Iranian Cyber Army, whoever they are, have hacked one of the most popular social networking site – Twitter. It’s a complete chaos right now as nobody knows exactly how this happened. Below is the screenshot of the hacked twitter homepage via TechCrunch



The text below the Iranian flag reads

“USA think they controlling and managing internet by their access, but they don’t. We control and manage internetby our power. So do not try to stimulation Iranian people to ….. Now which country in Embargo list? Iran? USA?”

There is a history between Iran and Twitter. It was well noted and covered in the media that Twitter was used as a tool during the Iranian election protests. The US government actually intervened to assure that Twitter was available to the protestors in Tehran and around the country. This attack may be an act of reprisal from groups who were not happy with the role that Twitter played during the protests.

This is not the first time Twitter is facing security issues. Few months back some hacker had broken down into their Twitter admin account and even hacked their email inboxes.

Update: As per TC, there is speculation at the moment that this may be a DNS redirect, which means that the domain has been redirected to the defacement page. Now the domain itself is down

Update 2: Some people are able to use Twitter normally, as some part of API remains unaffected. Unfortunately itself is down. Third part sites like shows that Twitter is down when trying to enter status messages, but successfully updates at the end.

Update 3: Consider changing your password just to be on a safer side. No real updates yet. Twitter is down, status blog is down too.

Update 4: Some good news finally. Twitter and Status blog is up and it seems Twitter hack was apparently a DNS attack.

Update 5: So everything is back on track and as always we panicked way too soon. It was a DNS Hijack and not a Hack as such, if you can understand the difference.

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