but that made no difference. Will this ISO disc solve that problem, allowing the netbook to read the writer? I will also make a copy of the ISO to go on a flash drive and see if that works.

  • RyanE512

    What’s the difference? Oh, and are they all bootable?

  • tasleem

    17 days ago my girlfriend recived the same sort of message on facebook saying he will track her down by her ip address so he can kill our new born son. he new exactly how old he was and his exact name. i tried to phone the number and it just says the number is out of service. have you had any luck in finding this person???

  • JP

    Hi, someone plz help..

    I downloaded both the 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 (bootable) and the Download Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit x86 ISO, but its not booting, its like they r not bootable and dvd rom is set as 1st priority.. NOt sure what’s going on cause i get others to boot at start but these won’t..
    any idea, pllz? and am i wrong are those two i listed above r the same thing?

    any help is appreciated and thank you

    cause i’m at the point with winXP where i get “one of the components that windows needs to continue setup could not be install” as error and its driving me nuts..

  • Nelson

    all file seems to be home premium version.

    • er1c

      If your license key is for Home Premium, that is what will install even if you have an ultimate DVD. After all, that is what you paid for.

      • Reviewer2020

        No it wont – you will get “The product key you have entered will not work with this edition of windows 7

        You must either run Windows 7 setup or enter a windows 7 ultimate product key”

  • HashTag


  • Javier

    Can i change the language on windows ultimate?

    • DennisDallas

      Javier: The language and keyboard settings are one of the first things that appears on the screen when you run any of these ISO’s.

  • ellya

    downdloadnya lama

  • phymc2

    Hi—I need windows vista home premium 64bit..PLEASE HELP!!
    I have the KEY. I just need SETUP…Thanks in advance…

  • Elizabeth

    I have an hp dv6, i got a new hardrive and now my laptop is saying I do not have a genuine version of windows. Is windows 7 required for computers? And which one would I need?

  • farrukh

    sir i need window 7 home basic 64 bit iso. plz help me

    • DennisDallas

      Farukh: As mentioned elsewhere by a previous poster, your PC’s Microsoft COA Product Key will authorize any of the “higher end” 64-bit ISO downloads, but at your original Home Basic functionality level.

      Personally, since “Home Basic” was released only in certain “developing countries”, I don’t know if you’ll run into any non-USA/export-restricted software licensing restrictions when the system boots up or installs (hopefully not). But since these editions are also designed to handle upgrade installs, you should have the option to repair or re-install your current level of Windows 7.

      Just be sure you pick one of the ISO versions marked “X64” to maintain your 64-bit compatibility.

  • Toby

    My computer crashed. I was getting BOOTMRG was missing Now I have it boot up with a USB Now it cant find system IMAGE. it’s telling me to insert Back UP IMAGE disk ? witch one can I uae I have a TOSHIBA SATELLITE c655d-s5086 WINDOWS 7 64 BIT

  • andy

    Are these windows 7 iso files ome editions of the operating system.if i purchase a legit key from anywhere is it ok.

  • Chris


  • TrillPhil

    Im so lost, What if i have the orignal product key that came with the computer already, but i just need to reinstall windows from scratch and i dont have a the dvd, Can i not use these files and just enter my product key?

    • DennisDallas

      Phil: Yes, just boot up one of the Digital River ISO downloads (the simplest method) and enter your PC’s COA Product Key when prompted to activate the new install. You also have the option of “Repair” for your existing installation (worth a try, if you want to save personal files).

      Most DVD burning utilities can properly turn an ISO into a boot disk, but if the terminology has you lost, ask a friend or local Library computer staffer to help you.

  • hamza

    you can use the software windows loader it automatically activates your windows

    • Florian Nolte

      Isnt it illegal?

      • Frederik Hertzum

        Short answer: No. Longer answer: that depends on too many things for me to give you the right answer. It depends on where you live (might even depend on your nationality, where your computer is located or anything else in that respect you might think of). If you have a license for Windows 7 it’s prolly not illegal to use the loader, but check your local draconic scripture (laws)

      • HopeNotHateBNP

        I have been using a “loader” since 2005. I therefore do not need to activate at all online.

      • Clinton

        It is absolutely illegal. Whether you use it or not depends on your personal ethics.

      • HopeNotHateBNP

        It is absolutely legal. Whether you use it or not depends on your personal ethics signed HNH, so there!

  • HackerFranzz2000

    Awesome, thanks Raju

  • Frederik Hertzum

    “Tip: Please use a download manager to download the files since they are bigger than 2GB in size.”
    Tip: stop using seriousely outdate software.

    • Florian Nolte

      Its better if you use one. If the download aborts, lots of browser-integrated downloadmanagers wont resume the download.

      • Frederik Hertzum

        I’d like to repeat my answer from before, but at the same time, I’d like to agree :-) Firefox has a particular poor download manager and to add injury to insult it is not easy to use an external download manager with firefox!

  • benlil1

    will this help me download bootcamp onto my macbook pro?

  • Just-me

    Hello I installed bootcamp and windows7. Wenn i get on Windows7 and I try to log in on the game Everquest2, i get every time the message “DirextX9RenderDevice.cpp(1895:DirexrX Error.(D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE)01b630ce”
    Is there someone who knows what i must do. I have dirextx11 (if i try to install directx9 it said you have already the last version)

  • Florian Nolte

    Hello Just-me,
    have you installed a graphics-card-driver? For 3D-Games you need one. Look at the cards homepage for a download.

  • Kamil Salleh

    Thanks for share…..good job.

  • UltimateWindowsHacker

    Hello ~_~ Ive Used This Activation code : 342DG-6YJR8-X92GV-V7DCV-P4K27
    For Windows Ultimate 64x 64-Bit Hope you Enjoy <3

    • UltimateWindowsHacker

      Also im using Windows8 so I really wanted this also use VMPlayer

  • Drackar

    This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I’ve got a PC with a legitimate code, but no physical media for Home Premium. This saves me a WHOLE lot of hunting around!

  • Armageddon

    You can always use Remove Wat to get windows 7 ulimate for free, but I would like to know if there is a windows xp iso whatever here or somewhere. I want like to keep a copy of the classic operating system.

  • Phattius

    It would be useful to include an MD5 checksum or similar so that you can make sure the download went successful without any problem.

  • Joey T.

    Thank you – thank you – thank you! I miss the good ole’ days when you could depend on receiving a copy of the OS with the purchase of a new PC or Laptop. Those days are gone, however the redeeming factor for today’s purchases is the fantastic work and dedication of those such as yourself who allow a perfect alternative! Sincerely.

  • Eivind Ottar Hanssen

    Hello there, hello there. A pritty lost norwegian asking for some proper help here. The productionkey, which is taped under the laptop is all weared off. Everything else of stickers are lamineated, but of course the one that really counts is made out of cotton, or whatever, and there nothing left to read. I found two stickers behind the battery, one rektangular yellow ojne and one smaller rektangular white one, between 12 and 15 digits. I have serious problems updating after I used the Acer emachines recovery program that`s one the harddisk. I try to download manually the updates, but it failes and failes, and i use Microsoft widows update/ background intelligent transfer service to try to solve problems. I downloaded TvAnts program to watch television, and got a pile of extra messup programs hurling after me. I don`t seem to get rid of them even after reinstalling a couple of times. Don`t know if a production key and a new windows 7 would solve any problems. If its a serious rootkit, Im outta here. Maybee I have to download Linux, but they are bought by someone else, but I probably be able to use the latest version with my IT skillset 😛

  • nils

    Hi I need help.
    I down loaded win7 64bit Home Professional bootable, from the links on this site. I tried to do a clean install and it worked. When I tried to activate windows I realized it should have been the Home Premium edition, I have since down loaded it and burn it to DVD 3 times, and it wont work. Any ideas

    • HopeNotHateBNP

      See above for the loaders, I have been using these since 2005. They activate windows.

  • Maroof Saleh

    What is Different Between windows 7 64 bit home Prim OA MEA

    & free download windows 7 64 bit home premium pls Write me

  • Maroof Saleh

    Hello I Need Help.

    What is Different Between windows 7 64 bit home Prim OA MEA

    & windows 7 64 bit home premium
    pls Write me Thnaks For Every One

  • spongshga

    this are mutlilanguage?

  • Vak

    I found this answer in different blog : using the key from “product.ini” will make it so that you will either need to buy a valid ultimate license key or reinstall in 30 days… The keys in the “product.ini” file are “default” keys they are the keys that setup will use if yo fail to provide a key during the install, they are intended to allow you an install when you don’t have your legit key available but DO have one, and it then gives you 30 days to get/find it. Using windows anytime upgrade works with this key for the same reason, but just like a regular install it will need a “real” key within 30days or windows will go non-genuine/etc. you can verify this yourself by right clicking on the computer icon and choosing properties and then scrolling to the bottom of the computer/os info to where it shows your licensing status. Which will say something to the effect of you having XX days to activate(“Default” keys do not activate)

  • RyanE512

    I used to do that with Office, Photoshop, Windows XP, etc.
    It’s not illegal, keep that in mind.

  • nivlac

    shhhhhh!!!! trololololololol
    remember, we all download windows to pay for it anyway

  • JZ

    HaHa and i thought i was a nerd!