Now-a-days even technically enabled guys are finding it difficult to optimize their BitTorrent clients for the highest speeds and/or bypass the ISP/firewall blocks while downloading torrent files on the internet. Here is where, httpTorrents comes to the rescue!

Direct download of Torrent files

httpTorrents provides the option to download files directly without having a BitTorrent client! As per TorrentFreak,

The integration with httpTorrents gives users the option to download the files directly without having to use a BitTorrent client. Music tracks can also be streamed directly from the site itself. The service works in a similar way to most other files hosting services such as Rapidshare, but only works with torrents and doesn’t allow users to upload files themselves.

These direct http downloads are particularly helpful for people who have restricted access to BitTorrent, such as those whose ISP or firewall blocks or slows down transfers. There are currently 4000 files available as a direct download, but this number is growing rapidly.


httpTorrents is a sister site of KickassTorrents, which is another popular torrent search engine. KickassTorrents’ users can submit a request for files that are not yet available as direct downloads.

Currently the service is Free since it is in beta stage. Once it comes out of beta, there will be premium option available with added features and lesser limitations. Hosting the copyrighted material on the site directly definitely pushes the service into legal complications in the future, it will be interesting to see how it evolves from here on.

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