We kick-start the first ever Christmas giveaway on TechPP with possibly the Best Screen Capturing software available currently – TechSmith‘s SnagIt 9.1, and 20 lucky readers of TechPP will be winning a free license to this highly useful software tool. All you have to do is leave a comment in the form below. Please spread the word so that your friends, family and colleagues can enter the giveaway as well. Any other way of promoting the giveaway like tweeting it, sharing on Facebook, digging or stumbling will be highly appreciated.


SnagIt 9.1 – A complete screen capturing solution

With SnagIt, you can capture ANYthing you see on your computer screen. You can set it to capture designated regions, windows, a full screen, scrolling windows, and brief videos. As they proudly say – “If you can see it, you can snag it


You might be wondering why you should be spending on something which has a free alternative available. But it is not just the capturing part it handles, you can even Edit and combine those captures, Share them online like on Flickr, Organize and find them again later.

SnagIt 9.1 – What makes it special?

The image editor included in SnagIt 9.1 is more powerful than ever before and offers a plethora of tools / images effects to make your screenshot images look more professional. Ease of use is another thing which impressed me a lot. Even though the quality of screenshots taken is very professional, the tool as such can be used easily by any amateur.

  • Office 2007 Ribbon Interface – SnagIt’s interface resembles the MS Office 2007 programs like MS Word and PowerPoint. If you are familiar with MS office related programs, using SnagIt will be very easy, else it will take some time to get fluent with SnagIt.


  • Profiles – There are 10 Profiles available: Region, Window, Full screen, Scrolling window (Web page), Menu with time delay, Text from window, Record screen video, Images from Web page, Web page (keep links), and Object.


  • Screenshot Manager with Instant Search – With SnagIt 9.1, you will never have to worry about saving or losing your screen capture images because everything gets saved on your hard drive automatically the moment you hit the print screen key. It even remembers the name of the application where that screenshot was taken


  • Live Preview – The new Live Preview feature lets you see what Snagit 9.1’s editing options will look like before you apply them. All you have to do is mouse over the option in the toolbar, and you’ll automatically see how the feature will make your image look – no clicking required.

This is by no way a complete review of this amazing screen capturing utility, but rather a small brief up on its features. SnagIt 9.1 is available for download on Windows 2000, XP, Vista systems though the Mac version is still in the works. A single user license of SnagIt 9.1 will cost you $49.95, a free trial version is also available.

SnagIt 9.1 – Free Licenses Giveaway

The guys over at TechSmith have been kind enough to giveaway 20 Free licenses to the lucky readers of TechPP. The rules are simple. “Comment to Win“. Leave a comment below making sure you enter a VALID eMail address in the comment form. All the winners will be contacted via eMail directly. Contest closes at 11:59 pm IST [6:29 pm GMT] on 26th Nov 2009. We might be needed to share the details like email IDs of the winners with the contest sponsors, but we will never share the personal details of other contestants.

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Tomorrow, yet another highly useful security software will be up for grabs. Make sure you don’t miss that as well!

Update: SnagIt giveaway is closed. Winners to be announced shortly. Check out the latest giveaway by following this tag – TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway

Winners: Ab, Fair, Markos, Gururaja V, Willem, Ajay Kamaraju, Pratik, Larry K, amon, Blogsdna, Dr Amit Johari, Steve Yu, Chuck, Krishna Kumar, Slapzy/Alan, John, Anuranjan, shgiyo, Hayden, smoghog


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264 thoughts on “TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway : SnagIt 9.1

  1. Looking forward to be lucky this Christmas. Personally I have tried the trial version of SnagIT, and it indeed is a great screen capture tool. Would love to get a free license.


  2. I would love to have this. Have used SnagIT trial version and was highly impressed with all its features and also the ease at which the software works.

  3. Hi!

    I have tried a little bit more than 50 different screen capture softwares.

    Don’t think I’m crazy : I am just looking for the best…

    After all these tests, I have found SnagIt (I own the 7.1.1 version) to be the best software of this kind.

    It is at the same time the most complete and one the most simple to use screen capture software.

    This software is really a State of the Art accomplishment and if you think I’m saying that because I want a free licence, you’re right, but I also really think what I say…

    Thank you TechSmith !

    • Do you have a portfolio or gallery? I’m an aspiring photographer myself, and I’m pretty interested in various artists’ work.

      Good luck on the drawing!

  4. I am a screenshotting fool, I would love the auto save feature, I forget to save a paste and have to start from scratch sometimes.

  5. This is great – using SnagIt 9.1 in my company for creating training documents, films etc.

    At home I am using the giveaway 7.5 from some time back – its good, but the 9.1 really rocks.

    Hope I am a winner


  6. SnagIt is awesome! I use it every day at the office to take screen shots of things I need to share with my team and am able to markup the document with handy drawing objects such as arrows and comments. To me it is a combination between print screen/snipping tool and visio, only with greater flexibility.

  7. Note, I don’t speak from experience, as I don’t have this software.
    However based on research and feedback from users that do use the software, it looks like an excellent product. It’s easily customizable, yields great results, and is easy, yet professional to use.

    This would be a great product for those that create video tutorials, or use various screenshot programs that don’t exactly work “just right”. Many thanks to Techsmith for being gracious enough to sponsor techpp, and thanks to rajupp for his continuous stream of helpful information, and for putting on this Mega Christmas Giveaway.

    Awesome, and congrats to those who win gifts this season.
    ~ Slapzy

  8. I use SnagIt at work all the time and would really like to have a copy for home as well. The scrolling feature, and being able to capture text as editable text from a window – such as a error report – is very powerful.

  9. I love Snagit and has been using the older versions. I would love to have this latest version :). Hope that tomorrow is going to be my lucky thanksgiving day with a surprise winner.

  10. Thanks for starting such great competition on .By seeing the replies to this article ,i find that there are still many people who believe in original products.i wish everyone all the best for the products views and hope the lucky persons wins…..

  11. I have a really old version of SnagIt (version 7.2.5), which is already good. I’m wishing for the chance to win a license for the new version 9.1 which is loaded with new features and added capabilities. Thank you very much …

  12. Doing a screen shot became so cool to do using this software. It makes it easier and simple to do. A free license of this software would be great to have.

  13. This would come in so handy for my work and home, so i hope i am lucky enough to get a license. I have tried the trial version and it is great. Thanks.

  14. snagit-9.1 is absolutely a nice tool as you wanna catch sreensroll pictures.

    the screen recording fuction is quite satisfied with me.

  15. That’s a naughty price for naughty ppl. I was thinking to buy this product on December. May be I may get a chance to get one here.

  16. I Just can’t believe what all is happening on Net now a days.
    I will be writting a comment and may get my dream Software for free. Wow !
    i have been using this software till Snipping tool came in Vista but still i feel that SNAG IT is far far better than Snipping tool.
    Wish me a good luck.

  17. I have been using snagit 7 that was available on this site with free licence, it is magic. So versatile, does so much more than just capture. Would love new version. Thanks.

  18. I have tried the trial version when i was doing documentation in my previous job.. Now hopefully i will be lucky enough to get the Licensed versioin of this great screen capture tool.

  19. never seen that many replies on any giveaway…mindboggling & it doesn’t leave me any room to say anything about a very reputable software!!!it’s all been said! hope I win something…

  20. It would be terrific to get a free copy of Snagit 9.1 . I have just moved to Win 7 and the trial version worked beyond my expectations. I really liked the scroll text window and the fact that you can send it to Excell and Word 2007. Best program of it’s kind – bar none !

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all !

  21. I’d very much like to win a license for this piece of software.

    Snagit is very useful for screen capturing. Version 9.1 seems to be of significant improvement.

  22. I would love to have this. Have used SnagIT trial version and was highly impressed with all its features and also the ease at which the software works

  23. Hi,
    I’m badly in need of a screen capturing software coz i’m involved in computer training and tasked to produce courses from time to time.

    Will be grateful if i would be a lucky winner of a 1 in a million license like this…

    Anticipating a positive response…..

  24. Greetings,

    Got here after reading a relevant post some days ago & since visit every day – nice job.

    Using SnagIt 7, but an upgrade couldn’t hurt.

    Good luck everyone & thanks in advance.

  25. I used Snag-It many many years ago when it first came out and I was hooked! I am a graphic artist and web designer and it came in very handy.

    Actually, I still have that very first Snag-It I bought (on CD) but it no longer works with the newer Windows versions.

  26. This would be pretty cool to have. currently I have no screenshot software. I have used SnagIT before, it worked like a charm.

  27. I would definitely like the ability to screen capture anything on my screen and hope I win a license. Great promotion idea. thanks for the opportunity.

  28. I own a SnagIt license which is going to expire coming January 2010. I think it is a cool program and i used it for lots of stuffs, like capture screenshots for my projects, powerpoints etc. With luck, I hope i can get a free license instead of buying it this time.

  29. Ooo, this sounds like an awesome bit of software. Why haven’t I heard of it before? Could it be that I live under a rock? Sure.

  30. Great gift!! I’ll tell everyone I know…OK,so I don’t know that many people,but I’ll tell them anyway.Happy holidays to all!!

  31. As they say the best things in life are free! I already have an older version (co-incidentally, even that one was a giveaway prize!), but would sure like a new one!

    Man it takes long enough to scroll this down, hope its worth the effort! πŸ˜›

  32. I use Snagit 7 and it has been great; efficient and very easy to use for publishing documents. An opportunity to upgrade is most welcome. Happy Thanksgiving USA people.

  33. LOL! Christmas is coming up with big offers from nice friends like these.
    Please I would be very grateful if I can get one license key. I have been looking for it for a long time but there is no way to get it easily here in Africa.

    best regards.

  34. Love the Office 2007 mimickry, the learning curve should be easy for most users (such as myself). Look forward to hopefully getting a crack at this product!

  35. I have tried the trial version of SnagIT, and it indeed is a great screen capture tool. Would love to get a free license.


  36. I find it really very good… i’ve tried the free version and it’s really good, how much more if i will be able to get the full version, i’ve read reviews on this one, and i find the best of them all, i hope i’ll be lucky ,to get one key, thanks a lot…..

  37. SnagIt – I love your features. Wish I could get a free license for this little baby. I have loved it so much. Please provide a license to own this copy. Many thanks in advance.

  38. Raju,,you are the man..hey a proud winner of the free goodies here so dont stop commenting till you get yours…feels good to be a winner..thumps up Raju..your doing good..

  39. What a nice idea to do this in these economically challenged times. ANY time a company does a give-away, especially one as well admired as yours, word SHOULD be spread, and it will.
    Happy Holidays to all.

  40. Ive only had a limited use with Snag-it at a workshop. Due to $$$ restrictions this year Ive had to stick with the old PrintScreen option when I need to grab something off the internet. Its very time consuming to do that and then paste in Paintbrush to fix it the way I need it. I would love to have a FREE copy.

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