As promised a week back, we will be kick starting a month long of freebies starting tomorrow [26th Nov]! There has been a lot of hard work put into this and I am sure you guys gonna love each and every software we will be giving away as part of this campaign.

The variety of software on offer is huge, ranging from security to desktop management, for Windows users to Mac and Linux guys, for geeky techies to a non-geeks, we have something for each one of you.

The lucky few will win the licenses for the software they love and I guarantee that each one of you will win something or the other during this extravaganza. That’s my promise!

As mentioned in the announcement post, each day a new software will be reviewed and given away. So, that would mean the giveaway lasts for just 24 hours and then a new one will start. Of-course, you are eligible to participate in all the giveaways and there are no restrictions on number of software you can win!

Each day the giveaway starts at 12 am IST, which is GMT+5.5 and closes at 11.59 pm IST on the same day. Detailed rules will be posted along with the giveaway each day. Most of the Giveaways will be “comment to win”, we make it really easy for you! The best way to keep track of all the giveaways is to SUBSCRIBE to the RSS feed via Feed reader or by email. This ensures that you won’t miss the giveaway. Make sure you activate the subscription if you are subscribing via email.

Tomorrow’s Giveaway

I won’t be telling you the name of the software we will be giving away tomorrow. But here is a hint : It is one of the most popular and widely used screen capturing software currently available. I guess this is a big enough clue for you to guess! Comment below with your guess and if you are right, your chances of winning a license will increase automatically!

Disclosure: I owe the concept to those wonderful guys over there at ghacks. Last year when I saw their Christmas giveaway I was completely bowled over by the concept and somehow down the line I had forgotten where I had seen it first. A big cheer for Martin and his guys!

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