We are onto Day 25 of TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway! In case you failed to win a free license from Freedur VPN, here is yet another chance to win a quality premium VPN license!

HideIPVPN is a VPN (virtual private network) service that allows a node or endpoint (typically user’s computer) to create a logical connection or virtual circuit (tunnel) link to remote host, so that all traffic to Internet is routed through HideIPVPN’s servers in US or UK. What this means is with a HideIP account, your connection uses IP addresses based in the United States and United Kingdom!


This provides an opportunity to people outside these 2 countries to access services which are exclusive to US or UK alone. These services can include video sharing websites like Hulu, Sling, Fancast, Pandora, CWTV, AOL, ITV, BBC iPlayer etc. It can also be used to unblock blocked websites and unblock all instant messaging systems and VOIP applications like Skype, Google Voice etc.

HideIP VPN also provides advantage such as securing Internet connection when using open Wi-Fi hotspot wireless access to go online, bypass ISP traffic shaping as VPN connection is encrypted and compressed.

HideIP VPN – Features

No single log is kept. So feel safer with HideIP VPN.
High speed internet connection is provided
Encrypts and compresses all traffic including Email, IRC, FTP, DNS, VOIP, and IM
Bypasses the ISP’s traffic shaping.
Your IP is hidden while using HideIPVPN.com. So, you are safe from hackers.
Works on almost every platform including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, etc.
Easy to install and use
Your internet identity is from USA or UK

HideIP VPN has two plans on offer, free vpn and premium (paid subscription required) which allows user to connect using OpenVPN instead of PPTP protocol. However, only 1000 new free accounts are offered per month in order to maintain the quality of service, and it usually gone within hours, if not minutes.

The premium VPN service –
Offers complete privacy and anonymity by using OpenVPN (more secure and stable than PPTP)
Dedicated IP addresses
Anonymous US and UK IP addresses!

HideIpVPN Free Licenses Giveaway

We are offering 20 HideIPVPN free VPN US/UK (PPTP only) accounts as part of the Christmas giveaway. These are Lifetime free accounts which won’t expire at all! This ensures that the winner will be able to use the VPN service whenever he wants, even years later. HideIpVPN Free account works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPhone and other systems that support PPTP connection. As a reference, each premium HideIPVPN with both US and UK support costs $9.99 a month from hideipvpn.com.

As always you are just required to leave a sensible comment to enter the giveaway contest. Make sure you enter a valid email address, so that the licenses can be mailed to your email address. The contest runs for 24 hours and will end at 12pm CET of Dec 21st 2009.

Martin is giving away cool Ghacks t-shirts. You have to check it out.

Update: This giveaway is now closed.

Winners: Christine, Bob JOnes, jeremy, Saeed, mohsen, jack, Leslie Winder, Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats, John Dale, Capucci, Arnis, tarzan, Frankie, shootingspy, Wong, hafiz, R.J.P, Maneck Bodhanwala, Rocco, wake


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


  • sunkumarspace

    I would like to have it consider me pls.

  • Tom

    I would appreciate being chosen as a recipient of a lifetime license of HideIPVPN. Thanks for considering me :-)

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    I use to bowse more and have to access a lot US/Uk based sites for my project work and office work, so if won this it will be helpful for me both official and personal..

  • Dragos

    I really need this license, is very useful to access the exclusive sites for the UK and U.S.. I hope to win. Thanks a lot!

  • Carl

    Wow, this will enable me to watch blocked videos which Im dying to see this coming x-mas break. Thank you!

  • Bernard

    Nice !

    With HideIP freedom will be back on the net (i hope …).

    It would be great to win one.

    • Someone

      Heh, in all my life have never won anything at all. This posting is rather just for fun.

  • jack

    Because i live in the country with very high internet censorship,for passing these limitations i need VPN services.i can’t to access to this site too,because my government detected Techpp.com is a harmful site and cantains illegal cantains and therefore for accessing to this site i have to use proxy servers.and the other hand,we under embargo and we can’t buy VPN services,because we haven’t any Credit Card in our country.
    i hope win a license,because i really need it.also we can’t access to news sites.
    this is Great Giveaway and hope to win a license.
    thanks so much.

  • k19s

    Hi, hope I win one.


  • Alian

    I like it, thanks

  • Alian

    i like it tkankyou admin

  • CMCC

    Give me thanks so much.

  • ibheck

    this is such an awesome tool, I love to win this one for passing limitation browsing :)

  • ABC

    Can you give me thankyou

  • Jason

    I have not tried VPN.

    I would like to have be one of the 20 winners.

    Thank you.

  • http://www.malatidicalcio.it doc

    Id like to try a few services i cant try because of my ip, that could be really useful!

  • World

    I want an account, thank you

  • KOG

    I love it thanks, can you help me?

  • Didier

    i hope win. thanks

  • Chrille

    Oh, this could come in handy! Id really like to win a license for this tool.

  • Conti

    Privacy and security in internet are very imortant. And nobody like censorship.

    I sincerely wish to be considered for a HideIPVPN’s Free VPN account.

  • master

    Very good i like it ,thanks for admin

  • manman

    i feel this very good,i like

  • VJN

    Protected surfing is a big hassle at public hotspots, HideIpVPN is hence ideal. Plus you can watch Hulu :) For life ….

    So please add me to the Giveaway.

  • dominate

    yeah! I would be glad to use it for securing my network communications. There is no reason to hide myself!

  • clydeman

    I would like to win one of these for sure.

  • Pratik Daga

    I think its a better deal than having Freedur VPN..
    This is a highly acclaimed VPN service. I think I will be lucky this time around…. please give me a license

    Thank you

  • Rafaelc

    Very good , count me in !!!

  • Guido Hermann

    It`s a great gift. Thank you so much :)

  • Frankie

    This is a great giveaway I am waiting for a long time. This service will give me power to hide my ip. So I can access many UK access-only sites that I want.

    I hope I can win a license. Thanks.

  • Joana S.

    Please, let me win. I travel a lot and this is very usefull.

  • Ogawa

    Wow, include me in the list of drawing ,

    this is best vpn, hope i win!

  • Vanz

    give me pleaseeee !

    i hopeee to win !

  • Siraj Patel

    I greatly appreciate this offer as anonymity is necessary in todays time. But as it costs considerable amount of money, I am not able to purchase such services. With your offer, now i stand a chance to use such service.

  • idaho

    count me in

  • Drogba

    Hmm im very interested in this software , please count me in too!

  • tarzan

    thank u so much for the opportunity, i love to win this account, badly need it

  • Jonathan S.

    The best “Christmas-Giveaway” so far. I really really would like to win. My best wishes :)

  • paul(us)

    I am a really big fan from websites like Pandora (Love there music)but since I am not living in the u.s.a i can not receive them. And then i did not even mention other websites like Hulu, Sling, Fancast, CWTV, AOL, ITV, BBC iPlayer etc. that I’m a big fan of.
    In addition, I live in a country where increasingly stricter censorship is, implemented. Therefore this lifetime working version would be for me, very nice.

  • yoo man

    I would like to win a HideIpVPN license for protecting my identity over the Internet. Thanks for this great offer!

  • pompom

    great give away
    please count me in *
    merry christmas every body

  • Franz K.

    Half of my family is living in the states. I also would like to watch “MONK” on Hulu 😉 My best regards.

  • Hurt

    thanks for this give away and include me in the list of draw!

  • Hurt

    thanksss for this giveaway!

  • Hi???

    thanks for this giveaway!

  • Sean

    Thanks, I’d enjoy giving Hideip VPN a try.

  • Bionic

    exellent, a legit professional vpn would make me feel much safer
    so much webproxys & sockets i´ve used in my past, thoose sometimes tracking & logging.
    using free finds legal but usage certanly not appreciated by their owners and where quality usually is very bad,
    in the early days of interweb i´ve got reported to my isp using such free services,
    i´m nowadays also careful not using some applications to be found on the www as i´m certain many contains lawlessly obtained mixes
    it does not qualify for safer surfing by all means, hides ip yes – but no good

    thanks for this giveaway

  • Hannes

    Again, I’d like to use it for Pandora. But as this is a lifetime license, I’ll _sure_ find further use for it!

    Thank you so much that you’re offering all that!

  • MESS


  • Saurabh

    Count me in too. We Indians need this freqently.

  • Blackcobra

    an excellent Giveaway..:)

  • Shelly Cox

    Hi, hope I win one.

  • Robert

    Count me in. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • wake

    i hope win a license,because i really need it.also we can’t access to news sites.
    this is Great Giveaway and hope to win a license.
    thanks alot

  • Trapeze

    It is as it is ….

    Hopefully it is me too

    (waiting for the snow to stop falling)

  • jeremy

    HideIpVPN Lifetime free accounts is exactly what I need. This is the best and most generous giveaways ever.

    I constantly keep in check HideIpVPN website to see if they offer additional free account. I never got the chance to get the 100 monthly free account as they were grabbed up fast, real fast I meant. However, I will keep trying month after month till I finally got it.

    HideIpVPN website is one I placed great importance to. The giveaway is too good to resist.

    I came across http://techpp.com only a few days ago and since then become my top favorite website. I subscribed to RSS feed and always so eager for next new article. Thank you.

  • iswar

    i want it…

  • iswar

    really great

  • Belga

    Always dreamed of being anonymous.

  • Dror

    Hope it is mine, thanks

  • LitteTainTains

    Thanks to TechPP Mega for this opportunity.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Surferse

    Great initiative Thanks

  • iswar

    i need one license

  • Timon

    This is a great offer. This way I am able to follow those TV-shows/movies, which I can’t see otherwise. Please count me in for a free license…

  • Netcat


    Allow me enjoy the unexplored boundaries of the Wild Wild Web.



  • etygt-74

    it’s great
    count me in please

  • Linu

    Ability to use these to mask IP addresses to see some news is great. I mean I do not know why they would be blocked in the first place if the main market for these shows are these countries. I would like to win 1 of these licenses. Thanks

  • Capucci

    I suffer a lot with Traffic Shaping of my internet, so if you can give me one I’m appreciate it.
    that is my only chance to have this software because I cant afford to pay to have it


  • iswar

    need it

  • Olga

    This sounds interesting. to hide ones address, lifetime giveaway. Then I need one of these mag licenses.Count me in.

  • pooh

    Please count me in. Thanks a lot.

  • David Macdonald

    Cool. Identity from US or UK. I would love to have that. Count me in, hope I win this.

  • Abhishek

    Using this service is safer and more secure and it offers identity protection. Plus we can access many exclusive services of the two mentioned countries. Plus its for lifetime!

    Thanks for this great giveaway.

  • Vandalism^

    This is the best giveaway so far for me.I would really like to win the licence for hideipVPN

  • Stig

    Please count me in for such a nice free license for HideIpVpn. I helps me accessing sites, which I can’t reach otherwise, and also hiding my own IP-address.

  • kho

    Cool vpn. VPN are a serious equipment in our country to combat our bad ISP from traffic shaping.


  • Jaspreet

    Hey,,, I would like to win one… Maybe I will be a bigger fan of yours ;-),,

  • Project

    This is a great giveaway !
    thanks techpp!

    Best Regards.

  • xantzaras

    i lost freedur chance,i lost limited month accounts offer from hideip vpn

    ,well i hope not to miss this opportunity !

    thanks raju

  • Konstantinos

    I definitely would like to win one of these…

  • Warren

    Excellent giveaway , I need a license, Thanks

  • KAY

    Wow nice giveaway..Try my lucky.

  • Antony

    I Hope I Win It ,
    Thank’s For Offering Techpp

  • Stephen

    The idea of surfing with a little more degree of security/anonymity is truly appealing, please add me to the list of hopefuls.

  • ColPha

    What a wonderful app to have for free. Hope i get one. This would be the best app to have as a gift from techpp.com this christmas. Im currently in Saudi and much of the sites im checking are being blocked. So to TechPP management, PLEASE be kind to grant me this app. More power to you!

  • zanesa

    could i have license for this…thank you

  • jogosmortais2

    First merry xmas and pls include me on the list of draw

  • northernexposure

    Thanks TechPP for the chance to win this great giveaway. Please add me to the list of potential winners for HideIpVPN!

  • matthew

    Count me in. I hope i win.

  • angel

    Gracias amigo, y me puso en la lista para el sorteo!

  • Nob

    I would like to use this, so, try my luck again.

  • jackson

    hideipvpn is the best choice for anonymous surfers, i’ve been waiting for this game for a very long time.

    hope i can win. cheers

  • House

    I live in a country where our internet life is totally controlled by the government. Everything in the internet is censored by the great firewall. Local websites with “inappropriate” contents are shutdown, and many other websites are blocked, such as twitter, facebook, youtube, etc., even some technical sites like python.com/download.

    Our life are severely influenced. We can not communicate with out friends on twitter or facebook. We can not get latest technical information either. As a patent engineer I need to visit tipo.gov.tw(TIPO) for some information, but it is also blocked. We used to use proxies to get through, but recently most of them were blocked. It is becoming harder and harder to visit the blocked sites.

    If I am lucky enough to get a free account, I will make good use of it. It is really important to me.

    Thank you very much for this giveaway.

  • sc

    This will help me access sites in the US and UK that are blocked for users from other countries. Would like to have a copy. Thanks.

  • DJ

    niceeee.. :)

  • Skorp

    Count me in. I hope i win.

  • C Hui

    Nice this sounds good. Would be handy to use to view the iPlayer when overseas.

  • SmogHog

    Thanks for the hard work put into this giveaway.

    Nice prize again today.

  • Wong

    I live in China, which has a very high Internet censorship.

    We cannot access websites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook GoogleSpot, etc. And a new regulation has recently announced by the Chinese government, it states that that foreign websites must be registered at the Chinese government if they want do business in China, otherwise your site will get banned. It means a hugh amount of websites outside China will be censored in the near future.

    Why can’t I just share some stuff with my Twitter friends? What can’t I just watch some cool videos on Youtube?

    I think Internet means freedom and has no borders. I don’t like the feeling that what you can do and cannot do are all controlled by the government.

    I really need this VPN to surf Internet freely.

    Thanks, TechPP.

  • Jasmin S.

    Hey folks,
    grat offer here. I wish to win; soooooooo much :)

  • Tman

    Hi. It does sound interesting. I wish myself the best luck.

  • H.K.

    Hopefully i am winning. My favorite offer!!! Thanks 😉

  • Julius R

    Hey, what a wonderfull christmaspresent for us . I really can make use of it :) thanks

  • Jay Presley

    Some sites are restricted by IP. I hope this will help me.

  • Susanne Beil

    Perfect for me 😉 kiss

  • Tej

    Hi ! Would love to use this application! Best of luck everyone!!!

  • Miku

    Cant wait to 21, i wannna win too .
    My country is block facebook , i want facebook back :((

  • Geoff

    I hope to win something this year this would top it off.

  • Shaw

    Thanks for share this , this website is awnsome ! Count me in ! I want win too !

  • http://acarossa.web.id Aang

    This is what I was looking for, because many websites are blocked visitors coming from my country. Its really annoying. So if I can get a HideIPVPN free VPN account and turn my identity as if it originated from the UK / US, of all these IP issues can be resolved.
    Please count me in ..

  • Arnis

    I would like to try to win one..
    ani-piracy organisations in my country just started to bring cases to court. :/

  • John

    I would love to have this for when I need to travel

  • wiusa

    This would be really nice. Thanks!

  • kissandra

    really need this!

    kisses from sandra!

  • dean

    I hope Im for once lucky !…thanks!

  • Moussaillonne

    Many thanks for this great offer. I hope to win it !

    Merry Xmas to all !!

  • Lazael

    J’ai besoin d’une clé, s’il vous plaît!

    Je souffre de la mise en forme du trafic constant …

  • Nicolai S

    Nice! This is properly one of the best gift! Lifetime VPN!

    I currently have a VPN, but my subscription ends at the end of the month, and I only have ~10Gb left :/ So it would be nice to win this!

    NOTE TO EVERYONE: YOU CANT USE P2P TOOLS LIKE; µTorrent, BitTorrent, etc (also you cant use Limewire, Frostwire, BearShare, etc) ITS AGAIN THE WEBSITES ToS!

  • pankajs

    Excellent! Need this to access us sites. Thanks

  • mesmerized

    i really need it !

    my internet suffers constant traffic shaping!

    thanks , and hop i win

  • s3ns3i

    gostaria muito de ganhar aqui eles roubam a velocidade da internet.

  • Wally

    Good luck to all the other participants! Id love to have a license for this myself. Merry Christmas to All.

  • rpsgc

    Thanks for the giveaway! In for one.

    This is a sweet prize, I hope I win, thatd be fantastic.

  • Christine

    I cant tell you how many times Ive gotten the dreaded you cannot view this from your region message, with so many US services locking down their broadcasts. As someone who is constantly in search of content on the web, I am certain that I will find a HideIpVPN account invaluable. I hope I can be considered in this draw.

  • Kev93

    i would like one !

    please ???!!!

  • deanB

    I would love to have one..thanks

  • snaketer

    count me in!

  • Diana Ringo

    Hi, thanks for this great giveaway, I would love to win this program so that I could access some US only sites like Pandora, Hulu and others that dont work in Europe.

  • Prakash Pathak

    Hi, merry christimas for you and includ me on the list

  • jasonR

    this giveaway would be great for me. as a university student i cant even access youtube and a whole lot more sites… i just want to be on the real world wide web from my uni..

  • Djask

    Це мій улюблений VPN, я отримую за це тут, в моєму регіоні страждають від уряду.

  • Leslie Winder

    The chance to win a free lifetime HideIpVPN account is a dream come true for net-surfers world wide blocked from accessing certain web sites in the US and UK that maintain exclusivity by providing services only to citizens in those two respective countries.These sites defeat the purpose of interconnectedness that binds us in a global network of computers and HideIpVPN provides the gateway to these restricted sites.I am certainly impressed by the features offered and anonymous surfing has always been a great desire of mine.Hope to win an account.

  • dino

    count me in. I want one.

  • KAL

    Count me in!

  • Francis Flor

    HideIpVPN is one of the best if not the best in providing VPN services. Its so hard to get the free account. I cant believe lifetime free accounts will be given away! This giveaway is totally AMAZING!

  • bremboi

    hopefully I win.

  • hoch90

    using this service is safer and more secure and it offers identity protection. Plus we can access many exclusive services of the two mentioned countries. Plus its for lifetime

  • Bob JOnes

    First off, thanks for the giveaway!
    I would love a copy of the vpn license you are giving away for a couple of reasons:
    First, I travel overseas 2 -3 times a year. And as you might have guessed, tv stations and some radio stations are bloced because of some stupid reason. So, I have to resort to downloaded the episodes on the internet, which takes a long time. With a us vpn, I can go to hulu and watch my shows or different shows live stream which is perfect as the shows look way better on my laptop than my tv!
    Second, some sites like yours, advertise giveaways and sometimes theonyl way to get the giveway is through a vpn.
    Again, thanks for your giveaway. And a happy holidays to you as well\Bob

  • TheShield

    What a wonderful app to have for free. Hope i get one

  • hypnot

    Count me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ck

    nice software for surfing..
    may include me for the license??

  • Leo

    hope to win one. Thanks

  • Soon

    If possible, I hope that I will be able to win this as I found that there are a lot of promotion that restricted to Uk or us citizen alone. with this license , I can join those promotion easily. More importantly is, I hope this will work better than proxy as most of the promotion nowadays do log Ip address and each proxy can only be used once by a user. Anyway,my wish to win this license might be very trivial compared to those who are living in communication restricted country. Hope they will win this as they need this more than me.

  • R. T.

    Hope I win this!

  • bob

    another great prize giveaway. Hope I win one! :)

  • Vick Silva

    I want HideIpVPN. I want to have privacy. I want to have a strong security.

  • Fler

    I`m stuck with TOR and it would be great to have a faster and better alternative. So this great giveaway would come in really handy.

  • Bardagarwa

    great giveaway thanks.

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    well id love to get this license, hope i get it.

  • http://yazilim-kampanyalari.blogspot.com my_immortalize

    count me in please…

  • Albela

    This does seem to be a great software. Would love to have one.

  • ivaniccy

    I hope i will win the offer. I really need it. thank you!

  • R. J. P.

    This will be very useful to access sites which are blocked in this country. I tried for the Freedur giveaway but unfortunately wasnt lucky enough, so I hope I win this.
    Just one question, what exactly is traffic shaping?
    Thank you for this great giveaway even if I dont win!

  • http://www.computersolving.com/ Jon

    This is the best Christmas draw so far. I am crossing my fingers!

  • Zorro

    Great software, thank you.

  • Rocco

    Great giveaway! Living in a part of the world where censorship is a problem, this would be a great thing to win. Good luck everyone! And thanks to the gHacks team!

  • giglman

    Wow, great, i want try it …

  • AgentSnaz

    Awesome… hope I can win one of these! Merry Christmas!

  • Sputnik

    There has been very good softwares offered here since the beginning of the Christmas Giveaway.

    I think that the actual giveaway is probably the best up to date, WOW !!!

    Online privacy is a very important concern for everybody.

    Thank you TechPP and HideIpVPN and good luck to everybody ! :-)

  • gabibusu

    i;m in

  • hafiz


    Last time i cant get freedur.hope this time i will get this vpn services.cause i never had the vpn services before.Raju please select me cause my country is limited my torrent.and i want muche privacy while surfing the net.please select me

  • mohsen

    thanks for the great offer.
    in my country internet without proxy (vpn) means mothing,
    even this website was filtered (for no reason) afew months ago and i forced to send an mail to remove it.
    i hope i be lucky enough.

  • Morekari

    I Hope To Win It. I Like your Site. It Is very Good.

  • Ryan

    Hi folks,

    I live in China too. There are too much blocking internet censorship that makes our life miserable. I hope to get one VPN to surf freely.

    Thanks TechPP.

  • DiMa

    great giveaway,i want one,i need it
    select me,thanks

  • Lantz

    Hi, This comes at a time when I have been researching VPNs. I’ve been looking at free vpns, and I ran into HideIpVpn and found it intruiging and usefull. So far of the programs that you are giving this year for Christmas, this is the one, so far, that I am most interested in.

  • Siba

    I did miss on Freedur VPN, so want this one. Please.

  • leuboo

    use widevpn to have a free trial

  • meanpt

    :) fine … kindly enroll me in the lottery, please.

  • Rüdiger G.

    So many comments. Hope to have a lucky hand 😉

  • H.J

    Nice gift: A very nice gift. I cant believe :)

  • Ralph

    Would love to win one of these thanks, the vpn I use is slow.

  • Klessi2000

    I make it short: A MUST_HAVE for me. please

  • Paul

    Could I have a free license?
    Thank You!

  • Jeff

    count me in please

  • i d

    I would love to get a life time one.

  • dcyuan

    I’m living China, and I’m suffering high Internet censorship, the so-called GFW, it limits my online activities. I’m working for a company that provides technology information for US and other users that speak English. In order to do the job well, and it’s also my hobby, I must read lots of information in News Agencies, Blogs, Software Vendor official, and more. But Chinese government has blocks so much websites, like twitter, YouTube, blogspot, mediafire, scribed, wikipedia (partially), and some of Google services…
    I really need a stable connection to help me get more information, and serve for more people in need. I’m feeling helpless without Google and wikipedia…
    Thank you!

  • Tran Chung

    Dear Mr/Madam
    I am from a country which many services don’t exist, example: trialpay, and is baned from some services. So I like this software. It ‘s very usefull for me to download and test some software on internet in my country.
    If I have the account, I really thank you.

  • Muhammad Naveed

    Ip hiding is essential need of this era

  • Gary F

    This is a great opportunity .. fingers crossed !

  • JimmyL

    I may not have a huge reason like some others who need it because of internet censorship, but I hope maybe I can get something, since it is soon to be Christmas. And, I believe everyone deserves a chance to get a prize. If I do receive a gift from the giveaway then that would be excellent. However, since Christmas is not about how grand a gift is, but rather the thought is what counts, then thanks for giving everyone and I a chance to get a gift regardless how big or small. Since not everybody receives gifts because of the economic times or their age, I thank you for your consideration on behalf of everyone rather than ask to win. Since I believe there is no true winner or loser in this contest, because you instill the very thought of hope into everyone as well as the opportunity to receive something 😀

  • Legaz

    Count me, toooooo

  • Ron T.

    Nice gift! hope I’ll win.
    Merry Christmas

  • yoyo

    PLz give me this..

  • Emil


    Can’t refuse this offer me neither.
    I’m a bit in need for some protection like this as I have friends in country’s abroad, country’s which my country and government don’t trust.
    Until now I’ve been useing different types of free proxy servers through the browser when surfing but when send e-mails it’s more difficult. Find another kind of alternative would be blessing both for me and some of my best friends. Thanks.

    My best wishes for a happy Merry Christmas!
    And a Great New Year 2010!

  • bill ehm

    Can’t tell you how many times i’ve wanted to connect to a favorite replay of survivor or lost but because only IPs from USA are allowed to connect and I have a foreign IP I thus am shut out. With this app I would be able to connect and life would be much more complete. Please include my name in your draw.

  • Nick


    Can’t refuse this offer me neither.
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  • http://techpp.com Raju

    Thanks everybody! This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be announced in a day or 2.

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