I came across this interesting iPhone application called Knocking [iTunes link] which lets you share live instant video between two iPhones!! If that doesn’t sound too interesting, you must see a video demo of this app (RSS/ Email readers have to visit the web page to see the video)


Thus, with this application you can “knock” your friend’s iPhone to see what you see by sharing the instant video! Knocking Live Video Sharing app is released by Pointy Heads Software, they promise to give the app for free for the first 50.000 users, so hurry up! After the number reached 50.000, it will cost $2.99!

Apparently, the app was initially rejected by Apple, but the developers went straight to the top and petitioned Steve Jobs to reconsider with a passionate e-mail. I am really glad that Steve Jobs had his head over his shoulders and gave a thumbs up for this app.

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