We are into the 9th day of TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway and each day we have given away some of the most popular and useful premium software. We have made sure that we giveaway varied products across different categories and today is no different. We are giving away 20 free licenses of Freedur 2.0 Plug-n-play proxy/VPN. This is arguably the best anonymizer available currently.

Bypassing Internet censorship and protecting privacy are gaining a lot of momentum in recent times. Using proxies and Free VPN to access blocked sites is nothing new on the world of internet. In case you are looking for a simple, secure and fast proxy solution for Windows, Linux and Mac, then Freedur is worth a try. This plug-n-play anonymity service allows users to surf the web anonymously while bypassing internet firewalls and restrictions automatically without any hassle.

Freedur – Fast, Secure and Simple Proxy/VPN


Say you are behind the Great Firewall of China, you would not have access to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and million other sites. Even in Middle East and some other countries, internet censorship is on a rise. In case you are not in US, you won’t be able to access Hulu, Sling, Pandora, and many other sites. So, what you gonna do? Look for a free proxy? or a free vpn service? Well, they have their own limitations in terms of speed, security and features.

Freedur provides a small application to connect you to its VPN, so all you need do is sign in with that, and then hit the “Go” button. The latest version of Freedur, v2.0 comes with some exciting enhancements:

* Brand new beautiful application UI
* Lightning fast surfing/downloading speed
* Switch IPs on the fly
* Multiple geographical locations to choose from
* Linux version now supported

Freedur supports both HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) and is much faster than many other proxies/VPNs. Streaming BBC iPlayer or Youtube or Hulu can all be done easily. There is no trial version available as of now, but they have different plans like – monthly, half yearly and yearly plans.

Freedur 2.0 VPN – Free License giveaway

We have 20 Free licenses for Freedur 2.0, each valid for 1 year and costs $59.99! So that’s $1200 worth of freebies. All you need to do is, leave a comment in the form below saying why you need the free license. You can subscribe to our RSS feed or eMail newsletter, so that you can get to know about the latest giveaways we have from time to time and also other interesting tech updates.

Also, our partner Ghacks is giving away free licenses of Recover My Files Professional. Check them out.

Winners: Shiny, phobos, Carlos, Amanda, wangwei02, komi, Arxel, Prasanth Chandra, kitharass, James Scholes, Polly, Kev93, Anita, rpsgc, Billy, vhick, DiMa, Chris Koiner, mohsin, tony


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


  • Slapzy / Alan

    I’ve always found VPN, Proxy, and browser anonymity interesting, although I can’t say I’ve ever really found an absolute need for it. Sure it might be nice to access certain content that might be accidentally restricted by your over-zealous firewall, but usually one could find an alternative solution. However those based in other countries. (US here) might find it much more useful than myself.

    Not to say I wouldn’t like it though, the ease of use, and benefits of such a client could definitely be useful. 😉

    Congratulations to those who have won recent giveaways, and will win in the near future. Those that haven’t won just yet, keep your heads up and keep participating, you’ve still got your chances!

    Special thanks to Raju, and to Freedur for this hosting/sponsoring this giveaway this holiday season!

  • Tal

    I really will be grateful if I will get this license.
    Thank you very much.

  • sunkumarspace

    i will like to try it

  • subscribe

    very nice to hear! i would love to have this giveaway…

  • Harold Short

    I need this program sometimes to get free software from the UK and other places.

  • huntercity

    thank’s for the gist

    count me please

    very useful to access unauthorized site with my ip address
    hide and surf anonymously

  • Bernard

    Hi !

    Interested, because we have new freedom-killing laws in France (Hadopi, Hadopi2, Loppsi … and more to come)

  • relly rivera

    well,since i’m a foreign contract worker,working here in the middle east, i find it very hard surfing the web,accessing some web sites because there’s a lot of restrictions,censorship, it will be very useful for me if i can get this one,i hope, i hope i’ll qualify in this christmas giveaway, let this be your christmas present to me, thanks alot,merryx’mas to u as well, ……

  • ibheck

    wow,this sofware very very useful for downloader like me, we can surfing with anonymously

  • fedrich

    please count me in
    I need to have a license to hide my identity (ip address)
    When I surf the net and when I downloaded

  • anha

    I need one, because I need to do some tests on it (Viruses, firewall, website cookies .. etc).

  • Soon

    Good luck for everyone who wants and needs this software. For myself, as I am not in a strict censorship country, this software does not help me much.I am just here to thank techpp for this giveaway. Good luck!

  • amon

    Nice program, I would like to use it for visiting restricted sites without showing my IP address. hence, protecting my privacy.

    Best regards,

  • hideipuser

    I would like to access some of the US sites. This VPN service will be of a big help to me. Thanks for this great offer, Raju.

  • Darren

    I really need one because many sites like twitter and facebook are blocked by the government of our country. So a VPN is relly important for get me free..

  • ha14

    Privacy is important nowadays and this software can enforce this.

  • Belga

    I’m interest to find a good way to protect my privacy.

  • House

    Please give me one…I need to bypass the Great Firewall to surf more freely :)

  • jelson

    I need it for anonymity. Please sign me up

  • paulcrousel

    Hi, as they say if you are looking for a simple and fast proxy solution Freedur is worth a try and having it is essential for privacy reasons. A step of protecting pc.

  • sharath

    seems to be good vpn lets try my luck

  • Adrian

    I would like a license too.

  • jon n

    Hi I’d like to win, because I’m Canadian and there are many US sites that I’d like to access. Also I never used a vpn before.

  • Abhishek

    Secure, simple and reliable. Nice giveaway!


  • Doug

    The UK is about to implement draconian non-democratic internet laws and I wish to preserve my right to anonymity.

  • Shiny

    Count me too, please.

    I live in China, behind the Great Firewall. I need a real Internet without censorship.

    Most of the time, I don’t care about politics, because you can do nothing to change it. Sometimes I just wanna watch some funny videos on Youtube, and now it is very hard to access such websites.

    Actually, a lot of websites which are censored by the Great Firewall have nothing to do with politics, such as,, and so on. This is ridiculous. I don’t understand why the Great Firewall censored these sites.

    So if possible, please give me one free license.


  • mohsin

    I’m interested in winning this one. I never used any vpn services but after reading this article, this looks like this is very useful..

  • Milind Bajekal

    I would like this to be able to access sites anonymously.

  • phobos

    Thanks a lot for these great Giveaways.
    Because i live in country with high internet censorship,i need these vpn accounts to pass these limitations.
    i Hope win a license.

  • Jason

    I value my privacy very much & don’t like sites tracking my IP address.

    I would like to have one of the 20 licenses.

    Thank you.

  • Dongchen Yuan

    I’m behind the Great Firewall of China!
    I hope I can win a license…
    Thank you!!

  • paul(us)

    Looks like a great program to have. Thanks for giving me the change to win this.

  • Aang

    Actually I need this one whenever some sites has block visitor from my country for some reasons that I don’t know yet. I guess the only way to still access it by surf anonymously. A license will be nice for that. Thanks.

  • jyothiprasad

    To answer why I need it, I’ve gone through articles saying lot about free vpn services and many have suggested not to go for a free vpn. I stayed for some time in US where I could access HULU and some other sites but deprived of them as soon as I came to India. Skydrive also doesn’t let me create any more Live IDs because I’ve already created some using my computer. I greatly appreciate for introducing me about the concept of vpn and will be more thankful if you can give me a license.

  • Smithy

    This sounds great! I’d love to win one! Thanks gHacks!

  • Carlos

    the problem is that i live in Cuba and here the internet is filter. there are many sites that i can not enter because the government and in other case, the embargo dont allow me to connect. that is why i need a licensed of freedur.
    thanks you,

  • Mayank

    Hi all! This Giveaway is really gr8 tool. I need to access social n/w sites but cannott as they are blocked. Also other sites like are also not accessible from my n/w. Plz give me a license. Thanx

  • Jay Presley

    Some of the sites i frequent are not always accessible so I’d be happy to have one license. Thanks

  • Vers Teck

    Here in Germany we have the VDS (Vorratsdatenspeicherung). All Providers have to log all traffic data. So, its clear why i need this.

  • Sujay

    Great piece of software. please give me the licence..

  • DiMa

    I want this piece of software,give me one licence
    I need it

  • David Macdonald

    With this, I can access some giveaways & promotion sites which are only available in certain countries. Maybe I also could bypass my university’s LAN security which prevents torrents & P2P.

  • vhick

    From the Loacation that always hard to connect in other site like here in the Phillippines, Proxy is always needed.

    I hope I could.

    Thank you…

  • Ring

    Seems like a product that I will use.

  • Pratik Daga

    Oh my God Raju I cannot tell you how much I need a Proxy/VPN service!!
    I want a free license coz’ some sites that are for giveaways or offers are country specific. So I want access to them..

    Please this time give me one license..


  • Billy

    some websites are blocking access from my country, so i’m gonna need this.
    count me in please, thanks.

  • cat02

    Sometimes I did delete important files.
    So I need this software….

  • thomas

    I need this software to protect privacy and also to watch video at BBC uk site.

  • Zanza

    for cheaper dollar-prices instead of expensive euro-prices on steam.

  • ibbarra

    Great giveaway,I need this software in order to access services in the usa like hulu, and besides this software will anonimize my web surfing.

  • SmogHog

    I’d really like to have this VPN

  • rpsgc

    I’d very much like to have it because I want to access some US sites and even though I’m in Europe I can’t access UK websites and some others.

  • tony

    one of those from behind the great wall of china, so a free license would be perfect. Thank you.

  • kevin meilak

    Hi, I would very much like this, as there are times when I want to BUY mp3 etc, but site says ‘ sorry you are not in xxx ‘ ( usually America! )
    Thank you.
    God Bless, Kevin <

  • yoh4f

    I wanna protect my privacy … I will be happy to get my christmas gifts from Raju aka Santa C..

  • Norris

    Protecting privacy is very important on Internet, so I need proxy/VPN service like Freedur 2.0. Please count me in. Thanks.

  • Linu George

    I would like one as I do not like being tracked and seeing my ip number on screen..!!! Thanks

  • Damjan Drakšić

    A product that I need.

  • andrei

    oh god!!!! maybe this time i’m lucky

  • kostaskolmer

    i really like was stable fast and extremely useful for usa sites when i was using it on its first version.of course then some internal problems happened but now seems to be superb.i had reccomended freedur in the past as one very flexible and nice tool.people of freedur are good proffesionals and i definetely suggest it.and tech pp offer is just FANTASTIC!congrats to admin and good luck everyone.

  • Amanda


    I need the software for 2 reasons:
    1) I have a good house connection but recently received an infringement notice for torrenting movies (first time it’s happened in the 5 years that I’ve been torrenting). Now I’m afraid my IP address is flagged and I don’t want to lose my service provider by getting caught torrenting again.

    2) Most website are blocked at work so it’d be nice to have access to more websites.

    Thanks so much for donating 20 free licenses either way!

  • Thunder-man

    I need a license to hide my ip address, for download free Giveaway Tools from all countries.

  • Dnyanesh Mankar

    Wanna try wicked stuff.

  • VJN

    Please add me to the giveaway list.
    I will be able to break off from my campus network with this :)

  • wangwei02

    Thanks for the voice of a angel from Techpp.
    As one of those living in china,I have used TOR to bypass GreatFirewall. But directory servers of TOR network were blocked four months ago. Damn Big Brother
    I wanna use freedur to access freedom house, “china in perspective”, radio free asia, International),etc.
    Please give me a license. Thank you very much.

  • raccoear


  • Vickie Riddle

    Love free music, this would be great!!

  • luisc

    this is really good, it is not only about censorship it is more about safe browsing. Please put me on this list. thank you

  • komi

    I badly need this to download some textbooks via torrents which are blocked over here. Thank u so much

  • Geoff

    Looks good would replace the slow VPN I have been trialling this month.

  • Jean Le Bourdais

    Hi !

    I need this software to get freedom and security on the web !!!

    Is that enough ???

    Thank you very much, TechPP !

    Good luck to everybody !

  • Sigg

    I like this giveaway, I need free license because its supports linus, have multiple geo location, and i would like to surf some sites in europe, my ip is shared so thats a big problem for me.

  • Curt Henning de Thurah

    I would *LOVE* to have this Freedur proxy so I can purchase MP3 files on Amazon. You can’t do that otherwise from outside of USA!

  • HNicolai

    I would like one of those! I already have a VPN, but my subscription ends in this month :(

    And if I win and this VPN is good I might buy a year more!

  • inaki70

    I need freedur for listening pandora and my favourite clips on usa only stuff.Freedur is ideal for this.Also bypass limitations on music listening a single song.
    Thanks techpp!Everyday a nice surprise.Happy christmas and prosperous new year!

  • James Scholes

    Would love to use this software for browsing securely at school, on my 3G connection and at public WiFi spots. Have been looking for something like this for a long, long time.

  • Raju

    Please give me this. Great software for anonymous surfing

  • mickay

    My main usages would be:
    – accessing social networks at places where such services are blocked,
    – watching TV series from outside of US,
    – watching my national TV stations online when I’m abroad.

  • Jimmy Liu

    I would like it to brouse securely and sing public wifi. Thanks

  • orochimaruNFS

    i want this service, it worth! lots of my friend already use vpn service, but their vpn service was suck, I hope by able to use your service will make them tempting to get vpn service from you. hope your vpn was super good.

    other reason? no other reason, just wanted to test it and looking ur vpn quality.

  • k19s

    I’m interested in protecting my privacy because is important nowadays, as we can be easily tracked.


  • jimmylee

    I am behind the Great Firewall of China.And I would not have access to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and million other sites. So can I get this one?

  • Tim

    accessing sites from out of my country.thanks a million

  • ck

    wana try it..
    give me the chance ya..

  • chang

    wanna secure my privacy online..

  • Hannes

    I’d like to use it for Pandora. I really loved the service before the access to it was restricted. :(

  • Arxel

    Microsoft is always telling about Xbox Live in my country (Poland).. But year after year we don’t get XBL.. And I’m loosing hope for have Xbox Live ever..

    A lots of stuff can’t be bought becouse of my location.. Meny great Games of Demand, Movies even some DLC for games!

    VPN would help me to buy some things and download it no metter of my location..

    Somebody says that, but I will repeat – a lots of cool TV shows is played in my country a long long time after in US.. Would be nice for have an opportunity to watch some of them :)
    Thanks in advance :)

  • xantzaras

    Yes!this is my favorite offer up to now.Techpp thanks.
    @Raju .PLS admin can you post on each gift’s thread the exactly deadline for each gift?that’s because readers who want to participate should know how much time they have to do so,thus not posting when participation is finished or even miss it.
    Also i guess winners are from lucky draw,right?

    As for freedur is an important tool for unblocking content restrictions.That tells everything.
    Kind regards.

    • Raju

      Ok, I missed it this time, will include the deadline next time onwards, but constant reminders are given on Twitter

  • rudyg

    Great giveaway, I would like this software due to the fact I can’t access from the caribbean.

  • Lantz

    This is perfect. Though I live in the states, I have been looking for a VPN. I am disabled but volunteer for NameUs and Perverted Justice, and having a good proxy/vpn would help out alot!

  • Vertigo

    Very nice programs, thanks!

  • Vinod Mishra

    To access nice things like Pandora and Hulu while living in UK :0

  • RCC

    Count me in

  • gasxountas

    Why i want Freedur?
    Actually my girllfriend wants to access us tv sites to watch serials!
    Apart from that ican confirm that freedur is very good.
    I have tested and it is fast.

  • Prasanth Chandra

    This is one thing I want very badly. I am in look out for a decent proxy or anonymizer and will be more than happy to win this.

    I am in for the giveaway..

  • budha

    Please Rayu, can you give me a license!:-)))))))))))))))))
    It’s very awesome product and I need it to get passed to a very good sites!!! I’m your BIG FAN!!!!:_)))))))))))))

    • Raju

      you wont win till you call me raYu … am Raju

  • Ryan

    Please. I need it. This will help me tremendously. Thanks TechPP and Raju.
    You’re the man.

  • piatam5

    Why i want Freedur? i love to watch Aussie and Englis tv. Some of the best programs!

  • Sain

    count me too

  • Sain

    Give me please hehehe

  • NetFlexx

    Wow, this would be a great chance to get access to some services in the US that are not meant for European folks… I’m in.

  • Ral

    Great givaway , good luck for everyone

  • John

    This would be great. Thanks

  • Willem

    I wish to win a free license from this giveaway competition.

    Thank you.

  • Zavi

    Thanks, I hope to be a big winner.

    Happy Holidays.


  • kitharass

    I want to use this….. :) it’s really nice service.

  • stammer

    Please include me in on the drawing. This kind of software is always useful. Tks.

  • sarris

    Count me too.freedur for anonymous surf.

  • FlorinG

    I need this program sometimes to get free software from the promotional webpages that restrict my country IP’s.

  • ROLP

    count me too

  • BlogWurm

    It would be great to win a license to access some us sites.

  • Keval

    I would really need this software to access all the sites in other countries for example Hulu and Pandora in America.

  • Dimis

    Some sites have are unavailable in my country.Id like to have free access to these sites.

  • pankajs

    Need it to access restricted webpages…….count me in!

  • rachana





    Count me in to list please…

  • bharti

    Useful for anonymous surfing. count me too!

  • Polly

    I wish I could win this one.
    I really need something like this.
    My IP is a static IP and there are many scammers online who threaten us saying they know where we live!

  • Hubby

    Woow, it sounds cool having own safe IP address. Please give me one Raju. Thank you

  • Kev93

    I WONT snooze on this one! (snagit… ouch!)
    Helping decrease everyone elses chances…

  • akinchan

    Helps you surf the net unhindered! Thanks for the offer


    I think it is useful

  • Bishnu

    i am always late for all these thing hope you will check me ….thanks

  • Q

    I need a free license to enable me to use software product in such a way that does not violate local laws.

  • rite

    I would like this giveaway cause its great for anonymous surfing.

  • JB

    VPNs are very useful for internet privacy and security, take me in.

  • idigiti

    One more crown in techpp. Thanks for this nice app.

  • Tman

    This is an awesome tool, im in.

  • bob

    yes please :)

  • Anita

    Please Raju i reside in a country where its access to most profit making sites like clickbank and paypal have been blacklisted due to some very dubious citizens exploits..This situation has stifled our chances to be globally competent with our peers worldwide..with these freebie i can access those sites anonymously and carry out my legitimate business without being unnecessarily molested..Thanks for expecting..Kudos to what your doing..keep it up..

  • hafiz


    I need this utilities deadly cause my university is block my youtube.i realy need a vpn services.please pick already have IP pricacy but its cannot bypass my university proxy,still cannot access my youtube.


    Cout me too !


    Include me in on the drawing =p

  • HURT

    Count me in !


    for a safer Internet, I need this software…

  • Tusbasa

    count me in x 3

  • beukicrot

    i need your gift ( VPN) thank you

  • Vinod

    Haven;t tried any VPN so far. So would like to try this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Chris Koiner

    I would love to have this so that I could use Spotify from the US. Thanksamillion!

  • Luigi

    Id like to give it a try.

  • Khoa Phu Pham

    Ive always been controlled by the ISP so I cant access some sites. Now with this program, I can do much more !

  • rollom

    I need this VPN,because our China government often block some foreign websites so i cant view foreign sites.Can you give me a license?thank you.

  • DC Yuan

    Count me, please!! Im behind the GFW of China…

  • Alysha

    Im currently doing my A-levels in college. The College uses a proxy system, with a 8000 USD machine that severely limits the bandwidth of selected sites. Also, were unable 2 access the Internet from 11.30 pm to 7.00 am. Its rather frustrating at time, especially when one is doing research . If this can bypass the system, youll have an eternally grateful customer here =)

  • alex79

    i need it so i could get pass my countrys lousy internet that had been throttling all my downloads.
    ps my birthday is coming soon

  • David

    This will be useful to surf the web anonymously.

  • OldStudent

    This software would be of great help in researching my term paper: Top 5 Safest Browsing Methods.

  • Paula

    I hope to win this one.
    I really need something like this.
    My IP is a static IP. There are a lot of scammers who threaten us saying that they know where I live.

  • rorhammer

    I need this to get to some blocked sites in my country


  • sc

    Please count me in. Thanks.

  • Sham

    Awesome dude :)

  • Adam

    I actually am trapped behind that Great Firewall of China probably spying on my every move, im going to be here studying for sometime and i would really like to talk to my friends and family on facebook over christmas and new year.
    Freedur would be awsome, please help me!

  • rollom

    I hope i win this VPN,so i can access to please!

  • Bhanu @ HackingArticles

    I need this license badly because i need to access unauthorized sites with my IP address and surf anonymously. Hoping for a license soon.

    Thank You.
    Bhanu Chawla
    Subscriber of

  • normofthenorth

    I live in Canada. Half of the TV shows we get here comes from US networks, but when we try to watch a missed show online, the US networks give us an error message saying it’s only for US viewers. AAARGH! So I need a good (US-based) proxy.

  • Abhijit Das

    I am looking for a VPN software which can be installed in my University PC and I can access my home pc from University for different project files. I tried many ZConfig VPN like hamachi etc. But I found that Freedur can be installed without administrator account. I was looking for this kind of software for long time. Can I get a free license for one year please?

  • Gautam

    Please enlist me.
    I want this because I am tired of the restrictions on the net, and many of the times surf anonymously (or change they country for some offers).

  • zach

    I need it because I live in China and they block many of the sites I would like to visit. And they do not seem to be showing any signs of slowing down or stopping blocking things they do not like.

  • sunkumarspace

    pls. consider me for this . yours is a great site.

  • Tom

    Want to test several solutions

  • pkarlosh

    Always wanted to try a VPN program, but the free programs took too much configuring! I wojld LOVE to get Freedur 2.0 since it’s plug & play!!!

  • Lisa


    As a victim of cyber-stalking, I am well aware of the importance of a tool like this.

    I really would appreciate it if I could win this giveaway.


  • Pallab

    I would really love to own this. I have been looking for a reliable VPN which would allow me to enjoy Hulu and other legit TV streams.

  • Tj

    please the vpn license


  • khim

    You are the best TechPP, hope you have more giveaways. Merry Christmas.

    Thank You

  • alex

    i am looking for good VPN
    So I want this
    and useing many things with this

  • Michal


    This software would be very useful because of the fact that most promotions (e.g. for security software) block access from all countries but that in one in which the promo is active!
    So with this software i could get even more free things on internet :DD
    (We all have to remember: the internet is for free 😛 )

  • Peter D

    It is always nice to have such one and simple too, I did try to configure my browser to proxyes, but many times the proxyes are down some days after :O(

  • aurora

    i need it for hulu.THANKS.Bangalore rules!

  • kurt

    count me too!

  • unk

    i need it…

  • Manesh Narayan

    I really love this software’s functions. Lots of sites are blocked here in India which belong to US or UK. And I want to access them. Seems pretty useful in this case. I have never used this sofware but have heard of it from my friends. Hope I get it.

  • budha

    Please Rayu this is a very awesome product!!!! Can you send me a license. please!!!:-))))))))))

  • Raju

    This giveaway has now ended. Winners will be announced in a day or 2. Thanks everyone!

  • Joe R

    I would love this program awesome Rayu is a great product. i would appreciate it very much. I need my privacy protected while surfing the net

  • TarekNY

    I need this software…

    Thanks for taking my idea into consideration mate.

    God bless you…

  • Zied

    I need the free license because I am a PRO-freedom orientated guy living in the most ANTI-freedom ruled country… and if I don’t get one of your free licenses, those Chinese officials who blocked the internet will start to bite the INSIDE of my European arse.

    So, I have a good life-threatening reason here:) But the main reason to get a license is: when China blocks your website (sooner or later), I would still be able to access it thru this software!!!

    So, PPPPPleaaaasssee, gimme one!:) Many thanks in advance and keep up the good work on this site, it’s great!


  • gathering

    I need this program sometimes to get free software from the UK and other places.
    And I need it to bypass the firewall of china

  • yaser

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thanks for this offer.

    Best Regards,

  • Mohamed

    i really need it
    our company does block some important sites which i really need to access them.
    thanks for the giveaway …!!!

  • MerleOne

    Count me in. Thanks.

  • Alvin Goh

    It is another easy way for me to get off from our country ISP…. Hope I am the lucky one

  • Core-Eye

    Hey! I’m currently behind the Great Firewall of China, studying at university. Since I came to China I feel isolated from the rest of the world (espacially my friends and relatives) because sites like facebook and myspace and a lot more is blocked in here. You can’t imagine how depressing it is to live in a foreign country and not being able to communicate with the people you know, properly. And it’s not just the thousands of websites that China blocked, some sites also cannot be reached from China

    I tried many free vpns, proxies and they all end up getting blocked as well. I was able to use freedur’s one month trial and it was simply the best program that I ever used. So, it would be great if I could have it for a year.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • simz

    this would be my Christmas gift.

  • mike

    Me too, count me in…thanks

  • Matias

    I would LOVE to have one of the licenses, because here in Brazil there is a lot of governement control, and I think that everyone should be able to have their privacy respected! Thanks for the chance!

  • Zorro

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    In my line of work i connect to different networks.. most of them have firewall, i bet this will be easiest solution to my problem.

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    i am from malaysia… with a very, very bad isp that throttles almost everything. a VPN will surely help me for sure :)

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  • Shanghai Dweller

    I truly need this. I’m currently stuck behind the Great Firewall of China and have no way of communicating with some people via Facebook and Twitter.

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    I need access to a VPN because I am a Canadian who just moved to China and due to the great firewall of China I am unavailable to access facebook to keep in touch with friends and relatives over the holidays. Thanks for consideration.

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    I appreciate Techpp. org for taking so much care of their readers. Thanks a lot for your kind job dear. I wish you always get ahead.
    Im an MBA student and many times we need to watch professional videos or advertisements aas it is a part of our curriculam. But the college wi-fi doesnt allow the access. So I request you if you could provide me a LICENSE KEY of this software. I will become a brand ambassador of your website and promote it and let all my friend know about this precious website.
    Many-many thanks to you.
    Pankaj Saini

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    REALLY NEED IT IN CHINA… Even this page is blocked when i tried to comment… Can’t do anything thanks to the stupid great firewall of china

  • Willy Scanlon

    I really need Freedur for several reasons
    1. I am in China.oups and need access while being here under the constant thumb of the China Dragon.
    2.I write intel analysis for various publications and need to access sites that are being blocked.
    I work with various freedom and human rights groups that need to surrf without others watching

  • Nick


    The reason is quite easy; Private protection when surfing the webb!

    In these days when almost every webbsite collect data from visitors habbits it’ll be a growing need for this protection more and more.

    Ok Internet it’s quite young in this moment, but what happens next with all this collected registred statistic userdata in let’s say 10-20-30years ahead and if it come in wrong hand’s???

    This userdata is always worth something and has a value for someone.
    Everything is possible to bay only the price is high enough!
    “Private policy’s” is only a nice word and the main reason it exist is the motiv of receive good reputation and to trick visitor’s to feel calm and comfortable. What happens next you will never know.

    Old company’s and webbsites is always developing, some become bought up of other’s, some die and new become born. Knowledge and material is always on the run, some become bought up and some become barrowed from other’s. This happen both among good people’s and among criminal’s.

    So why should we trust every webbsite on this planet?
    It would be foolish.

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    Best regards

  • D Rose

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    The program would help

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    The celebrated and famous French liberty?
    hum ….. hum …. :(
    New laws in France (Hadopi 1 & 2) and this software [FREEDUR] would be a good solution :)

    Thank you,


  • Billy

    Hi Raju,
    Thanks a lot for the license.
    now i’ll be able to watch hulu from my country.

  • Michael

    Am I lucky enough to get the free license?

    Ooh,my reason is very simple:I need it to go beyond the GFW to access a free internet but I cant afford it!

  • Andry

    The 1st reason is, I’m still unemployed, so I can’t afford to buy the program.
    The 2nd reason is that I really want to stay hidden and anonymous in the web. Too many bad things happen there, so I need something to protect myself in this cyberspace world.
    The 3rd reason would be, hey, this tool is like a Swiss-Army Pocket Knife for the surfer!

    Ok, that’s all from me.
    Keep up the good work guys, and Happy Holiday from me.

    Best regards.

  • kolmer

    raju where are the winners names?

    • Raju

      I don’t know how I missed it, the winners were already informed via email, have updated the post with their names as well.

  • David

    Hey, I know what it’s like to be in China.. would really appreciate this.. Quite ‘ordinary’ sites – totally inoffensive – may be blocked – as well as news sites.

    Thanks for the chance..

  • LitteTainTains

    Hey, I am one!
    Merry Christmas to all

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  • menk

    Hi Raju

    Namasteh/vanakam! Perhaps by now your free license might be long gone since I’ve just come across your site. Anyway, just to share my views. Netizens in the free might not really understand what it’s like to have the freedom to surf with just a click away, and more often than not, they get behind a proxy to visit sites which should be out of bound to them, like porn, especially when they are still at an impressionable age. Of course, others use it in order to create violence.

    It’s a constant daily battle of wits for me to enjoy simple pleasures of IT life (I’m retired btw), like getting a good laugh with youtube or saying hello to far flung friends on facebk. It seems the Greatwall has 40000 technical staff to constantly search out sites that allow the free flow of information. However, I have nothing against the attempt to block out those sites which promote madness, like killing innocent people. Like they say, prevention is better than cure. If you are faced with this kind of threat, you would too find means to prevent such networking to kill.

    Though it is frustrating not being able to surf totally free, I have to accept the certain loss of freedom for the sake of saving lives. It is most unfortunate really that the greatwall has not been able to discern the good from the bad. Hopefully it will, one day, soon.

    In the meanwhile I keep battling, searching for sites that will allow me access, even temporary until they catch up!, sites for those simple pleasures. I’m too old to beg you for a license (one must maintain one’s dignity) but if you want to help me attain those simple pleasures, it is much appreciate. Keep up the good work, and God bless.


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    I would be interested in obtaining an license/login for Freedur as well. I could definately use is since my school server doesn’t even allow me to go to popular video streaming websites. Hope to hear something back when you get a chance.


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