Google Wave cannot be complete without its gadgets and bots. We have already posted an Ultimate List of Google Wave Gadgets and tools, now we are presenting 21 most useful bots that will spice up your Google Wave experience.


1. Polly the Pollster (

Polly the pollster is very useful bot for creating and distributing multiple choice poll questions. You can create and send a poll easily to all your friends for to know their views regarding certain topics.

2. TwitUsernames (

TwitUsernames will help you to convert @usernames to a Twitter link, so that when you click on @usernames, you will be redirected to the Twitter profile of that username.

3. Emoticony (

Emoticony can turn smiley faces into images. All you have to do is just add the bot to your contacts and then type in a standard emote. Within a few minutes the bot will convert the emote to an image of smiley face.

4. Flippy (

Flippy will help you to flip all the text typed in the wave upside down.


5. Bloggy (

Bloggy bots helps you to posts the wave to your Blogger blog.

6. Hangman (

Hangman bot lets you play Hangman on Google wave


7. Wave Alpha (

This bot uses Wolfram Alpha to calculate clever stuff and all your queries.

8. Wikify (

This bot automatically adds Wikipedia links for certain topics.

9. Tweety (

Tweety bot displays all your twitter feed in a Wave.

10. Dr. Weather (

Dr. Weather bot displays the weather for any city in the world.


11. Publisher (

Publisher bot publishes the wave as a .js page.

12. BotURL (

BotURL converts full urls into hyperlinks. Currently Wave preview seems to have the same functionality built in so this bot might not be needed.

13. Posterous Robot (

Posterous Robot allows user to post blog in Google Wave.

14. Nokar (

Nokar bot comes with amazing features such as translations, image insertion, insert last tweets etc.

15. Dr. Maps (

Dr. Maps allows you to insert a map in a wave by inserting a map associated to an address.


16. Bot ( bot shortens long url using url shortening service.

17. Bot ( bot shortens the url using url shortening service. It shortens any url to 20 characters. This bot is a good alternative for bot.

18. BingyBot (

BingyBot answers all your questions using the search engine.

19. Bard Bot (

You can play many text adventure games using Bard Bot.

20. Groupy (

Groupy is a bot that manages groups in Google Wave

21. Calcbot (

Calcbot can easily calculate simple mathematical expressions and allow you to use user defined variables.

Bonus List

Here is a bonus list of Google Wave bots for all the Google Wave fans out there. We have tested all the bots listed below, but it may or may not work from time to time due to several reasons.

1. Yelpful (
Yelpful bot adds an in-wave interface to

2. Blog bot (
This bot lets you publish waves to blog posts.

3. Sweepy (
Sweepy bot helps you to remove empty blips.

4. Eliza Bot (
Eliza Bot will talk to you when no one else will.

5. RSSyBot (
RSSyBot allows you to add an RSS feed to Wave.

6. WaveVotely (
With a tiny gadget, votely allows you to vote public waves up/down; enabling high-quality content to float up.

7. TooAngel (
TooAngel is a self learning robot, that will respond to a reply in a more humanoid way.

8. Bold-ee (
Bold-ee will automatically convert any specially tagged phrases into a contextually relevant image. There is a similar robot called pick-ee where can choose from a collection of images to best represent each phrase.

9. Cartoony (
Cartoony Bot replaces the text of every submitted blip with a cartoon balloon that contains the text instead. Colors the balloons based on username.

10. CleanTXT (
CleanTXT bot cleans up blips by converting TXT shorts/common misspellings, adding capitals and removing empty blips.

11. Dice Bot (
This is a dice-rolling bot. Dice Bot will replace XdY (X is the number of dice; Y is the number of sides) with the results of those rolls.

12. Comic-Sans-Killer (
Removes and prevents Comic Sans formatting from any Wave.

13. Hearty (
Replaces ASCII art with wingding characters.

14. Pick-ee (
Pick-ee will convert any specially tagged phrases into a contextually relevant image. User can choose from a collection of images to best represent each phrase. There is a similar robot called bold-ee that will automatically select the relevant image.

15. Picsinwave (
Replaces image URL in blip with that image.

16. Rob Shrink (
This bot replaces long urls (>24 chars) with a tinyurl.

17. Roshambo Robot (
Play Roshambo (Rock / Paper / Scissors).

18. Random Lee (
This is a dice rolling robot with a focus on providing “inline” dice rolling for several popular Roleplaying Game systems. Using one of the dice codes described on the home page for the bot, just enter a dice roll into the blip and it will be processed and the result inserted in the blip.

19. Emaily Robot (
The goal is to allow send and receive emails in Google Wave.

20. Starify Bot (
Lets you star waves, in sort of bookmarking style.

21. TweetWave (
TweetWave is wave bot which integrates with twitter API’s to get latest tweets. You can Update your status and reply to any user. Unlike Tweety the twitbot all the tweets are sorted.

22. Wavepedia Bot (
Wavepedia is a Wikipedia to Google Wave gateway bot.

23. Grauniady (
Searches the latest items from The Guardian for a given phrase.

24. Wavethingy (
Searches Amazon for DVDs and books, and gives the author a cut of any purchases made off the links.

25. AmazonBot (
Enables social product research and shopping on Wave participants can share products & reviews with contacts in real-time thanks to automatic queries by the AmazonBot against conversation keywords. The AmazonBot gadget can detect products and return inline product links or a custom full product browser.

26. Chart-bot (
A robot to display charts and diagrams.

27. CountColon (
Adds text statistics to your blips (words, lines, etc.)

28. Read-Onlie (
Records the original wave content. Whenever it’s edited, the content is replaced with the original. Simple as that.

29. Taggy (
Recognize #hashtags and add them as tags to the wave.

30. Wavelet-title-bot (
Changes waves title’s to “New Title” works most of the time on those waves that cannot get their title back.

If any of the bot mentioned above is not working properly or acting in a weird manner, then please feel free to notify us using the comment section. We will update this post from time to time. Please let us know your favorite Google Wave bots in the comments. Also feel free to suggest the ones missing here.

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