The second giveaway of the day is for Painter Essentials 4 which is again a Corel Product. Painter Essentials 4 is based on the world’s most powerful painting and illustration software, Corel Painter.

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Corel Painter Essentials 4 is the simple-to-use home art studio that makes it easy for you to draw, paint or turn your photos into paintings. Two new workspaces put the tools you need at your fingertips, whether you’re turning a photo into a painting, or drawing and painting on a blank canvas. Plus, Corel Painter Essentials 4 includes an incredible selection of brushes, paints, pens and paper textures for adding unique touches to photos or creating cards, scrapbooks and other fun projects. With handy tools, brushes, paints and effects, you’ll find new ways to work with photographs and express your vision.

The bright yet nondistracting interface is divided into two tabbed workspaces: Drawing & Painting and Photo Painting. Tool icons and slider controls are larger, therefore much easier to control with a pen tablet. Painter Essentials also comes with Painter X’s Image Hose and Pattern Pen brushes, which spew out patterns and streams of little photographic images of objects like flowers and butterflies.


Create a painting from a photo in just 3 steps

  1. Open the photo you want to paint in the Source Image palette. Your photo will be saved with the Painter Essentials file format, so it’s easy to return to a project later.
  2. Choose one of the preset painting styles from the menus on the Auto-Painting palette to get the look you want.
  3. Let new Smart Stroke technology help you create stunning paintings with brush strokes that follow the natural lines and contours in your photo.


Corel Painter Essentials 4 – Features

  • The simple-to-use home art studio that makes it easy for you to draw, paint or turn your photos into paintings–the ideal way to get started with digital art
  • Enhanced Photo Painting System reduces the complexity of turning a photo into a painting
  • Incredible selection of brushes, paints, pens and paper textures for adding unique touches to photos or creating cards, scrapbooks and other fun projects
  • Compatible with Intel and PowerPC Macs, Windows Vista, the entire Wacom product line, and major photo-editing applications
  • Tutorial-based guidebook and accompanying video tutorials/sample files teach you the application while you complete fun, instructional projects

Have a look at the set of brushes provided with Painter Essentials 4



At $100 (discounted price : $50), Painter Essentials is a very reasonably priced and powerful painting package that can produce some truly impressive results with a minimal amount of effort. It’s designed to help beginners or non-artists create digital art and turn photos into art work. Although it’s more limited than Painter, Essentials provides a satisfying set of tools and effects for exploring digital art without overwhelming the user with too many options.

Corel Painter Essentials 4 – Free Licenses Giveaway

We have four boxes of Corel Painter Essentials 4 to be given away. Four lucky winners will be chosen amongst the entries made through comment form below. Each of the winners will be intimated via email and then they will be required to let us know about their home (mailing) address, as the boxes will be mailed to their homes directly by Corel. This is a mandatory requirement as there is no download option available.

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Martin is giving away Pingdom Basic accounts today.

Update: Giveaway has now ended.


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    This software seems easy to use, as long as I used to use coreldraw, this software is still new for me

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    I am tired of using free photo editors which have limited options. The features of Corel Painter essentials are very useful and will help me create new digital paintings..

    Cant wait for the giveaway.

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    Hi, Corel Painter Essentials 4 is a great application and would be extremely useful in my projects. So I hope I win one.


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    i currently own corel draw which i love but corel painter essentials would help ALOT in my graphic and design course it may even help my architecture and landscape design courses aswell. corel is a great brand and i would relly love be own a copy of this software. i would be extremely greatful if i was chosen for this.

    thanks for your xmas giveaway competition.

    merry xmaas everyone

    Mark T

  • Jonny N

    Hi I like Corel Products and currently use Corel Paintshop 11. This would be an awesome software to add to my collection! Good luck to all.

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  • Andrew Johnson

    My wife recently bought me a graphic tablet and pen so that I could learn to draw on my PC as she loves the little cartoons I doodle for her. Being disabled and trapped at home all day, my PC is my connection to the world outside my door. This software would be a great tool, with all its excellent features. I’ve only really used windows Paint and MS photo editor with the tablet so far. I tried it with a freebie/demo of Adobe Photoshop Essentials, but the tablet did not want to work properly with it. I’m not sure if it was a driver issue, or just some calibration issue. It would be a wonderful addition to my stocking, hanging by the fireplace.

  • Conti

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    This is a great companion using Corel Digital Studio. Editing your precious pictures especially this holiday season. Making some slideshow or movies with this pictures and share with your friends and family. Also a great great product.

    Thanks TechPP!

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    I have a friend who has painted picture of my girlfriend and me.It beautiful.I dont know to draw or paint, but I would really like to try something similar and with this software that would be great.

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    this is fantastic software image editing , i love it i’ts very useful for desain my image digital camera…

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    Hi, it is a great software you know turning photos into painting and all. Hope I get a box of this software.

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    Usually I use Corel Photo-Paint for this kind of instant artist work. The problem is, I have to do it secretly in the office where I work because I do not have the CorelDRAW Suite at home. If I had a license to this Corel Painter Essentials 4, of course this will be very nice if I could do it at my house with a free and fully live up to ..

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    OMG! I have been wanting this package!! I want to learn graphics manipulation and some of the packages I’ve looked at were either ridiculously expensive or seemed to have a very high learning curve. Not so with Corel! Even I might be able to learn to use it! :) Terrific giveaway! Count me in!

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