Its been 2 weeks since the teen whiz-kid GeoHot released blacksn0w to unlock iPhone 3.1.2. Blackra1n RC3 was released along with it for those who wanted to jailbreak iPhone 3.1.2.

Most of the people who jailbroke/unlocked their iPhones using blackra1n/blacksn0w had zero problems, while the unfortunate few were left with minor hitches like, unable to access wi-fi, GPS and push notifications failure. Since many of you have been asking for the tutorial, here it is:

WiFi fix

1. On your iPhone home-screen, tap on the “Settings” icon.

2. In the Settings menu, tap on “General“. Scroll to the bottom of the General menu.

3. In the General menu, tap on “Reset“. Then tap “Reset Network Settings“.


4. Reboot your iPhone by holding down the sleep/wake button and sliding to turn off.

Resetting your network setting will fix your WiFi problem temporarily. The problem will come back once you have rebooted your iPhone again. You will have to reset your network settings pretty much every time you reboot your iPhone.

Push Notification Fix (GPS, Youtube)

1. Open Cydia.

2. If Cydia prompts you for updates, install them all.

3. In Cydia, tap on the “Manage” tab at the bottom of the screen.

4. Tap on the “Sources” button.


5. Tap on the “Edit” button in the top right corner of the screen and then tap the “Add” button in the top left corner.

6. Type in [link removed] and then tap “Add Source“.


7. Now tap on the “Done” button in the top right corner of the screen.

8. Tap on the “Search” tab on the bottom of the screen and type in “pushfix & youtube“.

9. Select “pushfix & youtube” from the list of search results and then tap “Install” in the top right corner of the screen and then tap “Confirm“.


10. Restart your iPhone. Now go to Settings and enable WiFi again.

11. Reboot you iPhone again. You should now be able to connect to Youtube again without any problems!

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32 thoughts on “GPS, WiFi, YouTube Fix After Blackra1n Jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.2

  1. Mate it don’t work right. Keep gettin cache failure when downloadin updates after putting “”

    I still have the damned greyed wifi as well. Have tried everything. And this is all since I updated to 3.1.2 firmware! Wouldn’t mind so much if I had warranty left on my iPhone but the support from Apple without it is zero existent!

    Keep tryin to find a fix please. Will donate if you do!


  2. hey guys i have GPs problems on my iphone 3G 3.1.2 jailbreak!i cannot catch the signal with maps and tom tom,navigon,and igo! i tried to reset settings ect.. to do what u just posted but no way!i tried to reset the gps with xgps,i tried to switch the 3G off but no one worked out.
    Please help!

  3. hello Brother,

    Thnx alot for this help. It really helped me and I am so happy. I just wanted break my iphone into pieces and thanx to you man. you saved his life.

    thanx again


  4. I am using iPhone 3g jailbreak 3.1.2… Try the above methods too.. N also but still gps is not working…. Very sad…. Help me

  5. Thanks for such detailed directions; my iphone crashes from time to time & I need to redo these steps. I tried from memory but luckily your website page helped tremendously…


  6. Hi,
    After install Push Fix, my iPhone dont start.
    he shows my the apple icon and after Several min he restart it self again and again.
    Please Help.

    • u need to do a restore on ur iphone… turn off ur iphone and keep pushing home button while u are plugging ur iphone’s usb into the computer… after that, follow the restoring iphone step..
      good luck, mate.. i had that experience myself months ago = )

  7. I cAn’t turn my iPhone off as locks itself with cable icon!!!! Wot to do as push notifications mms and YouTube not working any ideas???

  8. I don’t knoe if this is only with the blackra1n jailbreak or all iphones in general

    but i have ralized that you may experience some problems similar to these push fix problems if your time on the iphone is off by more than just a few minutes —problems i experienced were no youtube wifi would not work in many apps and app store could connect but not install apps also current location on map would not opperate also i would recieve msg saying check Date & Time settings

    The only fix i wound was to first make sure time on your computer is correct then connect the iphone and let the time sync then everything was normal

  9. hello, i’ve reset the network settings but no way, it’s not working although i restored it nearly 10 times. guys i really need your help please reply.. I can’t use my iphone without wifi

  10. No service problem
    I just got an jailbroken iphone 3G 8GB from Ebay. Its on 3.1.2 (7D11)firmware.
    I am not getting any signal on the iphone, cant connect to my network provider.
    Can someone help ??

  11. I cant find Push Fix and Youtube after adding the resource. I have tried to uninstall and install resource but it doesnt work. Could you pleas help to fix the GPS, youtube and push for iphone 3gs 3.1.2.

  12. I have a Iphone 3g and did a upgrade to 3.1.2 – BB 5.11 – I did run the blackra1n app – where is says make it rain….. its rebooted my phone and not sure if it did jailbreak…. but now I am stuck………… I SEE NO WIFI, I do see the blackrain icon when I open it, says no internet… I am suck with a iphone, which is locked and no WIFI………….. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hello

    after crashed my ipgone 3gs16 3.1.2 / firm 05.11.07 with some app on Cydia
    ( could be autosilent or Pushfix, the last i installed )

    I started again with a full DFU restore !

    first try to go off ! no easy with the phone stuck at boot on the apple
    after some time holding buttons, tried some sequence on the apple support forums, it was ok

    FIRST OF ALL wipe out your PIN code ( on another phone if you cant on your iphone )

    2) lauch Itunes and keep cable not connected

    3) hold home button dont release it

    4) plug the usb cable on the iphone , it should start

    5) keep finger on home until Itune detect iphone in restore mode, then release Home

    6) restore the firmware, microcode etc, Itune will ask you to do so

    7) when finished, after reboot you should have the activation cable + CD icon on the iphone screen

    8) close Itune on your computer

    9) launch BlackRa1n, wait the reboot, ( 1mn max ) you have your iphone unlocked

    10) to restore all ( except youTube and push alert I tell you why after)

    11) First launch BlackRa1n on the iphone, install Snow install Cydia AND Rock ( the 3 lines ) !!

    12) lauch Rock, and do all updates the Cydia installer included, it will install openSSH too, and ask to change your root password ( chose an unforgetable one )

    13) if you have any IPA app installed, search Appsync on the repo and instal it now

    14) restore all app ( tone music etc ) from itune, with Appsync you should get your IPA back

    everything is restored doign this ! games scores, settings etc even password on mailbox / exchange ( only activated apps like Icoyote need to be resigned with a mail because of the crypto key)

    then you can check out, wifi is running but anyway,
    after some time, you can see your wifi gone, it was the big surprise to me … because i did no reboot or change in settings
    no more network detected ( if you use wifitrack/appstore you can see networks but get a connect error after password )

    to get wifi back you need to :

    1) go in setting/ General / reinit / network settings
    do it and restart

    can be two results of this trick

    1) you get wifi back, and then you have GPS / Wifi all except Youtube and push alerts

    2) you have the wifi in setting grayed out !! first time after 6 hours fighting with this, it was a like i started to be crazy a little

    then dont panic , just switch your iphone off again and start
    for me everything went back to normal

    Wifi, and memo for entreprise network profile , all was ok !

    it last only YouTube and Push alert

    problem: PushFix is no more in iphoneil repo, i think it was crashing to much iphones and they removed it

    you can find pushfix in BEYOURIPHONE repo but BEWARE !
    to me, its the app that crashed my iphone last time, and i got 6 hours to get everything back to normal, finished a 5AM

    so i will NOT try it again .. i forget Youtube and Push alert
    i dont need it , GPS and wifi is ok, its enough to me

    waiting GeoHot release a bugfixed RC4 if hes not back full time in his PS3 /// lol

    dont forget before trying anything make a full backup / sync on itune,, DO not rely only on Iphone Backup Utility or other backup software like this
    , It cant restore sometime, and you gonna be f… and loose all you data ( I was not able to restore any backup with this app after the crash )

    Enjoy Iphone !!
    Im not sure i gonna keep a so fragile and expensive stuff, in 10 years of Nokia i got no problem
    1 month on iphone already on changed one under waranty , was dead after a bateery exhaust and some crash with nothing left in the new one …. this is not a reliable device …

  14. Help is needed, been searching all forums but nothing..

    Windows XP
    Firmware 3.1.2 – Baseband 05.11.07
    iTunes 9.0.2

    After JB the iPhone, i have full Wifi signal, i can open safari and check emails and all.. but when i press Blackra1n icon in springboard it says “Check internet Connection”

    i am unable to download cydia, neither sn0w.

    any help, please…

  15. I did the JB but now I can only use skype over 3g For voice chat but when I’m trying to chat using nimbuzz or Pennytel the phone show me a MSG that I need to be on wifi to do the call. So why only skype and not others as well!!!!!!

  16. after following the steps above my 1st gen iphone with 3.1.2 cant locate “push fix & youtube” when searching in cydia. anyone else have this trouble? wifi works but youtube doesnt.

  17. dazzer71 said:
    hey there i have a brand new iphone 3g out of the box running 3.1.2 05.11.07 baseband
    it is running a vodafone au sim card at the moment
    my question is do i need to unlock or can i just jailbreak it ?
    it is factory unlocked

    i tried on another iphone 3g same firmware etc and it worked i had reception carrier logo showed youtube worked internet worked everything worked except the gps wouldnt flash the blue circle so it had no satellite fix
    i tried pushfix and pushfixandyoutube but nothing

    any ideas ?

  18. A quick question 🙂 I just “JB” my iPhone 3G S on Windows 7 and everything workout well… but I was wondering, how do I undo everything and just leave it factory default ? do I just restore it or I can update it and everything will back itself to normal ? heh im new at this XDDDD

  19. I have a 2G phone which I just upgraded to 3.1.2 (jailbroken & unlocked). I never had an issue with WiFi, but my YouTube cannot connect. I tried push fix and that did not help. I cannot find the new Push Fix & YouTube in Cydia either. Any ideas anyone?

  20. Hello,

    I have updated recently my cydia packages as said above…. However when I go to sources and try to add the above URL it tells me this MSG “did not find Repository” 🙁

    any help would be appreciated


  21. I tried adding it but it takes longer than expected time and finally stuck cydia showing “Updating Sources” …this screen never disappear until I reboot my iphone 3gs. .. any idea ???

  22. Thanks for the info!
    I used the Spirit jailbreak program and Firmware version 3.1.3 (7E18.
    Resetting my Network Settings resolved my problem.

  23. hey wassup man, i have 3.1.2 on my 3g. my phone will not pick up wifi at all but youtube, and gps works fine. ive tried to to add the source,”” but it just stays on the “downloading packages” screen until i restart the phone. like some of the other people, i dont even get to try the push fix app.

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