It’s already Day 20 of TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway. We are through two-third of this campaign and looking back, it has been a wonderful journey and I must thank you all for the kind support you have given and I wish for more and more support and encouragement in the coming days! Today, we have possibly the best and most popular task automating software for Windows – WinAutomation v3 Professional edition!


WinAutomation allows you to record repetitive steps and allow you to execute all of them within one single click. This greatly helps to increase productivity in work. Whether it’s routine file backup, maintaining your PC or just trying to mass rename images, you can pre-program and have them done in seconds. WinAutomation come with more than 130 predefined actions to handle some generally used task. It’s just awesome.

WinAutomation simplifies the code writing with nicely designed and user-friendly interface so that all the repetitive tasks can be automated, minimizing all the manual and non-productive boring repetitive tasks in daily life.

For every repetitive tasks you have done every day, regardless of simple or complex, it will able to automate tasks in minutes without the need of writing any single script. Check out the screenshot below to get an idea about WinAutomation tasks available.


You can create jobs to automate file operations and FTP transfers, import/export data to Excel, send emails, connect to and query databases and much more, without having to write a single line of code. For the novice user, WinAutomation includes an intelligent Macro Recorder that allows you to record and replay mouse and keyboard actions at any speed.

WinAutomation also includes an integrated debugger, a job scheduler and triggers that monitor your computer and execute jobs as needed. The Pro edition allows you to compile jobs into .Net exe files that you can run on different computers without having WinAutomation installed.


WinAutomation – Features

The major features of the application are:

  • Visual Job Designer – A completely visual editor that lets you build tasks by dragging and dropping predefined actions.
  • Plenty of Predefined Actions – More than 130 versatile and powerful predefined actions that act as building blocks for your tasks.
  • Macro Recorder – It lets you record mouse and keyboard events as you perform them and converts them into actions that you can later replay at any speed.
  • Variables – WinAutomation includes full support for variables that are used to pass data from an action to another.
  • Flow Control, Conditionals, Loops – Full support for flow control structures is included, ranging from the simple GoTo action to IF/ELSE constructs and of course loops that can iterate a list, repeat a block of actions a number of times or until a condition changes.
  • Integrated Debugger – The debugger lets you enable and disable actions, watch each action as it executes, set breakpoints to pause execution, execute the job action by action and at the same time inspect the variables’ values and system changes.
  • Exception Handling – With WinAutomation you have the choice to catch the exceptions and implement additional logic into your jobs to handle them.
  • Image Recognition – WinAutomation implements Image Recognition technology that “sees” what’s on the screen and can either wait for a specific image to appear, or move the mouse and click on a specific image.
  • Task Scheduler – A powerful task scheduler that allows you to schedule any job on a daily, weekly, monthly or arbitrary schedule.
  • Triggers – WinAutomation includes a complete set of triggers that you may set to constantly monitor you system and execute jobs at specific events.
  • Event Log – Every event related to WinAutomation is registered into its own event log.
  • Compile to Exe – The Professional Edition includes a Job Compiler that lets you compile any job into a standalone .Net executable.

In order to know and understand each of the above features in detail, you can visit this page.

TechPP Verdict:

The user interface of WinAutomation is clear cut and simple, especially for users who use backup software or any jobs-based application before. Once you get the feel of creating new jobs and defining parameters through the drag-and-drop interface of the job editor, it’s easy to create basic processes, but there’s still a steep learning curve before you’ll be able to perform advanced automation tricks. The best thing is that no programming nor scripting required to create the automated process, significantly benefit non-advanced users. All in all, WinAutomation is a powerful, well-organized application that advanced users who want to create their own PC macros will appreciate.

Users can click here to download a full 30-days trial professional version for immediate use. WinAutomation Professional Edition costs $199 a license while WinAutomation Standard Edition costs $129 a license.

WinAutomation v3 Professional – Free Licenses Giveaway

Courtesy of folks behind WinAutomation, we are giving out 5 copies of WinAutomation Professional (worth $199 each) to TechPP readers. That’s right, this giveaway contest is worth about $1000. Here’s how you can win them! Just drop a comment, letting us know how it will help you in terms of productivity. The giveaway contest closes in 24 hours, i.e 12pm CET (GMT + 1) of 16th Dec 2009.

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In case you missed our ‘free-for-all’ giveaway of Returnil Virtual System 2010, here is another chance to grab it at Ghacks!


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138 thoughts on “TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway : WinAutomation v3 Professional

  1. Well … i come back from school ..check my emails, twitter, analytics … and then go on with other things..

    This will help me save some time.

  2. my whole windows operations will be streamlined and automated , by increasing productivity ,saving time ,pls. count me in for this. thanks in anticipation also many thanks for all the giveaways , its Integrated Debugger is excellent.

  3. It’s really something that could help me.
    To automate weekly and monthly maintenance jobs,
    to automate website verification, folders creation and deletion
    and to automate their verification via automailing of the logs!
    to automate some downloads and uploads of screencapture.

    I went back to School and Ill neeed to save a lot of time, and money.
    So, compared to all the other giveaways, this one is really the one id like the most .

    Hope ill be lucky this time.
    Thanks you for running these giveaways.

  4. Wow, nice giveaway. Hope there are many who enter and spread the word. I knew a bit about WinAutomation, but from this post I know a bit more. I might try it as I was looking for something similar.

    I RT the post to spread the word a bit more.

    BTW, I also have not visited your site in weeks now, but it’s still looking good :) Keep up the great work.

  5. i would like to have a’s wonderful give away..frankly,i’ve not used ths cousin is using it..i lkie it’s Image Recognition technology…eventhough ,it’s quite advanced,i was able to learn how to use this software..actually,macro recorder feature seems good..but,i didn’t got a chance to use it…count me on this give away..thankz

  6. The good thing of this software is that it forces you to think over and streamline your actions into an efficient algoritm. If you use it well it can be extremely time-consuming. Hope I get one.

  7. It is amazing how this program can improve productivity, save time & help in computer maintenance and many more.

    I would love to own a license.


  8. Thanks you for running these promotions. It’s really helping many peoples out there.

    As for this software as mentioned will reallly help many users to save a lot of time. And time is money so we can save time using this software and can purchase a licenced copy next year with the money which we will be earning in that saved time. :-)

    Hope i am lucky this time.

  9. YES!!! This is the solution for all that boring work, done everyday. I have to cluster the logs from several servers and this will be the solution for it. Count me in for a license.

  10. Oh this would save me plenty of time each day. You know quickly executing lots of pre saved steps would be helpul in Internet office work etc

  11. I would use it for many many things: downloading logs with my ftp programs, copying files to flash drives, cleaning cookies, daily backup, etc! Count me in please!

  12. very generous of winautomation,
    i´m familiar with this software have tried it before,
    cutting edge just awesome for repetetive tedious task´s
    i´ve got a bunch of similar tools, most free some old junk purchased long time ago definately not intended for win7,
    winautomation would be very handy according to their homepage it should work fine for win7.

    top notch giveaway,
    heck i cant resist replying here when passing out so much nice software

    thanks to all involved!

  13. There are 2 things I have to do every day, monitoring several IP and the remote server manually, and the local work with my own desktop. The same routine, same manual entry. Always the same. Maybe I can do it in my sleep because it was too familiar with the sequence of steps. Boring indeed. If I can get this WinAutomation license, of great help ease the tedious routine of this task.
    Thank you.

  14. I need to do a lot of routine operations especially in ms office suite desktop mgmt This will help me bolester my productivity Thanks in anticipation

  15. Wow — great offer! Ive been searching for an automation program thats a bit more advanced like this one. I have a number of routinized tasks that I need to complete each day on the computer, so this should really help! The visual editor and job compiler are nice touches.

  16. I am a software tester and I would use this to automate some testing tasks like resetting a MySQL database to a pristine state, or navigating through repetitive testing tasks, or performing the installs I have to do daily to test developers code.

  17. My computer has a bunch of problems with its startup, and I have to close many things manually at startup. (a startup manager just doesnt help for some things) This would make it way easier for me. Thanks for the offer.

    Count me in!

  18. You are the best man, all your giveaways are useful and nice. it will be nice if I can win this, I will it so much to help me this massive work of mine.

  19. Woww! I always wanted a soft. like this!
    It can make things easier and save a LOT of time!
    Hope to win a license, thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Who wouldnt take advantage of improving performance with automated tasks?
    I could definitely reduce most work with this and enjoy a little more time playing games or spending with my family.
    Please count me in! 😀

  21. I have to check mails(oofice, personal, blogger), use twitter, facebook, orkut, write articles, Google them, share articles in social media. ..

    So i think this winwutomation will help doing all these works..

    Hope I grab one license.. :)

  22. finally.. an almost virtual assistant. Sounds like a great app to have running on your system to get some extra ‘hands’ working when you are busy.

  23. I work with lots of files but the task usually involves repetitive actions which are very time consuming. This seems to be the best solution for my tasks.

  24. WinAutomation v3 Professional can improve my productivity by reducing the time required to perform what would otherwise by manual tasks.

  25. The listing of all I would be able to do with this automation software would be too long, I think…

    In fact, everybody must think about what he/she is doing repeatedly with his computer, and then he/she will see there’s really a lot of tasks which could be automated with this excellent software !

    Thank you, TechPP and Softomotive Solutions Ltd !

    As usual, good luck to everybody ! :-)

  26. WinAutomation would make it a much happier Christmas for not just me but my whole family by allowing me to automate tasks at work that I would normally have to do manually on Christmas Day and Boxing day – checking for – and despatching online orders – for downloadable products.

    As a result, productivity will be increased/improved at home also. It will allow me to be more productive in the kitchen, making Christmas Dinner and washing up, allowing my wife to put her feet up for once at Christmas and for the kids and Dad to spend more of Christmas together.

    It’s not just work that benefits – there’s so much more to the benefits of WinAutomation than seems obvious at first – it would give me time back with my family.

    Yes! a copy of this software would certainly be welcome in this workplace and household.

  27. How neat! I have used similar freeware programs before but always uninstalled them becuause they caused more problems than anything. But I *would* like one that works! Count me in! I haven’t won anything yet, except the free copy of ReturnNil just for commenting (thanks!).

  28. This is a big help for my office automation task. As my other task is the same everyday. This will be a great companion and reduce my task by 50%.

    Thanks for the giveaway TechPP, your the best!

  29. Im currently using a number of automation utilities, from AutoHotkey to Direct Access. I’ve considered buying Macro Toolsworks, but the price is somewhat steep. WinAutomation would be an awesome, um, win :) Please count me in, and thanks for the giveaway!

  30. As a graduate student, anything to make life easier (with repetitive tasks) while doing research papers on the computer will be mostly welcomed.

  31. This is amazing piece of software,which im excited about having it as a give away on TechPP.I couldn’t stop imagining all i could do after putting in my password and logging onto system…with limitless possibilities this software could actually change the way i spend time on the system giving me reasons to focus on other areas besides doing the same old things that we usually spend time on.

    With all the powerful modules like scheduler,debugger and trigger systems.Its this one software thats worth having.I hope i’d win cos i never won anything…lol…Anyways,good luck to all :-)

    and Happy holidays!

  32. As someone whos trying to strike a balance between work and study and family obligations this exceptional tool could be a great deal of help.
    For instance and in terms of productivity, WinAutomation would greatly
    improve my computer maintenance habits, saving and closing multiple
    files, mailing those files back & forth – too mention just a few!
    Yours sincerely

  33. This is not a piece of software just anyone would have a use for. If you repeat tasks a lot and need to automate those tasks then this is for you. Count me in. Thanks.

  34. I am an IT Professional and rely on many diverse utilities, like AutoRuns, WinDirStat, Process Explorer, RootRepeal, HijackThis, etc. I could automate the process of bringing down the latest versions to a central location for my techs.

    This would not only save me an immense amount of time it would make our company more productive. We could potentially employ more techs. Employing more people in our area would benefit the local economy.

    In fact this application could be such a boon that it may become the driving force behind pulling this country out of the recession and start moving the world economy back on the right course.

    Imagine this site, the application writer and I might be nominated for the Nobel Prize!!!

    … at the very least you would gain my eternal gratitude.

  35. I’ve been trying to code a program that did some click for me, in AutoIt, but it’s a long process. If I could get this, it would be sweet!

  36. Great gift. :)

    I use many applications and sometimes happen to lose important data (overwrite, application quit unexpectedly, etc.)
    I could save important documents using the scheduled backups.
    I could also perform a variety of maintenance and optimization (disk defrag, empty trash, etc.).

    Thanks in advance

  37. As my routine jobs involves compiling of data from ftps and analysing involves a lot of repeated work, hope if i get the one free, can try a hand how it works.

  38. This isn’t an ordinary piece of productivity software.

    I wish I’ll win a license for WinAutomation 3 Pro. It would be very useful in my production work, which involves both extensive and intensive graphic design, photo editing, writing as well as layout planning, not counting post-production routines and frequent system tuneup.

    This application is capable of a wide variety of tasks limited only by its user’s imagination!

    Thank you for making this excellent product available. Even if the odd of winning is so slim, the thrill involved is already invigorating!

    Best regards, TechPP guys.

  39. I think this product will be very useful so you don’t have to do this over and over I think the WinAutomation would be very useful


  40. I would love to be able to open up FileZilla, html editor, and website folder with one click or keyboard shortcut. This sounds amazing!

  41. HELLO Everyone!

    Oh Boy..What a Christmas present that should be.

    That’s a Wonderful invention, lets say, Windows shedule task’s and Batch programing was the history behind all this and now it’s time to meet the future in enhance everything we dreaming of to do.
    Wondering what it will be next..Perhaps Computer touch screens made of Optical 3 dimension Hologram, forced with just light and nothing more than only clean air..Would be magnificent! Only controleing it with the voice and pointing with hands and fingers – Together with all this automated improvements and growing programing skills which will become even more of nearby it might be realistic..However it could be a fun experience. In the meantime I’m keep on going takeing care of a smaller consult-companie, daily contact’s, meetings and some travelling. That makes it sometimes difficult to have enough of time left for computer related daily more easy issues.
    Such a software could replace many timeconsumeing tasks.

    Wish all in this thread a Merry Christmas and Good Luck!

  42. Hi, TechPP you guys have really outdone yourself with this giveaway. I was considering buying this software and would LOVE nothing more than to win a professional license. However I do not just want this program because I could win it for free through your giveaway but rather because it would really help me increase my productivity at work and make my computing a much more efficient and rewarding experience. Here are the features of the software that would increase my productivity: 1. The Visual Job Designer. This lets you build tasks by dragging and dropping predefined actions. This would be great for me because every time I start a new client matter in the legal area of the company I work for a I have to go through a number of administrative steps to set up client files in the computing system involving: creating folders, copy documents to those folders from e-mail, and setting up a task for each matter in the tasking track system that I use (i.e. Task Coach). I have long been look for a way to automate this arduous process – but I am not coder – so the Visual Job Designer is exactly what I am looking for because it presents results in clear English that I can understand and re-order. 2. The use of Predefined Actions. This really excites me because often I know the action I need to automate but would not have a clue how. If I could easily automate mouse clicks, keystrokes or file operations. This would drastically improve my work productivity. 3. The Macro Recorder. Plain and simple. This I would love. I current use plain boring old WinMacro. It gets the job done but you cannot edit the macros and it is painfully slow and often does not work properly. Where macros really come in handy is for logging on to work client management systems with multiple login screens. I really would benefit from a Macro recorder that would allow me to edit the Macro’s I create with the Visual Reorder. The ability to fine tune a macro created is a real plus and a feature that excites me. Another Program I have been considering for this purpose but have not yet purchased is MacroExpress Pro. 4. The Integrated Debugger. This is great for refining problematic automated tasks and is a really useful tool I would enjoy utilizing to perfect macros and other automated tasks created! 5. Exception Handling. This is also a great tool because it gives you the option to handle exceptional conditions that could hinder the operation of an automated task. This would be gold for me when I have to upload documents and information to a customer relationship management system being used by thousands of other staff simultaneously to me globally and my connection to the system times out or stalls because the system overloads. I cannot express how much heartache and time this Exception Handling would save me. 6. Image Recognition (Hallelujah). I have been using WinMacro to log into a client customer database. When the macro works it opens Internet Explorer and clicks defined links in my Favorites Bar and then on screen images and then types passwords to log in to the system. This is great when the right size window opens (i.e. when it’s maximised) because the macro relies on the mouse point coordinates. However, when and non-maximised window opens it is a nightmare and all sorts of links on the website being logged into are clicked and opened in error and you cannot stop this (or do anything at all on the computer) until the macro is finished playing, aaarrghhh! It is very frustrating, so much so that I have resorted to once again logging in time and again throughout the day “manually”. But Image Recognition would fix these issues and would be a god send and show the designers of this software have really thought the use of it through! 7. Triggers. This is a great idea because when I create a new client file in windows explorer for a matter the trigger could be set off to open my task manager (task coach) to set up a new task and perform other routine administrative tasks I would have to do as well, awesome! This software sounds better by the minute! 8. Compile to Exe. The icing on the cake! This is one of the best features of this software. It would be really great to use compiled jobs on other computers where WinAutomation is not installed. Hence the Compile to Exe feature is a must for this type of software! For me this is great as I use a wealth of portable applications from a 32GB flash drive and would relish the ability to take the compiled jobs/scripts to use on other computers I have to use at work with the same client management systems on them. Notably this feature is also included in AutoHotHey another macro automation type application. But I am not a coder and have trouble using AutoHotKey other than for VERY basic scripts. Well that’s my reasoning for why this software would be a great help to me. Hopefully I win a license as I could really make use of it. Tech PP keep up the good work!

  43. As a research assistant, encoding new data is cumbersome. The macro reader feature will definitely help me in encoding piles of worksheet.

    I hope i get one =))

  44. Just the kind of software I needed. Computers are all about automation. But on the contrary, we have to do stuff manually like checking email, routine system maintenance etc. This app will really help me with my stock market trading software, as there quite a few routine steps I have to do everyday to set it up(configuration, layout). I hope to win a License.

  45. Hey my father has to go through a lot of rigorous task on his PC everyday in office… So I think an automation software of this kind would be a nice gift for him ……


  46. Thanks for making these gifts available!

    There are at least five posters who have already posted that deserve to win one of the five give-aways. I can only say that, in ordinary circumstances, most of their comments** apply pretty much to me. However, the most important reason for my needing the software is that it would be of immense value to me in doing research and blogging about my daughter’s leukemia ****.

    ** Except for Jim Webb, who posted 12/15 at 9.15 p.m. Since I am not a professional [ Wish I were! ], his needs are very different than mine.


    Thanks for including me in the drawing ! ! …Hipockets

  47. I never had a chance to use this one but reading it seems like it’s an awesome product!^^ I think it would be of great help for a transcriptionist…=)

  48. Hi ,

    I perform a lot a repetitive video editing on my PC, selecting mpeg files, turning them into DVD VOB files, then burning the DVD, archiving the mpegs, etc. This would save me a lot of time and let concentrate on the important part : the editing.

    Thanx !

  49. the easy way to automate all Windows tasks

    as I used to do the same spot every time I start windows
    its going to allow me to save time
    Proposer une meilleure traduction

    count me in

  50. This would be useful in organizing data into a spreadsheet. For example, I copy certain information such as name and email address which the email is under each name and there are about a hundred of them. In order to move all email address beside the name, I would use this tool to automate the keyboard. This is just one way of using this automation software. I was able to use a different automation software before, but just as trial.

  51. Greetings,
    I just recently found the techpp site and find it quite unique. I will be able to learn very much from this site. Thank you for creating and providing a very helpful site.

    In this economy there are mostly people out to find away to get rich off the poor souls in this world that have a legit need for such apps to help improve their work on the computer.
    In my case, having a simplified method to automate repetitive tasks would so appreciated.

    I am disabled with a very modest disability income. There are many applications available that would help simply my use of the computer. Although I know the hard work involved in creating such wonderful and use applications. And I would be more than willy to purchase them to help them maintain and improve such products, I am left in a wanting state.

    Besides December 15 was my 60th birthday. So if nothing else, it would be a great birthday gift.

    Either way thanks to techpp for providing this opportunity for less fortunate people. It is great to see someone trying to help make a difference.

    Happy Holidays to all.

  52. I cannot emphasize enough my urgency to get this cause I’m short of resources, so thanks for the opportunity and count me in!

  53. I would use to email potential JV partners and make it seem that I’m sending them a personal email, rather than a bulk email to everyone.

    The personalization makes the potential JV partner feel that you took the time to visit their site and you are sending them a personal email, and they would be more inclined to answer you, rather than if you sent a bulk email with a template email.


  54. TechPP,
    Great Giveaway! Just in time for the holiday season.
    My life is consumed by routine tasks. This would allow me to put some of the automation where it belongs: on my machine.Please enter me in the contest.

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