Update: Google Realtime search is closed now. In fact it is integrated with the normal Google search and not available under a particular URL.


This was on cards for a long time and it is here. Google has just launched real-time search, integrated into search results pages. If you wonder what’s the big deal about this news, it surely is a huge thing, since from now on, Google will update its search results in real time happening around the world – for example, live tweets, Yahoo Answers, news articles and Web pages now update on the actual result pages. It works on mobile too.

Google’s announced that they’ve inked partnerships with both Facebook and MySpace to pull in data in real-time. For Facebook, that means public Facebook Pages, and for MySpace, it means any stream data that is publicly available. This comes just days after Microsoft announced a deal with Facebook to integrate Facebook data with Bing!

This feature is not live yet for everyone, but will be in coming days. In case you do not see the live updates, you can see it in action via “Hot Topics” feature available under Google Trends. For example, you can currently see real-time updates for the Tiger Woods story.

Update: Try this to force Google to show real time search results.


Watch out this space for more updates soon.


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