There are still some people who haven’t understood what’s special in Google Wave and some doesn’t even know what Google Wave is! We know that

Google Wave is a personal real-time collaboration and communication platform which allows several users to work on the same tasks together concurrently.

Some might ask me, “Isn’t it same as Google docs?” Well, it is similar, but unlike docs, it is not restricted to documents alone. Unfortunately, in Google Wave, a user cannot create, edit or share documents, spreadsheets or presentations. Although it is possible to upload a Word or Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint to Google Wave, the uploaded file becomes an attachment to the wave message, and do not support editing.

For those users who actually wants to collaborate and co-edit a document, spreadsheet or presentation via Google Wave simultaneously at real time, here’s a workaround to allow integration of Google Wave and Google Docs.

Integrate Google Docs with Google Wave

1. Create a new wave or open an existing wave that users want to incorporate a Google Docs document.

2. Click on Add Gadget by URL icon, which is a green color icon in the shape of a puzzle.

3. Add the below Google wave gadget into your wave.


4. The gadget opens inside the wave as shown below. Click on Edit.


5. Enter the full URL of the Google Docs document (you can get this when you open the doc from Google docs), worksheet or presentation to be embedded in the Google Wave as a web page.


You can modify the height of the box if you wish. Click on View.

6. That’s it! Google docs should open in the embedded box! Mission accomplished!

Note that, in order to view/edit the embedded document within the wave, all the users must be granted the permission in Google docs.

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6 thoughts on “Share, View and Edit Google Docs in Google Wave

  1. Cool, I guess I need not worry anymore when I have group tasks next time when actually my group can edit the document in the same time from different places. I believe that this would be more efficient than physical appear in discussion.

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