It is already Day 7 of TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway and the response has been pretty great so far. After 6 days of giveaways for 6 different products, which included SnagIt, IDM, SUPERAntiSpyware, we now have the best Music management software available in the market – MediaMonkey Gold v3.2.

MediaMonkey Gold gives you all the tools you need to manage large music collections. Unlike many other related software in its niche, MediaMonkey is light on your system’s resources and has virtually anything you would like to see in a music management software. We have 20 Free licenses of MediaMonkey Gold up for grabs. All you need to do is follow some simple rules mentioned at the end of the post.

MediaMonkey Gold: An All-in-one Music Manager


The installation is lightening fast and on launching it for the first time it scans your hard disk for all the songs and arranges it for you as shown below. Music that is discovered that way will be automatically archived in various categories according to their tags. All files without tags will be moved into unknown folders.

The sorting of music is based on Location, Artist, Composer, Album, Genre, year and rating. All these parameters can be edited and removed if you desire. Even the columns on the main panel are editable with options to add new ones and remove existing ones.


The flexibility offered makes it easy to personalize the music organizer and easier to find the songs you like to listen to. The search bar is placed strategically and is super fast. As you’d expect, you can also add tags (and the software offers to autotag by filename or via the Web), download album information from the Freedb service and play and burn your music from within the application itself.


What’s going to make the software especially useful to many is the way that it seamlessly syncs with portable music players such as the iPod, iRiver etc. This essentially means that you can import your playlist like iTunes playlist with minimal effort.


This is hardly 25% of what it is capable of doing. Here’s a quick feature overview from the site:

  • Organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface
  • Automatically lookup and tag Album Art and other metadata
  • Manage 50,000+ files in your music collection without bogging down
  • Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never again worry about varying volume
  • Record CDs into OGG, MP3, FLAC and WMA files
  • Convert MP3s, OGG, FLAC and WMA files into other formats with the Audio Converter
  • Synchronize with iPods / MP3 players effortlessly and convert tracks on-the-fly
  • Party Mode, which allows users to make requests while protecting your library from being modified.

There’s a freeware version or you can pay US$19.99 for the “Gold” version ($39.99 for a lifetime license to all future updates). The commercial features include:

  • Increased Speed CD Burning
  • File Monitor (automatically updates library)
  • Advanced Searches and AutoPlaylists
  • Advanced Portable Device Synchronization with on-the-fly format conversion (list of devices supported)
  • Unlimited MP3 encoding
  • Virtual CD / Previews
  • Advanced Filters
  • Sleep Timer

MediaMonkey Gold – Free License Giveaway

We have 20 Free licenses of MediaMonkey Gold to be given away. All you need to do is answer one of the questions below while leaving a comment in the form. Make sure you enter your Full Name and a valid eMail address, since we will be sending the licenses to the winners via email directly.

  • Which music management utility you currently use? OR
  • What you like in MediaMonkey Gold?

Contest is open for 24 hours and closes at 11:59 CET (3rd Dec 2009). Our partner site, Ghacks is also giving away 25 Free licenses of MediaMonkey Gold. Make sure you check them out and enter their giveaway as well so that you increase your chances of winning a free license!

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Winners: Christian Noer, Lee, Sujay, José Tavares, GG, Karl, Gary, luisc, Morb, EnPassant, Brent, jhapa, bhong, joe schmoe, Alok, Tal, Marc Laberge, Bernard, Joe R

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181 thoughts on “TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway : MediaMonkey Gold

  1. * Which music management utility you currently use?

    Currently I use Music Collector for physical music and … nothing for my digital music. Thats more or less why Id really like MediaMonkey Gold. I currently rely on a particular folder structure for my digital music files and the excellent Mp3Tag program to tag the files.

  2. I’ve recently switched to MediaMonkey free version and I really love the Auto Tag Editor with Album Art Lookup feature. I’m looking forward to use the Automatic library organizer feature if you get me a license 🙂

  3. I would like the Party Mode, auto-dj thing for those “crazy” nights, and the opportunity to gather all my unedited tracks for finalisation.

  4. Which music management utility you currently use?

    Sadly only Windows Media Player…

    I have heard many good things about Media Monkey.. Just have never tried it.. I would love to win a copy.. Thanks

  5. Since I don’t have any music management utility before (only Winamp Free for music player), this MediaMonkey Gold can be my first one if I can win the license. Thanks.

  6. I currently use MediaMonkey Free for my music management and like it very much!!
    So I would certainly like to try the gold version now!!

    Please give me one license key.

  7. I’m interested in MediaMonkey, because I’m currently using iTunes and not liking it that much, but have yet to find an alternative that does what I’d like it to do. MediaMonkey looks quite promising.

  8. I like the way it organizes. It does not force you into someone canned organization scheme.

    It searches fast and intuitively, and very accurate, and flexible

  9. Hi, I would really like to win this, MediaMonkey is my favorite music manager. I like the organization features offered in the gold version.

  10. Although I currently use iTunes, I appreciate the flexibility of the free version of MediaMonkey. The features I am most excited about are the advanced Autoplaylists, the Advanced Portable Device Synchronization with on-the-fly format conversion and the advanced filter set!
    Will Santa come early this year??? I sure hope so 🙂

  11. I like the fact that
    Multiple Music Collections: Ability to filter large music collections into smaller collections like Rock, Classic Music and Podcasts which can be customized with their own playback settings.. I can manage my various collections with their own playback settings

  12. Hi there,
    I currently use a combination of foobar and different tagging/album art programs, would love to have a all-in-one solution!

  13. Hello!

    I use Winamp 5 and MediaMonkey free version too.
    From the features of Gold version I’m intrested in file monitoring, virtual cd and sleep timer 🙂

  14. I like the extended mp3 ripping feature of the pro monkey version. It an do it all. thanks. Oh please consider me too for the prize.

  15. Well, i have a collection of about 200 CDs (and growing) which is waiting to be ripped but it is really a pain to look up every single album cover and tag the files properly. I use foobar2000 uncustomized because i don’t really have the time to learn how to customize and use it properly. I just want a player that works.

    So i tried the free version of MediaMonkey and i’m really pleased with its functions. Having used seperate tools for ripping, tagging and playing in the past, this makes it a lot easier and saves a lot of time, too.

  16. At this moment I’ve to be satisfied with Windows Media Player & Real Player rbut really it will be nice if I get a license of media monkey gold

  17. I am now using itunes and in view of the great flexibility and powerful tool of music management and various music files transformation of MidiaMonkey gold, I really eager and love to have this software!

  18. Well what I’ve seen almost 150-200 comments are posted in every day Christmas Giveway blog.Among them you are only choosing 20-30 to give the licenses.Can you increase the no. of licenses?

  19. Previously I’ve used Winamp,Zune etc but they are not so good.Though never heard of Media Monkey any way plz include me.

  20. I use free version of MediaMonkey, i like it
    The gold version would be nice.
    Multiple collections and auto tagging are best features imho.

  21. I have been using the free version it is a great music organizer and its tag mechanism is absolutely wonderful. it has one of the great music player in built into it . I am dreaming for a full version of it.

  22. I like the fact that you can sync an Ipod on it.
    And the all-in-one program way of doing things.
    Presently I’m stuck on Itunes …

    First post for me 🙂

  23. Hell Raju ,

    I have subscribed to your feeds , and suprisingly found MediaMonkey Gold as a giveaway. I was in fact looking for one Gold licence

    As I am using Media Monkey as my music manager, I have Winamp also, but I dont use it .

    Hence I would like to prefer to answer your second question as you given an “OR”

    ◦What you like in MediaMonkey Gold?

    I like several things in Media Monkey Gold

    a) Performance – it start up very fast
    b) Very user friendly interface – One day I moved from Winamp to Media Monkey, just to check it. But in that day only, I learned to use all the functinalities of Media Monkey only becuase of their user freindly interface . I dont use Winamp after that day

    c) Auto Tag from Web – this feature is very useful for me , as I listen to lots of songs, of which I dont have all the Album covers. This feature searches the proper cover fromthe web and lets me download it.

    In one sentence, I would say Media Monkey Gold is the leader in the category

    Looking forward in getting a licence of Media Monkey Gold.


  24. Hi, thanks for the very nice offer. Currently I’m using ashampoo burning studio 2009 and MediaMonkey free edition. I would love to have a licence to MediaMonkey Gold. Thanks in advance

  25. I have been using MM for years. I love the media sorting, tagging from web, album art, scripts people have written, file conversion it makes so easy, and its flawless sync with ipods.

  26. Hi, This is a fine piece of software. I used the free version till recently when I had to reformat my system, so right now all I am using is Itunes, and manual management.

  27. Which music management utility you currently use? I use a couple different ones. I use MediaMonkey free version, AIMP2 and the Roxio program for my Blackberry ringtones.

  28. I’ve been using Helium Music Manager to manage my music collection. APE format support and many possible views are the best parts of MediaMonkey.

  29. I am using the free version of Mediamonkey now.

    I would like to try the Gold version as it provides more features.
    The tagging feature is the one I like the most.

  30. I need this , this is excellant replacement for iTunes. some of the features are not there in iTunes as well. Please give me this

  31. I like Media Monkey because it is a great music manager.
    The tagging features are very easy to handle.

    Hope to win this great software.

  32. this is awesome, this is the player, music manager, that I use. I tried winamp, aimp, foobar, etc. to see if there is something similar but to no avail. Please count me in this promotion.

  33. I must admit I’ve been using iTunes for awhile. Wish I could get Songbird to work but just too lazy. I downloaded the trial of Media Monkey and I’m blown away by how easy it is to configure the gui. Finally something that let’s me see things how I want them. This probably will become my manager of choice.

  34. I use currently the free version of MediaMonkey and windows mediaplayer and with the Gold licence I would only need MediaMonkey to do the jobs.

    I would love to win a license.

  35. Mediamonkey is probably the best all-round music player/organizer there is. It’s like Opera of music players. Very good program indeed.

  36. * What you like in MediaMonkey Gold?

    Unlimited MP3 Encoding. It is technically possible to setup MP3 encoder into MediaMonkey free version by yourself, but I have not been able to figure out.

  37. Hi, the current music management utility I use is Itunes, but it does not have a lot of features to help with my music needs.


  38. Had media monkey on my samsung laptop, it was absolutely great.
    Now I’m using a macbook pro and “switched” to iTunes.
    Not so great ;(
    The guys @ Ventis should really think about a Mac OS version, don’t really wanna burden my hard drive with Windows…

  39. Which music management utility do I currently use? Well, a combination of iTunes and, well, nothing. My music is currently managed very well. iTunes is to move it to my iPod from the giant clutter that is my farm of hard drives. Would love to try Media Monkey after having read about it recently.

  40. I currently use iTunes and MediaMonkey. And I love the latter. Light, straight forward it probably the best media manager and it shows iPod love too.
    In gold version, I would looking forward to reconvert my music from apple’s aac clutches back to MP3 so that I can run it everywhere. And the advanced search would easier on the soul ( and make me skip iTunes off my system for good).

    On cons, my biggest gripe with MediaMonkey is its integration with Amazon Music Store. Which doesn’t have a large Indian Music collection. So auto-tag from Amazon doesn’t work well for me. Other than that its the best manager.

  41. i have been using media monkey (free) for years. i have approx. 150 gig of mp3’s and i have tried every organizer and media monkey tops them all. what i like about the gold version is the unlimited mp3 encoding. it would be great to be able to do all my conversions within the one program….thanks

  42. I have used the free version of Media Monkey, and have wanted the gold version for a long time. This would be awesome!

  43. I have iTunes on my laptop (only use it for ipod updates), the free version of Media Monkey on my netbook, and the free version of Winamp on my desktop. But I would love to have Media Monkey gold for the desktop for the library management.

  44. At present I am using windows media player.I would love to use mediamonkey music organiser as i have read lots of positive reviews of it.Please count me in.. Thanks 🙂

  45. I’ve tried Songbird and currently have Ashampoo Music Studio 3 installed. Ashampoo hasn’t significantly updated MS 3 since 2006, so I’m looking for a good replacement.

  46. I currently use iTunes. In the past, i’ve tried the free version of Media Monkey and it was a nice piece of software. I would love very much to win a copy of the Gold Version. Thanks!

  47. I like Mediamonkey because it is an all-in-one solution for music collections.
    It is hard to select the best feature of it, cause in my opinion the best feature is the mix of all tools for tagging, organising, playing, converting, … for music in one clearly structured application.

    Thanks for your offer and i hope to get one =)

  48. Having used iTunes for some time I’m a little disappointed that it doesn’t play file formats like ogg and flac. This is what makes MediaMonkey interesting for me. It has the same usability as iTunes (and more) and seems faster in organizing my collection, too. I haven’t used the standard version that long yet but it is a really good alternative.

    One feature which i haven’t seen in another media player yet and would be incredibly useful is the on-the-fly conversion for copying music to mp3 players in the gold version. Sounds really awesome because I’m doing this manually at the moment and its very time consuming.

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  49. I use Quintessential Media Player and WinAmp portable for U3. I have had the free version of mediamonkey before, but id love to have the chance to get the gold version. It is one of the best apps for music lovers like myself.

  50. Congratulations! What an awesome site you have, and what an ignorant I have been for not knowing about it until today. 🙂
    I would very much like to be included in the drawing for this fabulous media manager, MediaMonkey Gold – I have heard so much good about it; the tagging, the converter, the renamer, the folder watcher, etcetera. It would replace both WinAmp 5.5 Pro and RealPlayer 11 Plus.

  51. Which music management utility you currently use?

    foobar2000 for all my music management misadventures (It even lets me transfer videos to my iPhone that iTunes doesn’t even accept)! used MediaMonkey back in its early release stages. pretty spiffy piece of soft!

  52. Hi, I am currently using the free version of media monkey and love it. It is complete with wasy tag options. Would appreciate the gold version

  53. Greetings from the Philippines! I’m a radio talk show host here in Manila and a music collector. I currently use the free version of Music Collector but it’s nothing compared to what Media Money Gold can do. The ability to organize my large music collection, edit tags, burn CDs and convert files among others is what makes Media Monkey Gold a must for music lovers like me. I wish you could give me a license for this amazing program to make my Christmas merry and bright. Thanks for taking time to read this e-mail and more power to the people at TechPP!

  54. Fabulous. Been looking for a media manager (dont have 1 now) and this Media Monkey looks like its the one that can do the job well for me!

  55. I’d really appreciate Media Monkey Gold – I would be able to manage my downloads of Prairie Home companion and all of my ME3 files. Thanks! Hipockets

  56. Been using Itunes for three years now. I dont need all the features,bloat and computer intensive ways it has demonstrated in this time. The past four months, I’ve been going through my 5500+ songs A-Z and have gotten rid of 2600+ songs in prep for what I call the Big Switch. The “Big Switch” comes in about a week and have been leaning towards Media Monkey(free version) & Foobar2000. Both I think would fit my needs. MediaMonkey Gold would be excellent. Happy Holidays & Good Luck To all. Thanks!

  57. I have a vast music collection (1000+ cds) and I have looked at many programs to handle it. None aside from Media Monkey I have tried have impressed me:

    i.e. – Itunes (never again – we are the borg resistance is futile…your life (system) as you knew it….is over…you (your music files in all formats) now belong to us), foobar2000 (current one I am using – simple, useful, cool), windows media player (help! kill it kill it – replace it with itunes? hell no!) and of course the free version of media monkey (ahhh sweet relief…). All the features people have listed above in the gold version excite me:
    – converter and plugin system;
    – ability to manage multiple collections simultaneously;
    – low memory footrprint;
    – search filters;
    – auto tagging;
    – automatic file levelling;
    – playing of different less common file formats…the list goes on;
    Basiscally its arguably the best music organiser and player on the market to date, and as such, I like everyone else here would love a copy! Pity there are only 25 licenses for the gold version!

    Anyway I would love a license and it would be cool if you could give me one!

  58. I want a license MediaMonkey Gold

    Wed, Dec because I’d like to try it
    I never use a file manager for my mp3
    included a music player that allows listening to a song without leaving the software.

  59. I want a license MediaMonkey Gold

    because I’d like to try it
    I never use a file manager for my mp3
    included a music player that allows listening to a song without leaving the software.

  60. WMP is the only software i have used until now and it sucks big time to handle 500 odd cd’s i have, MM gold seems to be the perfect fit for me

  61. It is very kind of you to include such beautiful software everyday for the giveaway. even though this is the first time i am entering a contest, i hope and thank you for the opportunity. God bless

  62. 1. I have been using SongBird and Zune Software but MediaMonkey rocks because of its all-in-all capabilities.
    2. The best thing I like is Tag editing and music organisation capabilities.

    And now finally I hope, I get to win a license of your contest.

  63. The incorporation of conversion into a library and player app sounds great. If it’s as simple and effective as promised, it’ll be fantastic.

    Even if I don’t win, I might just have to pony up for this one!

  64. What you like in MediaMonkey Gold?
    The auto tagging feature as well as the ability to organize and actually find recordings when you want them instead of searching a 2 TB disk for an hour or two. Being able to find a recording, listen to it to make sure you have the right recording and then save it to the appropriate format would be a wondrous thing.

  65. I like the Zune interface and that’s what I use daily, but I also fire up third party apps like MP3Diag and Tag Scanner for organizing, tagging, etc. It would be great to have one software solution for playback and the clean up… I hear MediaMonkey is the way to go. Thanks

  66. I have been using MediaMonkey free for a long time. I like it better than WinAmp. MediaMonkey Gold includes tagging features which can be useful for me. Hope to win this one.

  67. i am currently using foobar to “manage” my stuff… pathetic yea…?

    the whole interface of mediamonkey looked just so sleek and userfriendly! not to mention all the batch actions and online search.

  68. I can’t believe it. I Won! Goodbye Itunes, Welcome MediaMonkey Gold! The “Big Switch” is on! Thank you TechPP. I’m so happy!

  69. Woo Hoo! Thank you very much TechPP for this win… I have tried Media Monkey.. And I am liking it a lot… thanks again and Merry Christmas

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