This is HUGE. I am very proud to announce the first ever annual TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway. There is a reason for having the word ‘Mega‘. We will provide visitors with the opportunity to win licenses of excellent software programs worth more than $10,000 this holiday season, starting last week of November!

Many well known and respected software companies have already agreed to provide us with FREE Licenses to their amazing products that we could hand out to the lucky readers of TechPP. Each day we will be providing free licenses to one excellent software product. I do not want to spoil the fun by revealing the names of the software products, but you can be sure that these products are best in what they are supposed to do.

Some of the giveaways will be for lucky few winners while some others will be ‘free for all’. Isn’t that exciting? Most of the software developers have confirmed their participation in this mega giveaway and we are still in talks with few others.

Stay tuned for further updates on TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway. You can follow us on facebook or Subscribe to the updates via RSS.


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  • Prasanth Chandra

    Wow.. Sounds exciting.. Will be waiting for it.. Hope I win some prizes..

  • Lucifer

    Sounds Cool…hope i win something 😉

  • Mayur

    Waiting for the Mega giveaway 😉
    Hope kaspersky licences are also there.

  • rahul

    luk forward to the mega giveaway………..cheers

  • mlweg3

    sounds good-i like to win

  • Harshad

    It seems interesting to me. Looking forward to the Mega giveaway. :)

  • clydeman

    Looking forward to this.I’ll mention it to my friends.

  • harman

    hi….count me in…cheers

  • BlogrPro

    Very interesting Raju. Will be the 1st one to be in the winners list.

  • Steve Yu

    Wow, it’s cool! I can’t wait for it!

  • thomas

    yeah cool

  • budha

    Raju, man you are the best!!
    I would like some Kaspersky, Norton, or Windows 7 genuine license?!

  • hideipuser

    Nice offer. I am the winner.

  • Hans

    Great Time, Great Giveaway, Great Blog!
    Thanks Raju for all you have given to us.

  • Deepak

    seems an interesting offer..lets see how lucky i would be..
    great work PP :-)

  • Satyajit

    I can’t wait… as soon as possible… the moment KIS 10 key is enough for me…..Let’s seeeeeee

  • raccoear

    I’m happy to hear that free licenses.

  • sharath

    very good . i will try my luck this time

  • Jufrenz

    ,,,,,wow….this sounds great for everyone…….and also for me..,,,,, its exciting……….ill wait for that……

  • Dillagi

    kewl…hope well have a lot more fun this year 😛

  • Rahul

    Yes, This is interesting.

  • Rich

    Nice! Count me in.

  • khalid

    Nice idea of Mega Giveaway, I would like to participate.

  • coco

    Cool !!! 😀

  • Anish K.S

    Great, following on facebook.

  • sunkumarspace

    no idea about it i would like to p[participate ,am visinitng yours site for the first time debuting here

  • Tech-Freak Stuff

    Looking forward to the Mega GiveAway! Ok…I am waiting for the Next week then…for the give-away to start..

  • clydeman

    I hope I’m lucky when this draw happens.

  • Amit

    It is look very interesting

  • ScatCat

    I was lucky to have tune into this blog the week your giveaway is about to start. Wish you the best of everything thank you in advance!

  • ibheck

    i am waiting :)

  • eric

    Im so excited for the free stuffs…thanks.

  • Zavi

    Im hoping for some cool games for my nephews, my sister got laid off and is having a really hard time. I hope to help with some free games for them. They cant afford any right now.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    Vidimo Se!

  • Sham

    Great buddy :)

  • Rahul

    add me inside ! thanks Happy new year !