If you are like me who cringe when you see someone pulling out a USB cable without stopping the device first, then you have to know about USB Safely Remove, which is a USB device manager which helps users to work efficiently and easily with flash drives, portable drives, external disks, card readers and other gadgets.

Believe it or not, the portable device needs to run through a series of routines in order to be stopped, so any process preventing this activity needs to be terminated. It often happens that, even if you killed all the apps running from the removable device, there is still a process hanging and forestalling the stopping of the dongle.

USB Safely Remove puts its own icon in the System Tray in place of Windows’ remove icon. When it can’t safely close a drive, it shows you what processes are causing the problem and gives you the opportunity to close them. It has other cool features as well. You can rename your USB devices, set up a hot-key to stop a particular device, and set autorun options. If you don’t want one more autoloading program, you can turn off the “Run on Windows startup” option and launch USB Safely Remove only when you need it–that is, when Windows won’t otherwise let you safely remove a drive.


All USB are detected, and USB Composite ones (USB keyboards, USB mouse, webcam, etc.) are hidden from view. Hovering the mouse over the nifty looking icon in system tray will show all portable devices plugged via USB and allow you to stop them with just a single click.

Regarding the side options offered, the application provides plenty, allowing changing the name of the USB device, setting up a hotkey for quickly stopping it, or define the parameters for launching a program or file after the device is plugged in or before it is stopped. It is an easy menu to handle that also permits changing the icon of the device with an image on the disk.


Unlike Windows, USB Safely Remove will show you the programs which prevent the device from being stopped and let you close these programs or just the files they opened on the device. Some devices cannot be stopped but only disabled in the hardware manager. USB Safely Remove automatically detects the type of drive and will stop or disable the device without making the user think about the type of device. It can also enable a disabled device at the next start of the computer system.


The current version of USB Safely Remove is v4.2.5 and comes with these features:

USB Safely Remove : Features

  • Safely remove in one click!
  • Displaying processes which are preventing USB device from being stopped
  • Powerful command line support
  • 3 methods to stop devices.
  • Automatically assigning hotkeys.
  • Forbidding stopping any device.
  • Customizable names and descriptions for devices.
  • Notifications about connecting/disconnecting devices with the help of a balloon tooltip.
  • Playing sounds or running external programs when devices are connected/disconnected.
  • Restricting access to the features of the program with a password.
  • Loading custom images for devices
  • Ability to operate SATA drives

So, what makes USB Safely Remove better than the Windows ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ tool?

* The capability to hide any device from the ‘stop’ menu.
* Uses real device names and allows renaming.
* Keyboard shortcuts for easy device stopping.
* Unique menu for one-click stop.
* Programs autorun on device plugging/unplugging.
* It tells you why a device cannot be stopped immediately.

The license of this file & disk software is Free Trial Software, the price is $20.00, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy. If you want to get a full or nolimited version of USB Safely Remove, you can buy this file and disk software.

USB Safely Remove – Giveaway Raffle

To make our giveaway more interesting than it already is, in association with the developers, we have decided to giveaway 100 Free licenses of USB Safely Remove 4.2! In addition to these 10 lucky winners will get Lifetime Licenses, which means you will get all the future upgrades of USB Safely Remove, the next version (v4.3) is supposed to be released in a month or two! Rules are simple –

1. Leave a comment below this post and
2. Enter your details in this simple form.

That’s it. As always, the giveaway runs for 24 hours and closes 12pm CET of Dec 22nd 2009.

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Update: Giveaway is now closed
Update 2: These 10 guys won lifetime free license – Leong, Sherry, LOLO, Dinesh, Shirish, fabald, Siraj, Bob, Susanne, Kimly. 100 others have won free licenses of USB Safely Remove 4.2


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305 thoughts on “TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway : USB Safely Remove

  1. Hi, I’ve used USB Safely Remove in the past and found it the most reliable, quick and stable application on the market. It support a wide range of USB devices and lets you know why; if a USB device was not able to safely remove. If the device is locked it will show you what processes it making the device being locked. Furthermore it’s interface is clean and easy to use.

    Hope I win one.


  2. I have always encountered the “Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device” & USB Safely Remove will definitely help me in this situation.

    Please count me in.

    Thank you!

  3. I’d love to have a license for this – I have a new netbook that I often connect with all kinds of devices, and I’ve made good experiences with the program on my desktop.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. I`m tired of the windows usb funtionality, it`s not very comfortable and often has problems. USB Safely Remove sounds great, especially the hotkey-option.

  5. Thank you very much for this program! I like very much the option to reconect the usb drive without unplugging it and plugging it again!

  6. Totally useful!
    i love how you can assign,mount,dismount
    great stuff, this gem always worked as a charm

    thanks safelyremove, techpp

  7. I would love to win a licensce. I carry my USB drive with me where ever i go and this would make a awesome edtion to my flash drive


  8. This is wonderful. You know I have long wondered that we should get to see which softwares are preventing the removal of USB. But his one even allows us to shut down those programs. This is a wonderful software. Often my computer gets stuck up when I try to remove the USB and i have to restart my computer. This would be a bliss. Hope I get one of these licenses

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for this offer. I really like the software , it’s very userful and easy to use . So , please count me in this Giveaway.
    Best regards !

  10. can i have a lisence too..i’m really fed up with windows USB safe remove option…it strucks most of the time…want to have a good software like this…count me on this offer…

  11. The best USB device manager that I ever know. “Return Device Back!” is my favorite feature. Not to mention other great features like easily recognize a device in a snap, real device names and ability to rename them, etc.
    Definitely I want this! This one is my favorite!
    Count me in, please..

  12. I have an older version of this and consider it one of the most useful utilities on my PC.
    I would love to get hold of a lifetime license but even a newer version would be nice.
    Great program.

  13. Hi Admin/Mods/Raju,

    Today also you good guys giving out one of the best software in the wild ๐Ÿ™‚

    I always heard very nice reviews about “USB Safely Remove” but never used it until i found that it is a very useful software when your Portable HDD or USB drive won’t eject from your system. Some days ago, i got to know from Raymond that there are some system process which are main culprit for the lockout of your HDD. After that i downloaded a trial copy from the official website, and used it. But due to 30 Days trial limitation, i was not able to use it further. This made me to use a crack/patch for this software.

    I know that Cracking is not a right way to use legit software. And its also crime. Anyways i do admit all this.

    Today, i came here to try my luck, so that i can have at least one genuine lifetime license or 1 year license. Although i am not lucky enough, but hope this time i will be lucky.

    Once again, thank you guys.

    Avinash Rana

  14. Great utility software. I used the shareware version, but I couldn’t get away with it’s limitations.
    So I uninstalled it..
    Since then, every time I remove a USB device I realize I miss it a lot..
    But now it’s my chance to get the full version! Come on guys, I feel I deserve it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. back to back lifetime license giveaways!!!

    got to have this one. the feature that shows you what application is causing your usb device to be busy is very helpful in identifying malware infection.

  16. I heared about this soft since the softmaker was proposing a giveaway but for me it was too late since I missed the giveaway period. Thanks for proposing this soft techpp.

  17. “100 Free licenses” That’s alot! And with only “50 Comments” so far, I think I have a great chance!

    I have already tried this software, and know it’s great, so all I need is just a new license and then my xmas is saved ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. I have a license for software, but it only works for v4.1. The updated version look more interesting in terms of interface.

    I wish that I win this.

  19. well,i’m using it already and it is really very useful,i got it before, with a license but your offer is much better, because it is a lifetime license, i hope i will win one ,thanks alot…

  20. I am writing this again, as I do not think my 1st reply got registered. I like this software and would love to have the lifetime version so please count me in for this great giveaway. Thanks.

  21. This looks awesome! I run many programs from a 16gb USB key and also use USB external drives. This program would be great for me. Please consider me for a license. The life time offer is very generous. Please consider me for the life time offer as well.
    Thank you!

  22. Hi Raju,

    I missed many previous giveaways of your’s due to my exams. I have already won two of the very best and useful software from you and I really like USB SafelyRemove. I will really like to win a license of it ๐Ÿ™‚

    USB SafelyRemove is simply the best software out there that any computer user will need to handle USB devices properly and easily! It is simply awesome with all its cool features. I hope I win a license of USB SafelyRemove.

    Thanks Raju for carrying out and giving away so much useful software.. My bad luck I couldn’t take part due to my studies…

  23. Its that simple ,i need them because i have got lots of USB drives and they need to be managed individually.The best way to save time and effort is,this very giveaway…
    with lots of thanx

  24. My Win USB remove utility never works right and since I use every USB port I have it would be great to get rid of the faulty default remover and replace it with this highly rated utility. Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. Hi – I use my flash drive (a 32GB Corsair Voyager) every day at work and run about 20 portable apps of it at any one time. At first I used a program called USB Disk Eject to eject the drive, and then Eject USB – a freeware app. These apps were good but not great. Then I won a license of USB Safely remove v4.1 and I have never looked back. The software is great and the only one I know of to allow you to disconnect and reconnect a flash drive without actually removing and replugging it back into a computer usb port. Also it can be used to kill all apps running from the flash drive prior to ejection. But it gets better…it allows you to see multiple drives connected you computer and is essential for people like me who use multiple external types of media from flash drives to large external hard drives. I am a big fan of this software and was waiting for v4.3 to come out so I could look at purchasing it. I would absolutely love to win a license for v4.3 or even better a lifetime license with upgrades. I am so glad to be in the draw for this software and will be stoked if I win. Once again Raju thanks for making the opportunity available to everyone to win a license for this great software!!

  26. The icon on the vista for safely remove the hardware is very small and hard to locate it very fast and I think that’s why this one was created.I’ll be very happy if I can win one license to install it on my vista.Thanks a lot.

  27. Thaks for these Xmas giveaways! I would find USB safely remove very useful since i use a lot of portable devices at the same time. It would definitely make things more easier!

  28. Happy Christmas everybody. And to, thanks for your generosity. This is my second day browsing your site. Bookmarked already and i am telling all my friends to visit your site. >> Colpha

  29. Hi,
    I’d like to renew my previous 1 year free license, this software is excellent and very useful to all those who keep plugging/unplugging peripherals…

  30. I have a little bit older version of this software and I must say it’s a very good software with which everybody should be happy !

    I hope to win a lifetime license and be happy for the rest of my life !

    Thank you TechPP and ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. This is a program that I am interested in. I always click the remove icon in the taskbar. So this is definitely a program that has my curiosity up.

  32. Now THERE’S a helpful app!! I can’t say I’ve had any problems with USB gadgets yet… yet… but there’s always a first time. Good to know that this app would prevent failure.

  33. I got in on the same thing last year. This is a VERY good program. I’d love to have another go. But if not, I’m buying it.

  34. Very interesting giveaway, thank you.
    Since I use USB Safely Remove v 4.1 thank to a previous promotion I’d like to get one license for free and install it on my Windows 7 ๐Ÿ™‚

    Merry Xmas

  35. I know that there is an normal icon for windows but would like to get a chance to try this version.
    The biggest problem I see is with new users who don’t know not to use the icon in task bar to detach usb drive.

    Thanks for the offer.

  36. It can be used to kill all apps running from the flash drive prior to ejection. But it gets betterโ€ฆit allows you to see multiple drives connected you computer and is essential for people like me who use multiple external types of media from flash drives to large external hard drives. This is wonderful. You know I have long wondered that we should get to see which softwares are preventing the removal of USB. But his one even allows us to shut down those programs. This is a wonderful software. I would love the lifetime license.

  37. I sing the praises of USB Safely Remove as I am presently using version 4.1.5 and it is worth it’s weight in gold,having helped me tremendously with my USB devices.It has proven to be an indispensable tool in solving problems encountered in day to day use of removable media and version 4.2.5 would certainly be welcomed with open arms as even further enhancement of such capabilities.I would love to win a license.

  38. I often time uses USB devices in my computer. This is due to the fact that we have only one computer shared in the house. transferring and saving data to flask disc has always been a normal occurrence specially to my sisters who are still studying. Thus, software like the USB safely remove is the best thing possible to help my computer and/or usb devices to be safe from any harm. I hope i would have the opportunity to use it by having that licenses. thank you and congratulation to TechPP and the people behind it. God Bless. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. I found there is no other software can do what USB Safely remove can do. It’s a very nice and useful software to manage and keep USB safe.

  40. Great offer. I was looking for that. The original WinXP USB removal tool was rather annoyance than useful tool.
    Thanks for great giveaway.

  41. Ive lost information due to not stopping my drives now its a habit to always stop everything esp my massive externals. This program would help me so much when something just refuses to close in the background.

  42. Since I move between computers a lot, much of my work involves usb drives. And it’s frustrating, especially when time is a constraint, to get that error message and have no clue why the usb drive cannot be safely removed. It would be very helpful to get a lifetime license of this program. A great Christmas gift. I hope I can be considered.

  43. I have a habit of pulling my device out because window’s default manager takes so many steps… ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d like something simple! one click! Pick me!

  44. usb safely remove seem to be an effective way to safely remove usb devices.

    since now i haven’t found a program which really remove effectively the usb device. some don’t remove some of the referring files other the registry keys

    perhaps this software can be effective. who guess.

    so please give me the license

  45. To be able to restart the USB device without the usual hassle is what this device promises. It would surely save me a lot of time.
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Rako Graham

  46. i’ve tried many similar sw.

    but by now none has satisfied me.

    none removes effectively the usb devices i use (i have a lot)

    perhaps this sw can do the job

    please give me that license.

  47. i use a very large amount of usb device.

    so i need of an effective remover.

    can this sw do the job ? who guess?

    i sicnerely hope to win.

    it seems a good sw.

  48. I would absolutly love a lifetime license for this, i have used it before.
    MS should hire them to redo windows usb controls ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Many a times we remove the USB drive without realising it and this may cause problems in the working of the USB port. I need the software cause it is better than installing a pirated version


  50. Windows own USB drives stopping utility is not sufficient. Very nice of you to offer this software utility. Is seems very thorough. Expecting to win a license. Thanks in advance.

  51. I picked up the promotion on this software about two months ago. I was so impressed, I bought the shareware version that could be updated/upgraded in the future. Very nice little utility.

  52. Thanks for this giveaway.
    Consider me for this giveaway.

    The 90 readers who do not get the Lifetime license, what is the restriction on that license apart from the ne updates to new versions???

    Is it a time limited license like for 1 year???

  53. Kim says yahoooโ€ฆ am the first one to comment! I want this!!
    and I say OOOh, I am the 292nd one to comment. I hope I get this for free
    especially the lifetime one. Cheers, J

  54. Nice giveaway. Would like to part of this contest. Was looking for this key for latest version since quite some time.


  55. Well, I am addicted to usb flash drives/hard drives, so this would be very welcome….

    If not, Happy New Year to all.

    this is a fun site

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