It’s already Day 20 of TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway. We are through two-third of this campaign and looking back, it has been a wonderful journey and I must thank you all for the kind support you have given and I wish for more and more support and encouragement in the coming days! Today, we have possibly the best and most popular task automating software for Windows – WinAutomation v3 Professional edition!


WinAutomation allows you to record repetitive steps and allow you to execute all of them within one single click. This greatly helps to increase productivity in work. Whether it’s routine file backup, maintaining your PC or just trying to mass rename images, you can pre-program and have them done in seconds. WinAutomation come with more than 130 predefined actions to handle some generally used task. It’s just awesome.

WinAutomation simplifies the code writing with nicely designed and user-friendly interface so that all the repetitive tasks can be automated, minimizing all the manual and non-productive boring repetitive tasks in daily life.

For every repetitive tasks you have done every day, regardless of simple or complex, it will able to automate tasks in minutes without the need of writing any single script. Check out the screenshot below to get an idea about WinAutomation tasks available.


You can create jobs to automate file operations and FTP transfers, import/export data to Excel, send emails, connect to and query databases and much more, without having to write a single line of code. For the novice user, WinAutomation includes an intelligent Macro Recorder that allows you to record and replay mouse and keyboard actions at any speed.

WinAutomation also includes an integrated debugger, a job scheduler and triggers that monitor your computer and execute jobs as needed. The Pro edition allows you to compile jobs into .Net exe files that you can run on different computers without having WinAutomation installed.


WinAutomation – Features

The major features of the application are:

  • Visual Job Designer – A completely visual editor that lets you build tasks by dragging and dropping predefined actions.
  • Plenty of Predefined Actions – More than 130 versatile and powerful predefined actions that act as building blocks for your tasks.
  • Macro Recorder – It lets you record mouse and keyboard events as you perform them and converts them into actions that you can later replay at any speed.
  • Variables – WinAutomation includes full support for variables that are used to pass data from an action to another.
  • Flow Control, Conditionals, Loops – Full support for flow control structures is included, ranging from the simple GoTo action to IF/ELSE constructs and of course loops that can iterate a list, repeat a block of actions a number of times or until a condition changes.
  • Integrated Debugger – The debugger lets you enable and disable actions, watch each action as it executes, set breakpoints to pause execution, execute the job action by action and at the same time inspect the variables’ values and system changes.
  • Exception Handling – With WinAutomation you have the choice to catch the exceptions and implement additional logic into your jobs to handle them.
  • Image Recognition – WinAutomation implements Image Recognition technology that “sees” what’s on the screen and can either wait for a specific image to appear, or move the mouse and click on a specific image.
  • Task Scheduler – A powerful task scheduler that allows you to schedule any job on a daily, weekly, monthly or arbitrary schedule.
  • Triggers – WinAutomation includes a complete set of triggers that you may set to constantly monitor you system and execute jobs at specific events.
  • Event Log – Every event related to WinAutomation is registered into its own event log.
  • Compile to Exe – The Professional Edition includes a Job Compiler that lets you compile any job into a standalone .Net executable.

In order to know and understand each of the above features in detail, you can visit this page.

TechPP Verdict:

The user interface of WinAutomation is clear cut and simple, especially for users who use backup software or any jobs-based application before. Once you get the feel of creating new jobs and defining parameters through the drag-and-drop interface of the job editor, it’s easy to create basic processes, but there’s still a steep learning curve before you’ll be able to perform advanced automation tricks. The best thing is that no programming nor scripting required to create the automated process, significantly benefit non-advanced users. All in all, WinAutomation is a powerful, well-organized application that advanced users who want to create their own PC macros will appreciate.

Users can click here to download a full 30-days trial professional version for immediate use. WinAutomation Professional Edition costs $199 a license while WinAutomation Standard Edition costs $129 a license.

WinAutomation v3 Professional – Free Licenses Giveaway

Courtesy of folks behind WinAutomation, we are giving out 5 copies of WinAutomation Professional (worth $199 each) to TechPP readers. That’s right, this giveaway contest is worth about $1000. Here’s how you can win them! Just drop a comment, letting us know how it will help you in terms of productivity. The giveaway contest closes in 24 hours, i.e 12pm CET (GMT + 1) of 16th Dec 2009.

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