After an exhilarating day where we had more than 2700 entries and 800 comments for EASEUS Partition Master Pro giveaway, Day 13 of TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway will present to you an opportunity to win a free license of TuneUp Gold, a must have utility if you are a music lover.

TuneUp is a companion app to iTunes which is able to scan the first few seconds of a track, compare it to the Gracenote catalog in order to identify it, then fills in your missing data automatically and it grabs album art as well. For serious music fans (that use iTunes), it could be a must-have application. TuneUp provides the functionality (for a fee) what I believe should have been there by default in iTunes.

TuneUp’s greatest asset is that it works seamlessly with iTunes (for Mac and PC). With TuneUp hooked on to the right side of the iTunes program, you drag “dirty,” or mislabeled, songs into a box, and the software identifies songs by taking clues from information you’ve embedded in your music, as well as sampling the song’s digital fingerprint.


The interface is simple and intuitive. Upon launching iTunes, a sidebar appears with four tabs labeled “Clean”, “Cover Art”, “Tuniverse”, and “Concerts”. TuneUp’s biggest draw are the Clean and Cover Art tabs, which utilize the Gracenote database. To use each, the user simply selects a batch of songs and drags them to the appropriate field. Each song is quickly analyzed, and the program presents a number of possible matches for the user to either apply or discard. The program will attempt to identify the song in question after which it will group it as positively, probably, or not identified.


Trust me, this app is super-fast. I was amazed to see how easily and quickly it was able to identify and fetch the details & cover art of so many songs in my iTunes library. Check out the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ snapshots of my iTunes library to know what exactly it can do and how organized your iTunes library would look.



In practice the cleaning functionality works well. Even after stripping all ID3 data embedded in MP3s from a portion of my music library, TuneUp was able to correctly identify songs at least 95% of the time. In addition to cleanup, as a way to offer long-term value, TuneUp has included a number of recommendation features. ‘Tuniverse’ presents you with the best music content from the web contextualized around what’s playing in iTunes. ‘Concerts’ presents a basic calendar that lists any upcoming events in a region.

A word of caution though, the utility doesn’t always work perfectly. It won’t always find meta data, and it may not be able to find album art for everything. Sometimes it will find correct meta data and the right album art, but when you select that album art icon, the larger preview has an error and does not display the right picture. This happens for just 10% of the songs in your library on an average, so just be sure to check out the recommendations properly and do not rely on TuneUp completely to fix your iTunes library. With these minor issues, I would still rate this utility as ‘Very Good’. It delivers what it promises to do at the end of the day.

I’d recommend TuneUp for anyone with a library in need of help. Whether you need album art or correct meta data, TuneUp can help. The iPhone and iPod Touch both display album art while playing music, so it’s useful to have it be correct.

There is a free version of TuneUp available to test out. It’s limited to 100 song fixes and 50 album art fixes, which may not actually be enough to fix the problems in your library. TuneUp will costs users $20 a year or $30 for a lifetime purchase. For the readers of TechPP, i.e YOU, TuneUpMedia are providing a 15% flat discount on your purchase of yearly or lifetime licenses. When you are registering, make sure you use the Promo code “TECHPP” to avail the discount (offer expires 1/10/10).

TuneUp Gold – Free Licenses Giveaway

We have 10 Free licenses of TuneUp Gold Yearly plan to be given away. As always, you are required to leave a comment below mentioning why you would like to win a free license. 10 lucky winners will be chosen randomly and will be mailed about the license details. Make sure you enter a valid eMail address when you are leaving your comments in the form below.

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  • Alan

    Wow, this looks impressive. I’d love to try this out. I’m a musician myself, and am always looking for new music and things to find inspiration, and my itunes library looks completely pathetic. 😛 And this looks like it could increase overall productivity, data organization, and recognition. Great for someone that needs to quickly recognize a song or album, or that has a huge library that is not kept perfectly organized.

    Count me in. 😉

    Many thanks to RajuPP and for the develops of TuneUP Gold for hosting/sponsoring this giveaway.
    Good luck to those that enter!

  • Dnyanesh Mankar

    I have 349 GB of songs whose labels are messed up. I need a savior!

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    i m the 1 st
    please count me in

  • Prasanth Chandra

    I got an iPod and I use iTunes. This will be useful for me. Count me in.

  • fred derf

    I’d like to use it to optimize my computer
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    i have 8gb ipod nano

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  • Satyajit

    I really listen a lot of music.i am using iTunes but want to use it because you yourself have said

    “Trust me, this app is super-fast. I was amazed to see how easily and quickly it was able to identify and fetch the details & cover art of so many songs in my iTunes library”

  • doc

    I already have TuneUp, but my license is going to expire very soon, I need it badly! :-)

  • Sergio Rizzi

    looks original!

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    I want this license very much.
    Thank you


    I hope i have luck

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    I’ll try my luck to get one of these for my son.

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    well, i got an ipod touch, this one will be very useful, i hope ,i’ll get one key so i can manage my music collection,thanks alot….


    Try my luck to get one key .And thanks for sharing

  • Leslie Winder

    TuneUp Gold is the perfect compliment to iTunes and it would be a joy to use this super-organizer to fix up my iTunes Library.Great giveaway.

  • Vertigo

    I have about 100 gb of music that needs this tool! Would definetly love to give it a try! Thanks!

  • rollom

    Thanks TechPP sharing,I hope I can get one key.

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    Looks like a good program… Would be nice to have it.

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    The software would make my life much more easier as it is really hard to manage tons of MP3s.

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    wow! looks cool,would love to have such an app for my ipod..count me in for this.
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    I just have 15,000 songs and counting, that’s true nokia just gave me 4 free songs that i haven,t downloaded yet.
    ps thanks for the EASEUS Partition Master Pro

  • Johan Gustavsson

    I hope I’ll win a license…

  • Philip Paradisis

    Will sure help keep my ever-expanding music collection organized!

  • Terry

    Opportunity to manage music on my PC. Count me in. Thanks.

  • Jay Presley

    I love to have this for my Ipod and catalog my songs.

  • k19s

    Hi, I currently use iTunes to manage my music and it doesn’t have lots of functions, so I hope I’ll win one to my life much more easier.


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    I don’t have iPod nor iTunes. Meant I don’t deserve this?

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    I would enjoy a license as I cannot find half the art for my collection.

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    This looks like a nice app for my mucic collection.

  • Diana Ringo

    Hi, I use iTunes because I have an iPod Touch. I would love to win this program because I have a lot of mp3 files that don’t have the correct metadata and this would be great tool for me.

  • pzam77a

    I can use TuneUp Gold to fill in missing information from my music files.

  • Harold Short

    I have never used Itunes however this looks great, and will be willing to use it.

  • HNicolai

    My iTunes has always been full of songs with missing info, I really need a tool like this!

    Thanks for a opportunity like this 😀

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    Nice looking interface, great functionality, very useful program!

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    wow. this is what i was hoping to be part of the giveaway!

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    I have to retag most of my Vinyle collection that I am in the process of converting to mp3. This would help a lot

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    Merry Christmas!!!! i want this apps. Mabuhay!

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    I was amazed to see how easily and quickly this software was able to identify and fetch the details cover art of so many songs in my iTunes library.

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    I have an iPod and i would like to try this software in complementary with iTunes. It will be very useful if i win a license. Thanks a lot!

    P.S. Thanks for the yesterdays giveaway

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    I would want to win this because of the ability to do unlimited cleans on my music collection.

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    got 1 ton of music that needs pic and proper tagging. I need one.Pls consider me thanks.

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    Give it to me….. I am a music lover and it is all messed on my laptop

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    Can I have one? I want to have one of it and I think it is really a great program and I love music.

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    This is just the right tool I need now for my vast music collection. It should speed up the seemingly endless work of restoring identification and organizing them in my preferred way.

    Thank you.

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    the cd’s I converted before itunes are a mess of incomplete and missing info

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    I use 2 different programs to do all that TuneUp Gold does.

    Would LOVEEEE to have a license.

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    I have 64gb of songs to clean up! Help!

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    I missed an opportunity some time ago in a contest and hope I will get luckier, to remove duplicated songs this soft is the ideal candidats

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    Thank you very very much TechPP for the great software…

  • pixelnated

    I hope you pick me because I like turtles and the rock and/or roll music. I have a lot of tunes that need to be spanked into shape like the naughty soundtracks to my life they are.

    Thanks for your continued support. I’ll leave a light on for you.

  • Virna

    ‘Cause i’m a MAC lover, but can’t afford it, so i’m settling with all MAC-like appz&stuff..!!

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    Gold is golden, the best, and i want it …

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    this would be nice, but so would have yesterday’s i never recieved.

    • Raju

      Please check yesterday’s giveaway post again, my apologies.

  • Vickie Riddle

    Question: Can you only use this app if you have itunes? Sorry if I missed the answer in the review. Thank you for all the info and the great giveaways. You Rock Raju!!

  • Carl

    Thanks, looks like this would do wonders for my collection!

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    I really need this great software.

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    This app looks nice and very useful for my music collection.
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    This sure would make sorting over 2 terabytes of mp3’s alot faster.

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    I have used tuneup and love it. I need tuneup and have been wanting to buy it but I keep on forgetting to get in on their deals.

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    I love the app and would really like to get a full version. This might be a duplicate and if it is sorry.

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    This would be great for organizing the music library!

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    Hey really i want this utility please please send me one key hope to get lic soon

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    I Have Got an 160 Gb ipod annd its almost sull of music which is all messed up so i think this program will be helpfull in arranging the mess .


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    I recently downloaded iTunes and am getting used to it. This would be a perfect add on to that. Thanks.

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    Thank you for making someone’s day! I’ll take my chances, too.

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    This is good for children.I’m not intrested.

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    oh man could I truly use this app!! Hava a gazillion mp3s with no covers or worse, few details except track number. Can you help me out here? Please!!

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    Oh this is so awesome! I would love one.

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    Perhaps it can save me time. Did not clean up my lbrary because of the expected lengthyness of the process.
    So count me in.

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  • Flameo

    Hello, Im in big need of this program because of the type of music I listen to isnt really as known as some other things.
    So you can imagine trying to sort out the ID3 Tags of the 1000 – 2000 song range on your own is insanely hard.
    Needless to say this would be a massive help to me.

    Whats funny about this though, is I just found out about this program like literally 15 minutes ago and I bumped into this giveaway. O_o

  • BadLuckLuke

    As a music lover, I REALLY hope to win this one!!!

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    I would love to give some order to my maaany GB of music! Thanks!

    • Raju

      Thanks guys. The giveaway has ended now. Winners will be announced in a day or 2.

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    This would be a great help to organize music.

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    I NEED this….so many unidentified tracks

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    Because at the moment its Santa’s UNlucky dip in my library. :(
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  • Gason

    I have lots of songs looking for an identity… They deserve to know who they really are

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    i don’t have a good album art downloader, and of all tuneup seems to be very well integrated with itunes.

  • yaser

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  • Kymberlie R. McGuire

    I have three drives with random and assorted mp3s that I’ve saved all over the place and this is one of the few things that might help me get my music collection in order.

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    Hi! This will come in every useful for my large music collection!!

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    I got an iPod and I use iTunes. This will be useful for me.

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    I have lots of chinese and english songs, it works w/ chinese songs too, i love it!

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    ten years of mp3 collecting from times of audiogalaxy and napster and I have about half of my library titled as “track 01” or “artist”, I could need tune up gold badly :)

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    I just got a new iPod and need to sort out all my tracks…

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    I just got new iPod nano 5g and I desperately need this awsome program to manage and tide up my music. I’ve been trying the trial for few hours now and I’m thrilled. I need it so much! :)))
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    Must have TuneUp to clean music library. The gods of Rock have been angered by sketchy song tags. They must be appeased! It’s either this or sacrificing endless hours toiling away at cleaning music time better spent doing other things. Only TuneUp can save me now.

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    I would like to win a license for this software because I am always intrigued by new and innovative software such as this.

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    Wow i can’t believe there are offers like this one! I want to get this app because i have alot of songs and its very difficult and would take alot of time to set up my itunes library. Plus, i dont want to screw up my computer by downlaoding some fake download of this. I hope im one of those 10 lucky winners!…Thanks, even if i don’t win for given me this chance!

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