This is surely not something huge or ground-breaking discovery. Buy I have just unearthed yet another website which offers free movies online which you can watch without downloading.

FreeMoviesTheatre is a service which allows its users to watch the latest major Hollywood releases online! Downloading the movies you like is an option and not mandatory. You can watch most of the movies in DVD quality

watch-movies-online provides access to live streaming links for the latest major global film releases, from Action and Adventure through to Sci-Fi and Bollywood. Currently, FreeMoviesTheatre has over 4500 movies online and they are growing fast. For my money, the website looks completely illegal, so better make use of it before it is taken down.

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  • Ricky

    Good share raju. But i did not expect such link from a blogger like u. I can provide u 100 links to download movies but i doubt that any of this is legal.

    • Raju

      It is not for me or you to decide what is legal and what is not. If you have 100 links, you are free to share here or on your blog.

  • Ajay

    Thanx for the Info

  • Sunil

    this is a nice link..hope to have more links as such.Afterall watching a movie is not a offence..for the fact that its available on a website..
    hence posting a link should always be encouraged..Justification on usuage should be on the minds of the user.

  • Rajshekar Reddy

    Hi Techpp

    Thx 4 d share..

  • Jawwad

    raju, i can’t watch movie online here ? why ? when i choose some movie it has only option to download.when i download , it ask me to download graboid ? please help me


    I love youtube’s variety!