Update: The giveaway is closed and winners have been sent an intimation via email. Please reply back to the mail to confirm your mail address within 23rd Nov 2009. If you don’t a new winner will be selected. Others can keep requesting for an invite and those who have just won an invite will invite new ones very soon.

This is a season of giveaways over here at TechPP! This one is rather minuscule compared to the upcoming Mega Christmas Giveaway.


Anyway, even after a month and a half, I see that many people are still desperate to get a Google wave invite, be it on Twitter or facebook or on our articles. Luckily, we managed to get 8 invites to test Google Wave, and as always, decided to share with the TechPP community.

How to get a Google Wave Invite?

The rules are very simple.

1. Just Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment below with the link to your tweet. Make sure your eMail address is a valid one. You can copy paste the tweet below.

TechPP Google Wave Invites giveaway – http://bit.ly/2D8sZx #googlewave #techpp (via @rajupp)

2. You should spare 4 out of the 8 invites you will be getting (after a few days) with the other fellow TechPP readers. As I mentioned before, I see TechPP as a community of tech enthusiasts and helping out fellow readers by sparing half of the total number of invites should not be too much to expect.

Of-course, Point 2 is not mandatory, but it is a sincere request. The contest will end on 20th November 2009 [11:59 pm IST]. Winners will be picked randomly and contacted by email. Happy Waving!

P.S: In case you do not have twitter account, you can still leave a comment saying why you want the wave invite.

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40 thoughts on “TechPP Google Wave Invites Giveaway!

  1. pls give me an invite i dont have twitter accounts but still iam aregular reader of your posts through email,i am very anaxious about it

  2. I work at the Emergency Operations Center in VA and we are trying to see if we an incorporate Wave technology into our current technology. Thank you for your consideration….

  3. Having watched most of the hour-long demo, I am beyond fascinated by this technology. I share Google’s belief that if done properly, this will be the future of email. It’s revolutionary, and I am in awe by Google’s effort on this. I would love to try it out, as a young technology enthusiast (nineteen years old, and been using a computer since I was roughly two), and someone who feels the internet has been lacking such innovation for quite a while now. I have friends who share the same mentality as me, and would be more than happy to share any extra invites with my friends – none of whom would be anything short of blown away by Wave. Thanks for reading my essay 🙂

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