This is the sixth day of TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway and we continue to get you some of the most popular software available. Our effort is to bring in varied products on-board and with that in mind we present to you Internet Download Manager (IDM) v5.18 as our Giveaway for the day.

IDM is arguably the most popular amongst all the download managers available currently and the developers of IDM are generously providing 30 Free licenses to the latest version of IDM – v5.18 each of which is worth $30 and valid for 1 year. That makes it $900 worth of free licenses for today. Please spread the word about this giveaway and the whole campaign we are having on TechPP, so that more and more people get benefited out of it and also helping us to get more such beautiful software for you in the future as well.

Internet Download Manager -Accelerate and Manage your downloads

Internet Download Manager is a full-featured utility that handles downloading tasks with ease. It conveniently integrates into your browser, even if you use Firefox, IE or Opera. It can increase the download speeds considerably, resume and schedule downloads. The error recovery and resume capability of IDB is comprehensive and is possibly the best amongst all. Also, it has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. The segmentation of downloads happen dynamically during the download process rather than before the start of the download.


Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, directories with authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing, and a large number of directory listing formats. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it’s done.

Its windowed interface is clean and easy to understand. It also includes automatic virus checking and the ability to download all files linked to a page. I find IDM most useful for downloading streaming videos. Using IDM you will be able to save all those great videos right onto your hard drive with such ease you’ll be amazed. Once installed anytime you watch a video online, a “download this video” button will appear.


With just a click you’ll be downloading your videos from many of the top video sharing sites, like YouTube and MySpace TV. The download will proceed in the background even if you pause or stop watching. And you can download more than one video at the same time.
It has been rated 5 stars from the editors of CNET and many other sites. You can try IDM for free for 30 days.

IDM 5.18 – Free License Keys Giveaway

There are 30 Free licenses of IDM 5.18 up for grabs, each license is worth $30 and is valid for 1 year. All upgrades during this 1 year will be available for free of cost. The rules to participate in the giveaway has been changed a bit to make it more interactive and interesting

1. 5 licenses will be reserved for bloggers who blog about the giveaway with a valid link back to the article.
2. 25 licenses will be made available for other visitors who are needed to leave a comment below saying what they like in Internet Download Manager or why they like to win a free license of IDM?

Contest closes at 11:59 pm IST [6:29 pm GMT] on 1st Dec 2009. Make sure you enter a VALID email address along with your FULL NAME. Winners will be contacted via email directly and the winners name will be updated in the same post in a day or 2.

Good News: Ghacks Christmas giveaway starts today

Our partner site, Ghacks have kickstarted their Christmas giveaway today with a bang. They are providing 10 Pro licenses of my all time favorite, Winzip 14. Check them out.

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Winners: Dnyanesh Mankar, Stammer,, soon, handsome2010, Vinod Mishra, Maric Igor, Tal Shlidor, Angela Matthews, Carlos C. Bayraktar, Vhick, Mak, Kerry Johnson, India365, Gautam, Amjad Ghaniwala, David Macdonald, Srdjan Rajic, Vaibhav, monil, Mezanul, f1098, Suhas, Prakash Pathak, Kimly, IVAN, Aman, jmaine, Abdullah, Jay.


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


  • ibheck

    its great sofware for download, amazing

    • Vick

      this is really the best software for downloads I’ve seen and had the pleasure of testing in trial version. The IDM made the right choice to offer this software license, because as you can see, it caught the attention of Internet users all over the world.

  • ombong

    can you give me ones

    • Raju

      Please read the rules properly. You have to answer the question asked for a valid entry

  • Dnyanesh Mankar

    It makes downloading videos and audio off video sharing sites as easy as saying ‘Download it’!

    One of the softwares which make to my ‘Essentials’ list.

  • Maric Igor

    Great software. Very lite on resources. Works very good on sites that supposedly does not allow using accelerators (like for free users). Very small footprint on hard disk. It always gets maximum speeds available when downloading. Good and simple interface. It has a lot of customization options and supports all popular browsers. I would like to win license because of things I mentioned here and because I download a lot.

  • Buendia

    I like the ability to download streaming videos from youtube and the way it integrates into flash player. Just a click of the button.

  • Randolph Haber

    I would like it because it is a very good piece of software. It works 100% and I haven’t ever had one issue with it. I download alot of game demo’s to try out and this ALWAYS comes in handy. I can multitask with ease with this piece of software. I have the demo installed on my computer right now but would like a full version is possible. To be quite honest I actually do use this everyday….to download game demo’s, video trailers, etc. It just makes my life, that much simpler. Thanks for providing me with a great piece of software. :)

  • Sharad Bham

    Well, it just is awesome.

    I’ve used the trial almost always on new installs of Windows because of :
    -> It’s very light on resources
    -> Amazing speed increase
    -> Easy to use UI
    -> Easy scheduling ^_^
    -> Integrates with all my browsers (:

    I would like to win a license because no other download manager cuts it. IDM > All! :)

  • Deepak Jain

    IDM makes it very easy to manage all the downloads with its built in features for scheduling and queuing downloads.

    Infact, its one of the tool from my must have collection 😉

  • Brian

    Its the best download manager i have across,easy to use and user friendly interface

  • Kerry Johnson


    IDM would be incredibly useful for me as I have a satellite ISP (Hughesnet) that has daily download limit except for 1AM – 5AM. With IDM, I hope to be able to schedule downloads to start at 1AM so I won’t have to waste my time and can spend it catching up on sleep instead of downloading everything manually!

    I’d be very grateful to be able to manage my downloads efficiently and in a time-saving manner.

    Thanks for reading,
    -Kerry Johnson

  • Willem

    Please count me in, thank you very much!

  • Malvinder Virdi

    One of the best features of the IDM is integration with all the web browsers might it be firefox or safari along with the option to download the video with click of the button from any video hosting site, while they are played online.

    so, I have done my job, please give it to me….(Winner of Day I contest)

  • satyajit

    It’s truly a great software almost every download including video can be done by this.In fact I’m using it by cracking it because I’ve no other way to avail that’s why I am really want a key

  • sattam

    That’s gr8 Raju
    Basically IDM is the Best Downloader at present
    No addon is required…..and lot more
    Hope I’m one of the lucky 25

  • rudyg

    IDM is by far the best download manager. It integrates with mostly all browsers and is lightning fast. It would appreciate a license because my 30 day trial expired and I miss being able to download fast.

  • Master

    IDMv5.18 with 25 license…..It’s awesome!!!!!!!!

    Well I do a lot of download daily in my home and also in my Institute

    Only IDM has the capability to do it very fast and almost each and every file can be

    downloaded with and amazingly it has integreble feature with the browser

  • Delphi

    Is one of the besto download software

  • hipockets

    I would like to win a copy of IDM 5.18 so that I can easily download software to process my daughter’s wedding videos. Thank you! hipockets

  • bowlby4

    My current downloader has some problems and this looks like it might be better.

  • billu

    Well Raju today you’ve 25 license that’s really sounds well

    I like IDM very much because videos can be downloaded easily with it and its response time is very fast

    (Well I’m waiting for your respond on 25th December…..)

  • Carlos C. Bayraktar

    I have DIAL-UP ISP, and if any of you have that, it is the SLOW connection, PLUS my ISP will cut me off for unknown reasons, which breaks up and destroys my downloads. Just TRY to download a file of say, 100Mb, and it will take me about 10 hours, but if my ISP disconnects me, all is lost. This download manager with RESUME ability would be GREAT for me, plus acceleration of segments would be even better. With ability to actually download the YouTube video and save it, what else would be better for dial-up ISP? I hope I win one!!!

  • DJ

    great software.. hope i win this time :)

  • huntercity

    thank’s you

    please i would like 1 license

  • coco

    Cool !!!!
    Count me in please !!!! 😀

  • Leslie Winder

    Internet Download Manager is surely a Giveaway straight from Paradise and the Ultimate Download Manager.What could be more delightful than a computer equipped with this fantastic, power-packed utility?A perfect tool,sure to make potential users drool in anticipation of enjoying the benefits of such a great product.

  • clydeman

    I hope I’m lucky.

  • Jonny

    It’s definitely the best download manager out there. I have chance to try many of them during the years and have tested them in real life, but only IDM has shown that deserves to be called the greatest and it’s really “Must Have” for every serious person who whats to download a lot of things.

  • ali pacha

    i hope win 1 license idm


  • SattyTheOne

    No more wait post the lucky winners as soon as possible

    And why IDM?

    Because there is no replace for it—it’s the unique

  • Bobe

    I need a key Raju because I’m not willing to use the cracked verson need a genuine license.It’s truly amazing

  • ha14

    IDM is a powerful download manager, and what a nice surprise to see this contest.

  • 3rdTas

    I am from India and I’ve limited download plan for my internet that’s why watching video online is not possible for me.I’ve to download it by obviously IDMv5.17 (but I first notice the size of the video f it’s within my grab then I go for the download)

  • Samir

    Count me Raju

    And why IDM??Guys you all know what & Why it for

  • Satyam Sit

    Thanx for the offer!! hope i get one.

  • bijoya sarkar

    hi … IDM clearly shows the download speed difference, it’s was fast and with little fuss. Lightweight and best .. thats all. IDM rocks!

  • paulcrousel

    IDM solves download problems where other managers fails to do that.

  • Sayan

    It’s really a cool post

    Hope I may win a key

    • Raju

      You have been suspended from this giveaway for trying to cheat with multiple eMail IDs and different names. If you repeat it again, will be banned from all giveaways

  • fredericmartin

    Lucky are the winners of IDM. Here is my entrance to the contest.

  • Maurizio

    Using DAP, I am quite confident IDM is better after reading reviews & comments.
    Let’s cross fingers.
    Maurizio from Italy

  • mike

    I need it coz i live in a spanish speaking country and I got a lot of download from an english site.Thanks a lot and kudos!!!

  • Sandeep Gulati

    I haven’t tried IDM earlier but have heard good about it always so would like to get the license and try it for a full year and i m sure i gona like it.

  • John

    I didn’t know this software which seems very interesting !

    Hope I will win one of the free licenses…

    Good luck to everybody !

    Thank you very much TechPP !!! :-)

  • Ardian Yulianto

    I’ve tried idm demo. It faster than other download manager. It integrate well with my favorite opera browser.

  • coolczone

    Well, the ability to reload links and the download speed is what I always loved about this great program.

  • Vinod

    The video saving feature is great.

  • Vick

    Hide ip is in my opinion, the best way to safely navigate, dodging people who want to invade our systems in search of acquiring sensitive information like passwords, personal identities and all sorts of paper private use. Are we sure of our network security.

  • Hafiz

    Morning TechPP…

    For my opinion IDM the most complete download manager a person must have.
    This software is the best download manager to download link from rapidshare or other file hosting server.Just select all the link and right click and pick “download with idm” and shedule task will pop doing this we will know whether that link is alive or dead.but we must first configure the rapidshare account to “direct download” and must login to the rapidshare account for the first time.

    hope i can get this great software

  • syafiq

    My friends told me this is a good download manager. So, let me in.

  • Harold Short

    I’ve used the trial version and it is rock Solid
    It’s very light on resources
    Amazing speed increase
    Easy to use UI
    Easy scheduling
    Integrates with all my browsers
    Would suggest it to anyone and have done so to many people.

  • Dave

    Thanks. I’m waiting to receive previous giveawys.

  • notforme

    Let it snow, let it snow.

  • Tman

    I would like a key too, since I do not have a good download manager I wud try this one out.

  • ridhwan

    i hope get license

  • Hayden

    Great bit of software for getting everything off tthe net that you need or want.

  • hideipuser

    Thanks Raju.

    I have a dialup connection for my system. First of all it will help me downloading a file without any hangup or interruption. Also it can dial up my modem at the set time.

    This feature makes me to have this product on my system.
    Thanks once again.

  • Fusia Ramia

    IDM 5.18 FREE!!!

    I used the trial for some time to download file from server requiring login. Found it extremely useful and feature rich.
    It would be just awesome to have its license free as I don’t want to trust any cracked or patched version with my login details.
    Thanks in advance…

  • Asifhussain

    It’s really one of the best downloading sofware available in the Market

  • Aang

    I love a genuine downloader. I’m in.

  • peter

    This is a good one. hoping the best.

  • dumand

    please send me license for idm

  • Mitch Brunell

    i like software being easy & manageable, IDM is just that
    wherefore i wouldn’t mind winning this prize, this is great stuff!

  • Mezanul

    IDM is the best downloader I have ever tested. In comparison to other free and paid alternatives, I have found that with IDM one can easily manage their downloads, schedule them and can even try out new ways to download! IDM can also be used to grab entire websites. I have even tested IDM with file host sites like Rapid share and others. Also grabbing videos and audio from websites is a piece of cake when used with IDM. It worked perfectly!!

    I have became a fan of IDM and will love to have a free license!
    Thanks for including IDM in your giveaway list :)

  • vivenne

    thank you for the gift
    i am interesting to have a license for idm5.18

  • Hainguyen

    I hope that I will be lucky

  • idigiti

    I need it. I hope this time I am lucky. Thanks in advance

  • SmogHog

    IDM 5.18 would be very nice to have.

  • Peter Adams

    Using IDM, I can save many times when download from Internet.
    Thanks for great offer.

  • ck

    good software for downloading..
    hope to try it..

  • Nova

    Internet Download Manager is a full-featured utility that handles downloading tasks with ease, integrates into the browser. With IDM, I can download everything with very fast speed.

  • Ortimus

    IDM is a tool to increase download speeds, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability.
    Great tool!

  • dominate

    I want this primarily to download the videos. Other tools don’t support downloading videos from youtube

  • MinhTan

    IDM is the best download manager. It very fast, light and use easy. I like IDM VERY MUCH.

  • my_immortalize

    Its the best download manager…Can i give me…

  • sharath

    best software for downloading
    amazing speed
    very light on system
    resume and shedule the downloads
    and very best future is it can download music and videos directly from the websites
    thats i want to win one lisence
    i am using the trial version

  • Jay

    What i like about IDM is the way it arrange all its downloads, its easy to find where your files have been downloaded to. And if you have an extra hdd where you want to put all your downloaded files you can easily redirect it to that directory. My personal favorite is the log on sites, you can actually set the login uname pass on the IDM itself, I use rapidshare and the best partner for it is IDM. if you are a premium user on rapidshare and you have IDM on… ohh men, it will maximize your internet connection speed. IDM will revolutionize your internet downloading days… thanks IDM

  • Bordean Cristian

    Hope I win a license. IDM it’s the best download manager because it has the best download speeds and the integration with every browser it’s excelent. I use Opera an I don’t need to configure anything for this to work with IDM. The best.

  • saradina

    please send me too idm 5.18 license thank’s

  • naveen

    im a big fan of IDM…hope it keeps up its name :)

  • djgroove

    Best downloader. I hope on license.

  • Victor Gnanaraj

    one of the bet softwares i ever used, used the trial but it expired, would be great to get it

  • jelson

    I like the scheduling and error recovery features in IDM. Please include me in the drawing.

  • Maria

    I used idm trial 30 day and it very great. I hope have a license. Thanks very much

  • stammer

    Would be nice to win this. I have used several download managers is the past but all where free versions. Too be able to use all the features in a download manager would be good. IDM in one of the best. Count me in.

  • leanne

    I have tried internet download manager and I really am amazed at the speed with which it does it’s job. It is super easy to set up and configure even for the novice. The interface is quite visual and really easy on the eye. I would like to win it because it will speed up my downloads on a slow connection. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  • hotshot05

    Twitted about the giveaway here:

    IDM is the best download manager as I get the best speeds with it and it integrates automatically with all browsers.
    Also it downloads YouTube videos automatically and is a great help to someone like me who has limited transfer limit on Broadband plan.

    Will you please delete my name before publishing my post?
    If you can do that, I will happily post my real name.

  • wonderboy

    IDM is the best download manager I have used so far. The only downside is that it’s not free and that is the reason why I would like to win a free license key for it.

  • Prasanth Chandra

    IDM is my favorite download manager.

    The best thing I like about this wonderful software is the way it downloads parts and also the video grabbing feature which can download videos from any website.

    Its support for various file formats and different browsers is also a big asset. I would love to win this as this is very useful and is the best in the business.

  • sehaswaran

    Hai… i’m using IDM and very pleased with the way IDM automatically detects on resuming. As my 30 free days is going to expire in 3 days , one year license should be great gift for me on this christmas.
    Thank you for giving an opporunity to grab the best software freely…

  • David Macdonald

    Well , I haven’t seen this one for a very long time (4 years exact). Last time I was using the 30-day trial before settling for freeware FDM & Orbit. As a download accelerator, IDM really performed well.


    This is the best program for downloading from the Internet

  • tamir

    count me in too

  • Tom

    What I like is: Having an alternate solution to download additionally.

  • jaky

    i like this program :)

  • Krishnakumar

    i will like to have one. It is the best download application.

  • Ben

    This is the best review I every seen. I hope your site will be ranked number 1. Thank Yo For The Giveaway, I never entered anything before.

  • Sham

    What I like about this software is it makes download work easier.Instead of copying pasting video url it provides option to download directly also i guess it accelerates download speed to a extent..

  • clay

    idm would be great for downloading (legal) stuff lol

  • jmaine

    Raju,,you are the man..hey a proud winner of the free goodies here so dont stop commenting till you get yours…feels good to be a winner..thumps up Raju..your doing good..

  • soon

    Good luck for every one who needs and hopes to win IDM license. As I am rarely download huge file,hence I would not compete for this license. However, I would like to share about my experience with IDM 5. yes, it accelerates download speed and I think it is a very close competitor to Getright but with more function. However, there are so many free download manager out there, which might not be so powerful and clean. Unlike a lot of download manager, IDM does not create pop-up or advertisement. It is user-friendly with availability of pausing and resume downloads whenever the function is supported by server and can grab video like some downloaders do.

  • Kire

    This is a very good program very useful

  • Akshay

    IDM is the best download manager in the world!! The queuing up features in IDM are unmatched.

  • Amjad Ghaniwala

    IDM is absolutely the best download manager and online video grabber is very nice tool. I have tried other download managers but found difficult to use. IDM is very easy to use. I LOVE IDM.

  • freezer

    Bestest Download manager

  • Sishad

    IDM is a very good software…!!
    Hail IDM…!!



  • ravi

    This is a very good program very useful

  • Pratik

    Please give me one license..
    oh! I forgot to mention what I like about it..
    So the best feature is (that I like) is its ability to Resume broken downloads from pages that do not Support pause/resume. It asks us to download the file again and it starts from where we had stopped.
    How cool!!

    So I think I have fulfilled my condition now include me in this giveaway..

  • Hoang

    Hi… i’m using IDM and very pleased with the way IDM automatically detects on resuming. As my 30 free days is going to expire in 3 days , one year license should be great gift for me on this christmas

  • rollom

    Its the best download manager,i love it ,can you give me a license?

  • ckit

    I need a new download manager and IDM looks pretty good!

    Also, I’m a licensed user of GetRight and no longer receive any support or updates from GetRight’s author.

  • Alan

    I really like Internet Download Manager because of its fast downloads and easy youtube or any video download from the internet.. Pls… I really want this software… :)

  • Rizvann

    thank u very muh its really good accelerator

  • Srdjan Rajic

    I like IDM because I can do a lot of things. I like “download this video” button and most useful downloading streaming videos! it’s easy to use it have clean interface. Just like it.

  • Geoff

    The best download manager you can get & can max out my internet connection & very easy to use, the scheduler is great for me as we have on peak & off peak quota system.

  • Kishore

    Nice to have the best Download Manager….

  • pankaj

    idm is the best downloder i have used so far.As a downloder i personally recommend,s easy to use interface and online video download feature as well as optimize dowload speeds makes it a must have software or every downloader.
    i hope i will win it

  • Betaxtreme

    IDM ist fast, stable and has a clean interface.

    No big system hook.

  • Lucifer@Blog Contests

    Count Me in 😉

  • sunkumarspace

    It is a very good and efficient software,I am not a big downloader of programmes and best of luck it is been a tremondous software and thanks tech PP for these allthese wonderful softwares so far , like snag it, rising,super antispyware and now IDM

  • Lucifer@Blog Contests

    ANswer to ur question is i want to win it bcoz i love to download stuff 😉

  • mickay

    IDM is my current download accelerator, unfortunately its free version. I have been using it for more than a year, and my conclusion is, it’s the best software that make me downloads faster I have ever used. I used to give a try for FlashGet, but since it was overloaded with adware I simply quit using it.

  • thelemontree10

    The thing that makes me like IDM is the way it contains all files downloaded. And, of course, its download speed also makes an impression on me.

  • Aman

    Internet Download Manager product is one of the well known download managers. Although, I unable to try it before because of short term trail version which may almost use able with net. But this time it caught the attention of me like other Internet users all over the world.

    It has ability to boost downloading speed in a time-saving manner. Whatsoever, its technique and tools.
    I am interesting to have a license for idm5.18
    Thanks in advance…

  • relly

    i find the free version very good, how much more, the license version, since i use to download alot in internet ,it will be very useful to get this one…thanks alot…

  • Billy

    I like IDM because it has feature to download streaming musics and videos from internet with just one click, and also it boost my download speed.

  • bruneifm

    can i win this? why? because im the kind that hardly win anything. if i win this, this will be the first gift i win this year.

  • MrJohnGalt

    I, personally, have never used any version of IDM; however, I would not mind obtaining a license for such, as I would not mind updating Opera’s (my primary browser) oftentime’s less than satisfactory built-in download manager.

  • MrJohnGalt

    P.S. Hello Kerry Johnson!

  • Ibrahim

    good luck 4 the winner

  • Lambrador

    I want a license for this program, because simply it is the best download manager. It manages to download files with the max speed. Thank you.

  • Dar

    Although I have tried a lot of download managers like FDM, Flashget etc. IDM is the best as it offers me the highest possible download speed. So I would like to win a copy of this wonderful software.

  • Dena

    Pliiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!I love your site !!!

  • handsome2010

    hi,i would like to have an legal activation code from u…i’m not interested in using pirated versions of these softwares available in some sites…..the quality of the IDM 5.18 is 100%,in the original software…It’s user friendly interface,speed,resume capability,..etc inspires me..speed limiter is also good..afterall,most superb feature is it allows me to download streaming videos…it’s excellent…far better than orbit download manager…i really appreciate such give aways…thankz

  • Stfan

    This is one of the best Download manager with super speed, can resume and re-download files without the file being corrupted.


  • Vertigo

    Very nice Manager, keep them comming!

  • amon

    I always suffer from slow internet and not able to download big files. So it would have been of great help if I can win one license.
    Thank you all for the nice giveaway.

    Best regards,

  • RahhH

    The Best Manager Download…

    if possible, wanted so much for this incredible software ,,,

    thankzz techpp =p

  • Johan Gustavsson

    Hi, I really need a good Download Manager, I am using orbit now, but it does not work for some sites…

  • Anupam

    IDM is the best download manager………….though i always wanted a licence for it….i got 30 days trial only…This might be my chance!!!

  • shiyon

    Thanks for the giveaway..!!
    Speed limiter is the most useful property according to me in IDM.

  • Jay

    I like to win this cos its the best download manager!

  • Gautam

    I have used many trial versions of many download managers and I found IDM the best.
    Many times I start downloading a thing but if the connection goes off, then the download stops, but with IDM, the download pauses, and resumes when connection is restored.
    I’m a really fan of IDM and would really appreciate if I am given one of those free licenses.

  • Sam

    I want one, because I’ll need a download manager when my new internet connection is here! =]

  • RSCT

    I hope win,,,

    Thanksss techpp !

  • RSCT

    My favorite download manager …

    I hope !

  • Dee

    I never understood the need for a download manager, especially with all the Firefox add-ons available. I wouldn’t mind trying this one, as the comments here state that it’s the best.

  • TDS

    Give me Give me …

    I hope !

  • Abhishek

    Its one of the best download managers available.

    Great giveaway!


  • rfa

    give me give me give me…

  • raythams

    GOOD LUCK FOR EVERYONE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • vaibhav

    I have tried almost all Download Managers. IDM is the King ? Why
    1) Best download speed
    2) UI is simple enough for normal usage but has enough tweaks or options
    if you are advanced enough.

    Their is one disadvantage , After Thirty days. If you uninstall it , remove all registry entries even remotely related to it and install it,

  • alex

    Id like to use IDM because the built in Firefox download manager is not good enough :)

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