Finally! After 2 long painstaking years since Google acquired Feedburner, there is some good news at last. There were problems galore since Google took over Feedburner in 2007 and except for some minor changes and major bugs, there wasn’t much to cheer about till now.

During my casual digging up of stats, I was surprised to see a sudden jump in Feedburner visits (check below).


This clearly shows that some background work is going on towards integrating Feedburner with Google Analytics. Ofcourse one could log on to their feedburner account and look for Reach, Item use and Item clicks. But with this new development you can get all the stats from one place. Subscriber count – the one statistic that many bloggers are most interested in, is not part of this current integration. Right now, you can only see data about the traffic that your feeds brought to your site.

How to see Feedburner stats on Google Analytics?

Getting to this data is not at all easy. First of all, you have to use AdSense for feed or FeedBurner to track this data. Then, in Google Analytics, you have to go to Traffic Sources and click on All Traffic Sources. After this, you still have to filter your traffic by entering ‘feedburner‘ in the search box at the bottom of the page. In the Campaigns view you can also filter stats by ‘feedburner.’

Clicking on the Adsense revenue tab shows the data of adsense ads clicked, revenue generated and more. The good news is, Google plans to release more features in Feedburner and finally some development is seen on Feedburner’s front which was virtually lying dormant over the past few months.

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