VLC Player, the popular open source video player from VideoLAN won’t be available for Mac as the development stands suspended according to VideoLAN spokesperson. This was the announcement made earlier today – “VideoLAN is sad to announce that all work on the Mac OS X version of VLC may come to a halt.”


VLC player has been one of the most popular media playing solution, mainly responsible to bridge the gap between the official playback solutions of Apple and Microsoft and this news comes as a shocker. The VLC Player is being developed entirely by volunteers and VideoLAN acknowledges that they lack the man-power to carry out further development of Mac version.

The most interesting part of the press release is this –

Finally, we have a few issues, since Apple doesn’t want us on the Mac platform and is blocking us a lot, and refuses to explain why.

This is ridiculous. Why Apple doesn’t want VLC on Mac? They don’t like anyone doing better job than Apple? Anyway, all we can do is hope for the development to come back on track with some funding (from Google?!!)

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