If you are like me who cringe when you see someone pulling out a USB cable without stopping the device first, then you have to know about USB Safely Remove, which is a USB device manager which helps users to work efficiently and easily with flash drives, portable drives, external disks, card readers and other gadgets.

Believe it or not, the portable device needs to run through a series of routines in order to be stopped, so any process preventing this activity needs to be terminated. It often happens that, even if you killed all the apps running from the removable device, there is still a process hanging and forestalling the stopping of the dongle.

USB Safely Remove puts its own icon in the System Tray in place of Windows’ remove icon. When it can’t safely close a drive, it shows you what processes are causing the problem and gives you the opportunity to close them. It has other cool features as well. You can rename your USB devices, set up a hot-key to stop a particular device, and set autorun options. If you don’t want one more autoloading program, you can turn off the “Run on Windows startup” option and launch USB Safely Remove only when you need it–that is, when Windows won’t otherwise let you safely remove a drive.


All USB are detected, and USB Composite ones (USB keyboards, USB mouse, webcam, etc.) are hidden from view. Hovering the mouse over the nifty looking icon in system tray will show all portable devices plugged via USB and allow you to stop them with just a single click.

Regarding the side options offered, the application provides plenty, allowing changing the name of the USB device, setting up a hotkey for quickly stopping it, or define the parameters for launching a program or file after the device is plugged in or before it is stopped. It is an easy menu to handle that also permits changing the icon of the device with an image on the disk.


Unlike Windows, USB Safely Remove will show you the programs which prevent the device from being stopped and let you close these programs or just the files they opened on the device. Some devices cannot be stopped but only disabled in the hardware manager. USB Safely Remove automatically detects the type of drive and will stop or disable the device without making the user think about the type of device. It can also enable a disabled device at the next start of the computer system.


The current version of USB Safely Remove is v4.2.5 and comes with these features:

USB Safely Remove : Features

  • Safely remove in one click!
  • Displaying processes which are preventing USB device from being stopped
  • Powerful command line support
  • 3 methods to stop devices.
  • Automatically assigning hotkeys.
  • Forbidding stopping any device.
  • Customizable names and descriptions for devices.
  • Notifications about connecting/disconnecting devices with the help of a balloon tooltip.
  • Playing sounds or running external programs when devices are connected/disconnected.
  • Restricting access to the features of the program with a password.
  • Loading custom images for devices
  • Ability to operate SATA drives

So, what makes USB Safely Remove better than the Windows ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ tool?

* The capability to hide any device from the ‘stop’ menu.
* Uses real device names and allows renaming.
* Keyboard shortcuts for easy device stopping.
* Unique menu for one-click stop.
* Programs autorun on device plugging/unplugging.
* It tells you why a device cannot be stopped immediately.

The license of this file & disk software is Free Trial Software, the price is $20.00, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy. If you want to get a full or nolimited version of USB Safely Remove, you can buy this file and disk software.

USB Safely Remove – Giveaway Raffle

To make our giveaway more interesting than it already is, in association with the developers, we have decided to giveaway 100 Free licenses of USB Safely Remove 4.2! In addition to these 10 lucky winners will get Lifetime Licenses, which means you will get all the future upgrades of USB Safely Remove, the next version (v4.3) is supposed to be released in a month or two! Rules are simple –

1. Leave a comment below this post and
2. Enter your details in this simple form.

That’s it. As always, the giveaway runs for 24 hours and closes 12pm CET of Dec 22nd 2009.

Martin is giving away unlimited licenses of Fast Picture Viewer today. Check it out!

Update: Giveaway is now closed
Update 2: These 10 guys won lifetime free license – Leong, Sherry, LOLO, Dinesh, Shirish, fabald, Siraj, Bob, Susanne, Kimly. 100 others have won free licenses of USB Safely Remove 4.2


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


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